Effective Home Remedies For Shoe Bites Every Woman Need To Know

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With any special occasion around the corner, we ladies plan a lot about what to wear from top to bottom, including our footwear. Sometimes, we even end up buying everything that we will be wearing. When the D-day finally arrives, we dress just as we imagined.

Wearing the heels of our dreams adds a humongous amount of confidence and self-satisfaction that we can never explain. While everyone compliments our personalised look, some of us gradually struggle to stay on our feet throughout the day. The reason behind this struggle is shoe bites, and man, it is painful! 

If you recently as well struggled with painful shoe bites making you regret your choice of shoes, you have come to the right place, as you will get all your answers here.

So, let us begin with the basics, what are shoe bites, and what causes them?

Shoe bites are simply a painful area on our feet, mostly around the ankles or near the toes that get bruised due to friction with our shoes. Shoe bites occur mainly when we wear ill-fitting shoes or when we wear brand new shoes. In severe conditions, the bruised area may lead to the formation of more painful blisters. 

So, keep on reading to know all about the useful home remedies for shoe bites and ways of shoe bite prevention!!

Home remedies for shoe bites for you to swear by:

The mother of all home remedies for shoe bites- coconut oil

The use of coconut oil is one of the most versatile home remedies that always bear positive results. So, you can blindly trust this shoe bite remedy to minimise the pain and maximise the healing of the affected area.

For this, you need to mix coconut oil with a small teaspoon of camphor powder. After making a mixture of the two components, with the help of a cotton ball, dab the mixture on the affected area. 

Continue using this home remedy until the area heals completely. 

Application of ice cubes as a shoe bite remedy

After a day full of pain because of the shoe bites, you can get instant relief just by applying ice cubes over the area.

Using Toothpaste 

Another multi-use home remedy that comes in handy in our day to day lives is toothpaste. However, not all types of toothpaste have pain relief ability or help in reducing the condition.

Using the basic toothpaste serves the purpose of healing and providing instant relief. After applying the toothpaste, let it stay for at least an hour and wash off the area and dab it dry with a clean cloth. 

Aloe Vera gel as a home remedy for shoe bites

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties and healing properties that help in reducing any skin inflammation or skin injury. Point to be noted is that always wash the area and dab it dry with a cloth and apply the home remedy. 

Take a suitable amount of the aloe vera gel on the tip of your index finger and apply it over the area gently and let it dry. 

Petroleum jelly to treat shoe bites

Another effective home remedy to treat shoe bites is petroleum jelly, or we may know it as Vaseline. Evidently, petroleum jelly helps in hydrating the wounded skin, which increases the rate of healing. Moreover, it will also reduce the pain next time you wear your shoes, as it reduces friction.

Neosporin to help with the annoying shoe bites

Neosporin ointment is something we all have used since our childhood period whenever we injured ourselves playing outdoors. This shoe bite remedy has three antibiotic components that prevent any possible infection on the wounds and boost the healing process.  

How to prevent shoe bites in future

First of all, always wear shoes that fit you perfectly to avoid the shoe bites. Some of us tend to purchase shoes overlooking the fitting issues, which ultimately can cause shoe bites. Wearing shoes that are one size smaller or even bigger can lead to the occurrence of shoe bites.  

After the purchase of a new pair of shoes, before going out wearing them, you can try on them inside your home for a day or two to check for any possible signs of shoe bites. 

shoes bites remedy

A wise shoe bite prevention tip that I mostly apply is using band-aids on the area where it hurts due to friction against my shoe. In doing so, the band-aid prevents further skin injury. 

To stay on a safe side, you can always apply a small amount of olive oil or vaseline or coconut oil so that there will be minimum friction. 

Take the shape of your feet into consideration as well while shopping for your footwear. With so many designs available in the women’s footwear section, it is hard not to get obsessed with some styles, whether it is suitable for us or not.

But, if you want to keep your feet happy and protect from such painful conditions, it is important to buy shoes according to the shape of your feet. 

If it is possible, you can also try wearing socks with your shoes to prevent shoe bites. For a chic look, you can go for the socks with the net or stockings material. 

So, these are few home remedies and preventive measures for shoe bites that you can try and save yourself from going through a painful day.

Speaking from personal experience as well, wearing the right type of footwear is necessary otherwise you may end up walking barefoot rather than spending another minute wearing the footwear that has been bruising your skin on your feet all day long.

Taking good care of your feet is more important than you can ever imagine. It is because of your feet, you can travel and roam around your favorite locations.

The foremost thing in taking care of your feet is keeping them neat and clean, followed by wearing good quality and good fitting shoes. Wearing ill-fitting shoes can lead to the formation of corn, hammer toe, blisters from shoe bites, and so on. Choose wisely!!

Take care♥

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