We are all adults, and even if our readers don’t necessarily come into the adult category, talking about it is not a big deal. It’s a natural body phenomenon, and we should all be able to talk about it, discuss it in an open manner. Given the reason, there are many misconceptions and myths about it. 

5 Facts About Pooping

We are also going to be discussing very little-known facts and other things about our everyday ritual – pooping.

1. Regular Pooping

Many people have this regular schedule where they go at the same time, almost every day. And guess what, it is a good thing. Having regular bowel movements indicate a healthy digestive system. Some people make their schedule it at the same time every day, while some people have it naturally. Don’t worry, if you are not among these people who have it regular time-table. Even not having a regular poop time doesn’t make you unhealthy or make your digestive system defective. 

Many people who have a regular pooping habits, tend to have a heavy meal in the evening. As a result, when they wake up in the morning, they feel pressure and go for it. This happens because when you are lying down there is not enough pressure in your bowel, the food just lies there for hours and hours and as soon as you wake up and stand, the bowels open up and everything shifts in the downward direction, thus the pressure early in the morning as you wake up.

2. Once A Day Poop

Many people on average go at least one to two times a day. Even if you go one time, twice or more than that in a day, it is not unhealthy or does not indicate any health problems until it is your regular schedule and not a result of an unhealthy diet. You can go for it normally any number of times in a day until and unless it does not lead to an upset stomach or any other problem related to pooping.

When you are usually a one-day pooping person, and suddenly start going 4-5 times a day, it can indicate either a change in diet, a result of something unhealthy you consumed or it can indicate a serious infection. If recently you started consuming more fiber in your diet, you may notice an increased number of times you might want to go to poop. If not, you should consider consulting a doctor about any unusual poop schedule.

3. Pooping Right After Eating

If you are one of those people who need to be near a washroom when they are eating, because they feel like they have to go as soon as they have had some food, you probably have wondered why does it happen. There’s nothing to worry about if this happens to you. But then, why do you feel like going every time you eat? 

Well, this doesn’t mean that you have a super-fast digestive system. This just means that your digestive tract never grew up. Because this is what happens with babies, and for some people, this reflex never goes away. It still is nothing to worry about, unless your poop is really runny, floats or smells really bad. That means your body is not absorbing any fat. In this case, you are advised to see your doctor.

Facts About Pooping
Facts About Pooping

4. Coffee

There are a lot of people who consume coffee first thing in the morning, for a fresh morning and for a good poop. Yes, coffee does make you want to poop. This happens because consuming caffeine stimulates your bowels, makes your gut contract, which then pushes your stool to your rectum. So now that you know the fact behind this, consider having coffee before going to poop.

5. Period and Poop

Many women complain that they have to spend more time in the toilet when they are on their periods. Well, this is also not a strange phenomenon, because the hormones you release during your cycle release another hormone called prostaglandins, that trigger your uterus to contract, in turn causing your bowels to contract as well. This means more bowel movements during your period than any other day.

These are some of the myths busted about pooping and some facts as to why you have certain types or timings of pooping. To summarize, your poop is always indicating a healthy body unless it is something unusual, in which case you ought to see your doctor.

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