What are the bad effects of work from home on body? At the times of the global crisis, the wilds were seen on the streets and the wise were behind the doors. Staying indoors might have gotten into one’s last nerve but what about the working section of the society? The ones who always nagged about being bound to follow their so-called schedule. The one’s who helplessly spent hours honking at the cars. It might have been an end to all their hurdles. According to research, remote employees work 1.4 more days per month than office-based employees.

Bad Effects of Work From Home
Bad Effects of Work From Home

However, is working from home as relaxing as one through it was?

The present arena of a global pandemic wherein working from home isn’t a luxury but has become a necessity. The grumpy boss who cut allowance might now even consider putting a raise if one stays indoors and contributes in flattening the curve of COVID-19. 

But have you thought what working on projects sitting on your couch could be a hazard to your body? Working from home might have felt alluring however it takes a toll on both physical and mental health of the employee.

According to a report by Harvard University, it is found out that prolonged hours of sitting is the biggest hazard to human health. Human beings are not designed to sit. Sitting too much during work from home can lead to heart diseases, diabetes and it can even result in an early grave even if you exercise daily. 

However, you can turn the tables around and design your workspace without a chair or you can lie on the bed and work! Who is stopping you at home, anyway?

This is how your body reacts to hours of sitting when you are working at home

Bad Effects of Work From Home on Body

Here we have mentioned about the effect that body faces when person is doing work from home

1. Back Pain and Shoulder pain

If you do not use an ergonomic chair while working or if you have a bad posture, your back will suffer the most. Lowering your neck towards the computer screen, sitting on the same chair for hours, lack of movement of your upper body are the leading causes of the back as well as shoulder pain while working from home.

Remedy: Practice sitting in the right posture, sit in a comfortable chair or couch. Move your hands in circular motions both clockwise and anti-clockwise. Take both your hands to your spine, stretch from left to right and right to left five times each, every hour.

Bad Effects of Work From Home
Bad Effects of Work From Home

2. Weak legs and glutes

Sitting all day in the same position results in the weakening of the lower body, which holds you up straight. This results in the weakening of muscles popularly known as muscle atrophy.

Remedy: Take small walks around the house as often as you can. Climb stairs or practice tapping your feet lightly to the ground.

3. Mental health

According to scientific research, working from home results in deterioration of mental health to 43.2% of people in U.S. Employees lack their ability to expand their creativity like a lack of interaction and sharing of ideas with their fellow team members.

The risk of both anxiety and depression is maximum in people who stay in all day. Mental health fitness lacks in people who spend all their time sitting. 

Bad Effects of Work From Home
Bad Effects of Work From Home

Remedy: practice a habit of arranging your workspace as per your comfort and desire. Clean your workspace daily. Decorate it with DIY art and craft. Play music. Exercise. Meditate. 

4. Digital Eye Strain

Working in front of computer screens, e-radders and tablets can result in Digital Eyestrain. Red, dry and irritated eyes with blurred vision and eye fatigue are symptoms of Digital eyestrain. 

Digital Eye Strain
Digital Eye Strain

Remedy: Wear computer glasses, reduce the brightness of your screen, dim surrounding lights, increase text size, practice looking 20 feet apart, for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.

5. Hips tighten

Poor posture while sitting can cause compression on the discs in your spine and can lead to permanent degeneration which results in chronic pain.

Remedy: Loosen your lower body and get up frequently.

6. Weight gain

Work from home results in an immense craving of munching something or the other frequently. You must be opening, and re-opening your refrigerator infinite times because of your uncontrollable craving. Also, sitting on a place for more than six hours a day can lead to a decrease in the release of molecules like lipoprotein lipase which helps in processing the fats and sugars you eat.  

Remedy: Try eating gluten-free food. Eat fruits, salads, and nuts instead of eating chips and nachos. 

Weight gain
Weight gain

To work effectively from home, you need to have a fresh mindset every morning when you wake up. Working from home can be both a boon and distractions but one can balance out by drawing healthy boundaries. Make a schedule you can stick to. Stay firm with your working hours without getting distracted. Take frequent breaks, don’t work straight for hours. Whether or not you like it, spend time with your loved ones. Give your pet the hug that they deserve. Have lunch with your children and spouse. Plan extra social interactions with your friends via social media applications. 

Effects of Work From Home on Body
Effects of Work From Home on Body

Staying home all day with something so deadly out there is an absolute threat to your mental health which eventually leads to a lack of motivation towards work. Take a moment to cherish this opportunity. Look how easily a ridiculous meeting that you had to spend hours in front of the mirror getting ready to look “presentable” can now be replaced with an e-mail. COVID-19 has proved that the richest are the ones who are healthy and at home, your work might be your priority, however spare time for yourself. What else is more important than your health?

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