Sapiosexual is a common term amongst the current generation. A sapiosexual is simply a person who is attracted to a person because of their intellect and not physical appearance or any other trait. You are with a person because you are attracted to them because of a certain reason. But sapiosexual lookout for intelligence, intellect and IQ level in a person. They love their brain that affects their heart. So now you know who a sapiosexual is. 

Find If Your Partner Is Sapiosexual


Let’s equipt you with some signs that will indicate whether a person is sapiosexual or not:

1. Witty conversations appeal to you

Sapiosexuals like to talk about aims, wants, longingness, dreams and like ask questions with their partner instead of having a lovey-dovey conversation. They enjoy discussing about politics, art or current affairs with their partner. More than foreplay they are turned on by intelligent conversations. They cannot be a part of mindless chatter and the same is the case while choosing a partner.

2. You value emotional intelligence

Sapiosexuals not only look out for brain intelligence but also emotional intelligence. Emotionally smart means that you have a decent amount of empathy and will, therefore, react appropriately towards people’s actions towards you. You don’t have raging conversations but like to talk about matters and not just react aggressively to it. 

3. Your idea of perfect date is different

While some people have romantic and flirtatious conversations on dates, sapiosexuals are different in this matter too. You like to talk about ‘now’ moment with your date. You will also like to visit someplace decent than a romantic one while you fix your first date with someone. You will prefer a nice coffee shop, a bookstore a green lawn instead of decorative cafeterias and musical shows. 

4. You are more impressed by humility than credentials

Sapiosexuals are impressed by humility than the list of accomplishments one owns. You don’t like your partner bragging about something. These days arrogance is what so many people carry and sapiosexuals are just out of that list. Humility is their cup of tea. 

5. You detest small talks

You are a sapiosexual if you don’t like talking about the weather or any of the small talk subject. Mundane subjects kind put you off. You like more meaningful conversations in which you can part or gain knowledge. 

6. You are a perfect language person

It is bizarre but a true fact about sapiosexuals. They like their partner to be good with language. They don’t want to be delivered a text with grammatical mistakes. You also don’t like to butcher a language with abbreviations like ‘u’ or ‘imp’. You are a language perfectionist and want your partner to be from the same habitat. 

7. Your partner needs to have a taste

You don’t want a partner who is a part of the rat race. Your partner should have a particular taste and say in everything. Being a part of the crowd is so not your liking. Having a customized taste in books, clothing, TV shows, likings and disliking are what you like about your partner. Not the one who just follows the current trend. 

8. You want someone who really listens to you

If you are a sapiosexual you will want someone who will really listen to you and not the one who will just speak. You like to be heard. You are a great orator and hence you want to share your knowledge and spread wisdom.


9. Page 3 is not your cup of tea

Sapiosexuals don’t belong to the masses who just grab on the supplement of the newspaper and leave the main page for gossip. Gossip for you is a mindless piece of shit. You like to stay away from chit chat and stereotypical ideas. You will read news and meaningful features in the newspaper and not gossip and entertainment.

10. You like to watch meaningful movies

First and foremost, you will opt for a nice documentary instead of a movie. But if you chose to watch a movie, it has to be meaningful and a sapiosexual’s time worthy. Their genre in movies is historic, psychological thriller or some science-related movie. 

Being a sapiosexual means being different from the masses. You will not settle for anything less than what you deserve or you will end up being miserable. Sapiosexuals are ones who create difference between being ordinary and the one having high standards.

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