“It’s not the situation, but your reaction to the situation” Because fir muskurayega India and we fight back united. This medical emergency was like a new twist in the climax of the movie, which has changed the entire scenario. This movie is all about our lives and survival through this emergency and our heroes- front line workers. The world as a whole was at a standstill and gave us the time of introspection and retrospection.

Silence all around made the mother earth heal and make us realize our mistakes. Just when the man got power over nature, it started to demean it. The boom here we are on the wrath of nature. After this medical emergency, we may face an environmental crisis.

The virus, which is said to be artificial, is the villain, and we are the heroes. We have to make the climax and end it as always that the good wins over evil. But for this, we cannot be at a standstill, and we have to break this stand and get back things back to a new normal. Once we are back on track we will adjust with this virus as we have to live with it until we have the vaccine or the antidote for this virus.

Holiday- a soldier is never off duty

“We are challenged to change the situation.” This lockdown came with the happiness of holidays which was much awaited for us when we heard it in the other parts of India. But we never know what happens tomorrow.

And here we are jumping from one level to another of the COVID-19 video game. From 1.0 to into 4.O level. Each level has something new for us. The government comes up with new strategies for our safety and regulation of work.

But ever wondered the people behind this video game? They are the unsung heroes. It’s human tendency that we understand the value of something when we are in a crisis and in much need of them.

Police officers, nurses, doctors, security, and all the front line workers are the unsung heroes. They are the ones who are working tirelessly to ensure our well-being. They are the soldiers who never had an off from the duty even during this time of pandemic when the world was at a standstill.

Situation Of COVID-19
Situation Of COVID-19

The government must have a flexible and short work week for them. The government must look after them and work smart. We all know that we need a lot of force at work. Health is wealth, and the safety of the nation is a must. This cannot happen at the stake of other people. Doctors and the police people are working day and night risking their lives. We are progressing towards digital India and they are bound to work on the field.

It is essential for us that they work, but they can’t work if they are not in good health. Most of the nurses have a household to look at home. Despite this, they are working selflessly and with the dedication to their noble profession.

This endless work needs an end to regain energy. Time should be fixed for each and every medical professional to rest and gain energy for work. The government can work on CCTV cameras for the nook and corners so that we require less workforce on the ground and some work is done at home. The idea of digital India is taking shape. This can be a new wave of technological advancement if we can bring some change for the people in the police and medical profession so as to run on the path of development.

Work From Home

Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful. With digital India taking shape, everyone is getting tech-savvy. From toddlers to adults, all are stuck on gadgets for work. One spends an entire day working on them. There was a time when mom used to scold me for being all over as it would affect the eyesight. Today the mothers are behind their children to attend online classes.

All the companies have work from home. It seems as if one has to work more at home. But this is something to look on or later can affect our health. To look forward to this situation, one can demand flexible work hours and resist being continuously on the gadgets. This will not only work resulting in us being healthy but also gives us time for ourselves. One can have a shorter time on the gadgets. Eyes are our way to vision and sight.

But working in front of the screen can make your vision weak. One can have blurred vision and headache due to strain on the eyes. The stress on the eyes can cause a problem in having a sound sleep. Sitting and working at a place makes us a couch potato and can lead to obesity. This will also make an impact on our ears who have to compromise with the load of the headphones. This lockdown can lead to a sedentary lifestyle if we work from home. This can make you die soon as it lowers your cardiovascular health and increases the mortality rate.

Lockdown and Women

She was always at home. She is still working. It was nothing new for her. Her workload increased. Laxman Rekha binds her to be inside the house. She is happy to see everyone at home. She has a company and yet no one.

Wondering who she is?

Think Think harder

She is the homemaker. She is our mother or wife who was always at home. She is bound by the Laxman Rekha of work and modesty. We were restless being inside home but we never realized that she was always inside. She was working all day long and yet being the last person to sleep and waking up first. She never demanded a holiday and never touched the gadgets when free. She was behind us for work.

Being a woman I demand shorter and flexible work hours for her in this lockdown. When everyone is at home, then why should she work all alone? She deserves to have rest and regain her energy for work. She needs to be pampered. She needs to work less. She is the workforce behind all of them. She is the one who helps us focus on our work and do the rest of it single-handedly. We get tired, but she is always full of energy.

If just one person caters to the needs of all the members at home. Can’t the people at home be religious towards her and make her enjoy time with family. She is the unsung hero who is always there in need. But we hardly get to know about her needs and well-being. We have this golden opportunity to work for the person without whom one won’t be able to work. Who will make your delicacies or run behind you for work? Who will make sure that all your things are at a place and you need not find them?

It’s just the homemaker who does it all and says nothing. She is a good actor and hides all her pain. So make sure that from tomorrow she is helped by all and never feels lonely. There should be people to understand her.

Situation Of COVID-19
Situation Of COVID-19

One can decide to work alternately and give her flexible and short working hours. She is also doing a job for which she is not paid any money. If we are off with work, then why can’t she have her me-time?

“The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only – and that is to support the ultimate career.”

Stay Home Stay Safe

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