Effects Of Lockdown On College Students!

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After almost a few decades, a pandemic has entered that has infected lakhs and been a reason of death for the same number as well. In the year 2020, in the month of late January and early February entered the novel coronavirus. Coronavirus entered as a virus affecting only animals and turned out to be not an epidemic but a Pandemic killing people in high numbers around the globe.

Coronavirus has become a virus that has initiated an upsurge of unity among the countries of the world to stand together and stand united against the novel COVID 19. Talking about the virus, many countries have tried to curb the same by starting and implementing lockdown in their respective countries, all the institutions except that of need and emergent needs are officially closed this includes educational institutions like schools and colleges.

While most of the administrative departments and institutions have shut down the colleges and schools, they have resorted to technology as their backup to complete their course, syllabus and pending classes through communicating through the internet.

While they are taking every measure to keep their staff as well as their students safe, There’s a backdrop to the whole view in student’s point of view, who are undeniably feeling devastated of leaving their colleges in the middle of the year and semester and leaving out all the fun behind in college are some of the effects of lockdown on college-going students.

So let us find out some of the effects of lockdown on the college-going students. Here are some of their devastations you might relate to.

Hostellers Are Suffering The Most

Students who have come from different states and cities to study in a specific college or university have claimed to be suffering the most. Outstation Students who have been residing in the college hostel claim to suffer the most.

When lockdown was declared most of the students had to abruptly leave their hostel and PG rooms due to the emergent and quick consequence amid the lockdown. Due to this urgency, many students had to leave out their belongings and study books in their respective rooms and move out with nothing they wished to carry with themselves.

The most worrisome issue for them is they don’t know when it shall end and how and when they might get their belongings as well as their study material. Hence, they are self-quarantined for a long time with no time limit.

Students Were Rushed Out Of Hostel To More Dangerous Zones!

Many hostellers complained that due to the lockdown, All of them were asked to leave the college premises as soon as possible and ride back to their home towns which were even more dangerous to go to! Students of Delhi University who came from Kerala to study in the prestigious university were asked to leave for their home towns where the pandemic was spreading life fire and had a high number of cases!

Online Classes Are Messy!

Online classes don’t really suffice the feel of talking and learning in offline classes! students are impacted due to lockdown but what comes out to be major concerns that worries students is completing the unfinished course through online platforms. Now, many of the students come up from many parts of the country and it can be hard for them to cope up with online classes due to low availability of data as well as other required resources for the same. 

Satisfaction Stays Null And Void.

Nobody paid for sitting at home! What’s bothering the youth is that students are not satisfied with what is being provided, many students have raised their voices against the accessibility of online classes. They complained of its functionality and said online classes are not what they paid for.

They are apprehensive of missing out on so many interesting knocking opportunities that they could have cherished while being present in college that cannot sustain the same. They are not at all satisfied with what the college is providing digitally!

effects of lockdown on college students

Graduating Students Are Apprehensive!

The last year students who were about to graduate as soon as they would have by passing the semester that was to be held in the month of May are technically the most apprehensive amid the lockdown! Students that were about to graduate are worried about their semester exams, results, convocation, and how further entrance exams are going to take place! 

No Information About Anything!

Students have also come out to talk about how they are completely clueless about what is happening and what is going to happen. They have no further notice or information about when it is going to open, how the examinations will be conducted, when will it take place?- they have many queries but no one is there to clear the same.

Opportunities, Festivities, And Fun Are Passing By!

Yes this concerns many students out there. Fear of missing out on college life! Students have missed out many activities and festivities amid the lockdown. Graduating students have missed out on their farewell and goodbyes, and many colleges could not commence the annual fests of college due to coronavirus pandemic.

The online classes cannot be a true and apt replacement for the offline classes that were inclusive of fun, debates, doubts, and clarity as well as satisfaction. Students miss the fun, the opportunities, and activities and festivities that the college provided with high proliferation.

These are tough times that require unity and efforts to fight away the virus and the lockdown of college is a precaution for the same, So while you’re at home be productive and follow the rules of social distancing and other precautions to get away with the Global pandemic!

Happy quarantining!

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