Are you bored of the regular cocktails? Do you want to try a cocktail that has the most iconic ingredients? You’re at the right place! We’re going to reveal the Fat Elvis recipe in this article. This cocktail is not only iconic with regards to its ingredients but it is quite strong as well. It is not meant for everyone and isn’t preferred by light, occasional drinkers. The Fat Elvis is consumed by only those who enjoy extremely strong liquor. It can be diluted by modifying the measurements and tweaking the ingredients but the authentic recipe should be tried by everyone, at least once in their lifetime. It is true that the time required for preparing the cocktail is a bit long but if you’re wondering whether it’s worth the time and effort or not, let us tell you, it totally is! The Fat Elvis is going to blow your mind for sure. 

The King of Pop’s Favorite Tipple Fat Elvis

The American singer and actor, Elvis Presley was not just known for his exceptional talent in music but also his immense love for food. The food that he was known to consume was not like that of other celebrities of his time. The King, as he was popularly known had a penchant for extremely unhealthy and high-calorie food. He had quite absurd eating habits and preferred to have foods with such combinations of ingredients that were not known to be blended and eaten together, ever before. The famous Fat Elvis sandwich is one such food. The Fat Elvis cocktail makes use of the same ingredients as that of the sandwich and the recipe was introduced by Jason Westplate as a tribute to the pop legend. 

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Fat Elvis
Fat Elvis

Before going on to discuss the Fat Elvis recipe, here are a few interesting facts about Elvis Presley 

  • He was extremely fond of bacon and had it with everything. Fat Elvis is a result of the same.
  • His calorie intake per meal was way more than an average person and 5 times more than is advised by many experts.
  • He was involved with karate and had a black belt. For maintaining his physique, he used to follow the ‘sleeping beauty diet’, that is, sleeping 9-10 hours a day to avoid having food. Not having food meant not gaining weight.
  • He used to have sedatives and drugs like Xanax and Valium to be able to sleep for long hours, for avoiding food. He was reportedly put into a coma, purposely, by one of his doctors for the same reason.
  • He was extremely fond of the Fool’s Gold Sandwich from Denver’s. It referred to an entire loaf of bread that was served, containing one whole pound of bacon, one jar of blueberry jam, and one jar of peanut butter.
  • He enjoyed grilled and fried foods. He couldn’t eat healthy, bland food. He is known to have asked his chef Mary Jenkins Langston to sneak in food inside a hospital when he was not well and had to be admitted there. The chef had told the same to the BBC, in 1995, way after the icon’s death.
  • He reportedly weighed 159 kgs during the time of his death, due to his casual and unhealthy diet. He died at the age of 42, in 1977, of a heart attack.

Fat Elvis Recipe

Here is the recipe of Fat Elvis:

Ingredients for Fat Elvis cocktail:

Fat Elvis
Fat Elvis
  • 250 ml amaretto
  • 1-2 tablespoons peanut butter (smooth consistency)
  • 500ml rye whiskey
  • Bacon fat
  • 1-2teaspoon Maple syrup
  • A pinch of Applewood-smoked sea salt to top it off


  • The leftover bacon fat after cooking or frying the bacon has to be cooked gently with double the amount of water for about 5 minutes.
  • The bacon fat is then stored in a jar and left to clarify, that is, the process of solidification of the fat on the top layer. This takes 4-5 hours and a couple of hours less if the fat is frozen.
  • 1 tablespoon of this bacon fat is added to the 500ml rye whiskey, in an airtight jar or shaker.
  • The mixture is blended and shook after short intervals throughout the entire wash duration, that is, 4-16 hours. The ideal wash time is 16 hours for the best results.
  • When the wash time is over, the mixture is put inside the freezer so that the fat solidifies.
  • The mixture is strained multiple times for a smooth consistency.
  • The peanut butter (1 tablespoon) is added to the 250ml amaretto in an airtight jar.
  • The mixture is shaken vigorously for about half an hour and then strained for a smooth consistency.
  • The shot glass is kept ready by adding a teaspoon of maple syrup at the bottom.
  • The bacon-washed whiskey and peanut butter-infused amaretto is added to a shaker filled with ice and shook for 10-20 seconds.
  • The strained mixture is poured on the glass, above the maple syrup.
  • Applewood smoked salt is added on top for garnish and voila, your Fat Elvis cocktail is ready!

How to Drink Smartly?

Fat Elvis
Fat Elvis

Who doesn’t like to go to parties and have a gala time with friends? I’m sure we all do. Drinking and dancing the night out can be quite fun if it’s done responsibly. The key to not waking up with a heavy head and grumpy mood is to drink smartly. You should be aware of your limit. Keeping a count of your drinks is a great option. You should always remind yourself to not exceed your limit, no matter what. The time duration between each drink should also be kept in mind. Having the drink slowly is always better than sipping it in a rush. 

Moreover, alcohol should never be consumed on an empty stomach. This might lead to a lot of issues such as headaches, drowsiness, etc. Your stomach should be full before sipping on the first drink of the day as well. Now that you’re aware of the do’s and don’ts while drinking at a party, it’s time for you to enjoy your Fat Elvis, along with Presley’s songs to get all the feels!

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