Lose 5 Pounds In 7 Days With These Simple Tips

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easy tips to loose weight
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Easy Tips To Loose Weight!! It’s time to shed off those layers of clothing that was effectively hiding your fat underneath. It’s time to welcome summer ladies. The season of shorts, skirts, sleeveless tops, and even bikinis is just about to hit in. Hence its time to start preparing for the slimmer you to look super hot in the hot summer.

May it be thighs, belly or hips we have a solution to your every fat deposit. Losing that overweight from our body is every chick’s dream. So here we have got some easy tips which will 2 help you to reduce at least 5 pounds in just 7 days. It is totally and easy to follow. So hop on the ride to the slimmer body. Here are some easy tips to loose weight:

Quality over quantity is the easy tips to loose weight

Instead of having three meals a day, take six mini-meals a day but healthy meals. You have to cut down unhealthy calories and carbs, instead, take a good amount of proteins and vitamins. Quality food means to eat nutrient-dense food and not unhealthy food to calm your starvation. Say no to the munchings that you do for time pass or when hungry like chips, cookies, chocolates or fries, etc. instead go for foxnuts, roasted chickpeas or fruits. 

Veggies first

Veggies are super healthy and fulfilling. Try to eat more vegetables to accumulate your meals in a healthy way. Either grilled or boiled or cooked vegetables are just the right choice when it’s about weight loss. Vegetables are rich in fiber which will boost your metabolism and will in turn help in losing those extra pounds healthily which is a easy tip to loose weight. 

Work out first in the morning

Diet will not be good if you don’t work out. Stick to a work out routine every morning for at least an hour. May it be exercise, yoga or brisk walking. It will maintain your energy level for the day and will make you more productive. It will boost your metabolic rate and will help you lose weight faster.

Go for bitter food

Add bitter green veggies in your diet like kale, arugula, mustard greens, and collards. These foods will not only aid your digestion but will also de-bloat you. These green veggies are rich in fiber and low in calories with ample vitamins that help to keep your body slimmer. 

Don’t skip meals

If you think that skipping food will make you slimmer in any sense then you are completely wrong. Skipping a meal means eating more once you eat after the pause. When you avoid eating when you are hungry, you are calling for hunger pains, food cravings, and drowsiness. Afterward, you end up eating foods with high fats and sugar which will double your chances of weight gain. So keep eating healthy at regular intervals and never skip. 

Limit your salt intake

Excessive salt in your diet can lead to water retention. Cutting salt will cut the bloat and will hence lose your weight. Understand that you need only a little salt in your diet. Unnecessary intakes include salt on salads and sauces. Avoid as much salt as you can. 

The wonder that is Water

Not drinking enough water will release an antidiuretic hormone that leads to water retention. So drink lots of water to not let yourself bloat. Keeping yourself hydrated will also maintain a good metabolism and that will help in reducing weight.

easy tips to loose weight

No Booze

Alcohol serves your body with extra unwanted calories that increase your weight rapidly. Alcohol not only just has calories of its own but you also eat fatty stuff while drinking. Pizzas, fries or sweet sodas swoop your weight. It is important to cut down or quit alcohol if you wish to lose layers of fat that are deposited in your body. 

Manage stress

Interestingly, stress is one of the major causes of weight gain. When we are stressed, we tend to eat a lot and mostly fatty foods. To reach your desired weight, you need to learn stress management tactics. No stress means no extra weight gain. 


Poor sleep means lower metabolism rate and that means weight gain. If you are up till late at night you will eat more and your metabolism will get affected. So take at least 8 hours of sleep to maintain a healthy weight. 

Be dedicated to your journey of weight loss by following these easy tips to loose weight and nobody can stop you from reaching your goal. Follow these easy no harm regimes to lose at least 5 pounds in a weeks’ time. Good luck!

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