The discussion on sexuality and sex has become extremely open these days, but still, the topic of female masturbation is hush-hush and taboo especially in a conservative country like India. When we talk about masturbation, we end up associating it with only men, but nothing can be further from the truth. Sex is a primitive requirement, and why would women be asked to depend on a man for sexual gratification. You can be satisfied with your own self ladies, and there is nothing wrong with it. So let’s debunk some myths and learn how best to satisfy yourself.

Myths Surrounding Female Masturbation

With the onset of puberty, our bodies start developing and we start exploring our sexuality. No sex-education or biology class can teach us as much about our bodies as we can learn by exploring on our own.

  • It is much safer to learn on your own than have early intercourse with a guy, but many young girls are hesitant.
  • There are a plethora of myths surrounding female masturbation (and they aren’t applicable to the men, Go figure!):
  • It doesn’t get you hairy palms or make you go bald or blind.
  • It certainly doesn’t lead to an outbreak of acne.
  • It doesn’t make you homosexual.
  • Infertility isn’t caused by masturbation
  • It is not self-abuse, unnatural or infidel in nature.
  • It doesn’t give you STD.

The myths about female masturbation stem from ignorance and religious and social dogmas that have engulfed society for centuries. It is extremely normal and healthy to masturbate and the choice is extremely personal. Loving yourself isn’t a crime, rather it’s a form of self-care. 

Female Masturbation: It’s Good For You

The benefits of female masturbation and the orgasm that leads to it are manifold.

  • It helps relieve you of stress – today’s hectic lifestyle can make the best of us stressed at the end of the day. Orgasms lead to the release of endorphins which not only reduce stress but assist in acquiring a great mood.
  • Helps you sleep – the moments leading to an orgasm is a concentration of all your energies. When you climax, there is a release of all the pent up energy, the muscle spasms, the heart rate, and breathing are ragged and it can be both exhilarating and exhausting. It allows you to get better sleep.
  • In charge of your sexuality – masturbation is a means to have control over your sexuality, you can explore your body and understand what best satisfies you and turns you on.
  • It makes sex sessions better with your partner– masturbation makes you more aware of your needs and your body. So the next time you have sex with your partner, you can tell them what best suits you.
  • Strengthens your pelvic floor– if you don’t have time for a Kegel workout, masturbation can help in strengthening your pelvic muscles.
  • Helps fight symptoms of menopause– menopause makes your vagina dry and also narrows it. Masturbation leads to blood flow to your vagina which can help in combating the discomforts and makes sex enjoyable with your partner.
  • Multiple orgasms– women are capable of multiple orgasms but over 40% of women have said that they don’t orgasm during intercourse with their partners. With self-pleasure, you can concentrate on your own needs and reach multiple orgasms.

Ways To Masturbate

There are different methods of female masturbation depending on the area you stimulate like- clitoral, vaginal, anal, combo, and the erogenous zone. To start your self pleasuring session you need to be prepared to reach that big O:

1. Mood setting

Only sex with a partner doesn’t require mood-setting, a solo session also requires it. Play some nice music, dim the lights and if scented candles are your thing, then light away.

2. Lubrication 

When self-pleasuring, keep the lubricant handy- it will increase the pleasure.

3. Don’t rush 

Take your time while masturbating, explore your body and enjoy yourself.

4. Get some aids

Though most women feel, hands are the best way to explore, but sex toys like dildos and vibrators come in handy. They have been built for your pleasure!

5. Visual aids

Some women are turned on by written word- have a stash of erotica literature handy or if the romantic scenes do it for you, then play your favorite make-out movie. Explore other erogenous zone-breasts, nipples, ears, neck, and inner thighs are extremely erogenous. Concentrate on these areas too and see the change in your experience.

The Best Female Masturbating Positions

Lying on your back- this is the best position for clitoral stimulation, try a pace that most suits you.

Squatting – for achieving mind-blowing orgasm through vaginal stimulation, try this position. You can reach your G-spot through this position.

Facedown and Doggy style- anal stimulation works best in these two positions. The face-down position is much preferred by women for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation. 

You can masturbate in front of a mirror, as it can be extremely scintillating and wild, alternatively, play with your body and genitalia to get a better experience. Trisha Borowicz, director of Science Sex and Ladies has told Cosmopolitan that grinding your vulva against certain objects can be extremely gratifying. It can be a removable shower head or your pillow. 

Masturbation and Relationship

Masturbation helps to focus on your own needs exclusively. You don’t need to think about pleasuring anyone else. The rate of masturbation depends on individual desires and wants. Though excessive masturbation isn’t good, as it can start to interfere with your life and vigorous and regular stimulation can make the delicate erogenous areas raw and injured.

Often people in a relationship opt to masturbate if they are in a long-distance relationship. Many times couples have mutual masturbation sessions as it can spice up their sex life. Self-satisfaction can make couples much happier. Too much dependence on masturbation while in a relationship is harmful as it can lead to trust issues, inadequate expression of feelings and intimacy issues. But once in a while, you can indulge in some self-love.

So, shut those doors and have some fun! 

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