Dressing in your 30s? Fashion has no connection with age, to be honest. Until a few years ago, there was a fixed rule in the world of fashion in terms of age. In simple terms, people used to choose and dress according to their age. But those days are almost over now and there is now no such principle which says that you can’t dress this way in your age!! 

Yes, a woman of any age can wear anything she wants, there is no stopping. However, wearing an appropriate dress suitable for your age and size won’t harm anyone, would it? With age, dressing with class and elegance is much more appropriate. It doesn’t mean once you are of a certain age say 30 or 40, you cannot show any skin. That is too extreme. You can show some skin if you like but it has to be done in the right way. 

What to Avoid After The 30s?

Here you will get a gist of how to manage your wardrobe once you hit your 30s.

1. Mini Skirts

We often see our favorite celebrities whatever may be their age, flaunt their perfect bodies wearing miniskirts. However, a new study revealed that the maximum age to wear a mini skirt is 35. So, no miniskirts after you have crossed this age limit. 

2. Graphic T-shirt

Graphic design t-shirts are cute we get it! But these should be avoided after hitting your 30s. You might have looked pretty and cute during your college days in your graphic tees. But some things are better to let go and try on clothing suitable for the current situation. 

3. Low Rise Jeans

Low-rise jeans are sexy and we know it. A few years back, low-rise jeans were in trend everywhere like crazy. As you move on to your 30s, putting on your low-rise jeans won’t be a good idea. Wearing low-rise jeans is not an abomination and if you want to wear them you can obviously. But the thing is as we age, if we dress accordingly, it will make us look more graceful. 

4. Scrunchies

Scrunchies are trendy and eye-catching but among teenagers. Yes, scrunchies were treated as rad in the 80s, and teenagers and adults flaunted their ponytails along with their scrunchies. But as of now, scrunchies are outdated completely. If you want to wear it, I would suggest wearing it at home especially if you’re past your 30s.

5. Big Sunglasses

Big glasses may give you a youthful look but it is a big NO after you hit the 30s. Big sunglasses are suitable for young adults. 

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6. Booty Shorts

Booty shorts are to be avoided once you hit the age of 30. There is nothing really to explain here why booty shorts should be avoided after the 30s. You might have worn them with total confidence in your 20s. But my thought is, a 30-year-old woman, wearing booty shorts won’t be as flattering as she might imagine. 

7. Wearing Bedazzled & Sparkly Items

Bedazzled and sparkly items are undoubtedly a look fit for a child. Sparkly clothing may be attractive to our eyes but just because we like how it looks, doesn’t necessarily mean we should start wearing it without thinking how old we are. 

8. Sneakers

Sneakers look cute and trendy only if you are in high school or at max a college student. After crossing that phase, putting on sneakers doesn’t look good at all, ruthless but it is true. 

9. Crop Tops

Being 30 and being able to rock a crop top is worth applause. The point is you should forget some designs once you reach a certain age. Again, it might sound rude but it is the truth. 

So, these were some of the things that should be avoided once you cross the age of 30. Some might say that they should be able to wear whatever they want irrespective of their age. Logically speaking this is correct and everyone can indeed wear anything they want. What matters is the type of body they have. Now, this complicates things right? What about body positivity, some might ask? That is also correct. We should accept all body types. But for the sake of fashion, we should wear things accordingly and which will make us look good. Dressing up as per your age will make you look classier, elegant, and fabulous. The rest of the decision depends on everyone’s personal choice.

Take care♥

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