People often consider broad shoulder women to be less feminine. Broad shoulders or as some call it ‘man shoulders’ is used to make a woman feel less confident. It is barely ever used as a compliment, ever. Somehow, any physical attribute of a woman that makes her look ‘manly’ will automatically make her less attractive as compared to others.

It’s not to say that a man’s shoulders are bad. If anything, the whole idea of dictating someone’s body parts and how they should be to make them look beautiful by conventional standards should be entirely scrapped away now. 

To quickly and briefly explain, broad shoulder females usually have shoulders that are wider than their hips. It creates a triangular inverted shadow. Broad shoulder women naturally have a ‘V-taper’ body shape which is something that most athletes strive for! For instance, Sonam Kapoor has broad shoulders but she is exceptionally gorgeous anyway, right?

Broad Shoulder Women
Broad Shoulder Women

Unfortunately, women have to strive to hide their particular body type because someone somewhere doesn’t deem them to be desirable. It’s 2020 after all, we don’t need to shred someone’s confidence and make them conscious about something that’s out of their control.

If we are being honest, a woman absolutely should wear whatever that she likes. When you like your outfit, it brings out the best of you. Almost half the times, it isn’t about an outfit looking good or bad on you, it’s about how much you like a certain outfit and how self-assured you are about your body image.

So first and foremost, this isn’t a style guide to tell you what you would look good in. Because you, lovely lady, will look good in anything as long as you are confident about your capability to pull off that one outfit you’ve been eyeing for weeks!

Nonetheless, if a bunch of broad shoulder women is reading this, and still need some advice to help you be less conscious about your broad shoulders, here are some fashion tips for broad shoulder women!

What you should wear?

  1. If you like wearing jackets, wear jackets which have narrow collars or better yet, go collarless! It’ll soften the look of your shoulder areas.
  2. Pair your dark-colored top wears with a comparatively lighter colored bottom wears.
  3. Scoops and V-necks are great because they’ll draw away from everyone’s attention vertically rather than straight across to your broad shoulders.
  4. While choosing your outfits, try to pick a dress with diagonal sleeve cut instead of a horizontal one.
  5. Always pick up tank tops with thicker straps because the lesser skin show between your neck and shoulders, the more your shoulders will seem narrow.
  6. You can also try empire line tops and dresses which is like a fitted bodice and gives off the impression of the high waist. It’ll help to dart away from the attention to the smallest part of your frame.
  7. Additionally, you can avoid wearing a ruffle shoulder dress because even though they look cute, they might make a lot of eyes rest right on your shoulder. A puff sleeve dress is also a no-no because they add volume to your already voluminous shoulders.
  8. A sequin dress looks quirky but you should perhaps avoid wearing one which has sequencing on its shoulder area because that is a sure-shot way of highlighting your broad shoulders.
  9. Anything with extra detailing on the shoulders of your top or dress is something you would want to not indulge in if you are trying to not gain too much observation from others.

Dressing Tips For Broad Shoulder Women

Here are some of the best dresses that women with man shoulders can invest in!

Broad Shoulder Women
Broad Shoulder Women

1. Full skirted dress

Full skirted dresses are a literal timeless classic, definitely a good investment for a casual or a party occasion. It lends a lot of attention to your bottom half of the body giving away an hourglass silhouette impression of your body instead of an inverted triangular shadow. 

2. Bottom detailed dress

A dress with heavy detailing on its skirt will take away the attention from your broad shoulders and thick arms. It’s a fun distraction with all that going down below on your beautifully detailed skilled, ensuring that nobody would take notice of your upper half of the body. 

You could choose a dress which is plain on its top and has heavy details like that of horizontal or vertical stripes, floral prints, polka dots, or embroidery on its skirt portion. 

3. Deep neck dress

The best dress option for broad shoulder women is the scoop or V-neck dresses instead of the same old square shoulder or crew neckline. The plunging neckline will draw away all the attention from your broad shoulders downwards towards your waist. The open skin show will garner the attention first and then further down on your waist, instead of your shoulders and arms.

4. Peplum waist dress

A peplum waist dress will lend volume to your bottom, along with the limited details on your shoulders and excessive details on your hip area, your broad shoulders will end up looking narrow. If anything people’s eyes will be drawn to the peplum on your dress rather than your shoulders and arms.

5. Kimono sleeve dress

Another super chic option for broad shoulder women is to opt for a kimono sleeve dress. The sleeves on such dress are generally made of a lightweight, featherlike fabric that will drape around your shoulders so smoothly and guide all the unnecessary attention away. Kimono dresses are perfect for a camouflage!

While this was a quick handy guide as to how to dress in a particular manner for broad shoulder women, it is still obviously not a mantra written in stone. You can switch things up, see what you like instead of worrying about what others would like to see you in! 

At the end of the day, everybody is a beautiful body and as soon as you become comfortable with your body image, you can look kickass in anything you decide to wear. 

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