7 Easy & Effective Ways To Get Rid of a Hickey

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No doubt, a love bite is very exciting but it is equally embarrassing when people notice it! I remember my first hickey..uff..that uncomfortable moment when people won’t ask but all they do is just staring and giving an awkward smile!! 

Have you ever experienced it? 

I have listed below some easy and effective treatments to get rid of that “sign of all the fun you have had at the night”: 

1. Use a Cold Spoon 

Well, when you panic after seeing it, you should not only cool yourself but also a spoon!! Lol! 

I mean, before doing anything, you should get a clean spoon & place it inside the freezer for 8 to 10 minutes. 

Once the spoon is cold, rub it on the affected region. 

You may feel a little uncomfortable but trust me even many dermatologists have given a thumbs-up to this process.  

Why cold? Because it will reduce the blood clotting on your skin. Make sure you repeat this throughout the day in order to lessen down the swelling.

2. Go Grab an Aloe Vera 


I love Aloe vera! Why?  My friend, it is way more than just a plant that cures skin and hair problems

The anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties work on a hickey by reducing the swelling up. 

Remember, two or three applications of aloe vera in a day will not disappear it. After all, it is a stubborn red mark- something close to an injury! However, an aloe vera will speed up the healing duration. 

It won’t take daysss or weeksss!!

3. Don’t Throw That Banana Peel 

It may sound a little weird to you but the banana peel can actually combat a hickey!! 

The skin-soothing antioxidants as well as vitamins loaded in a banana peel, make it the best treatment for it. 

You just have to rub a banana peel over your hickey. 

Again, it will not erase the mark completely, however, it will heal it faster and that too without any pain.

4. Warm Compression Will Help You 

You should use this trick only when it’s been 5 to 6 days and your hickey is still not ready to leave you. 

A little heat will let blood circulation throughout the affected area and help it to heal quickly.

You just need to wet a cloth using warm water and then hold it on your hickey for 5 minutes.

Don’t burn your skin, hence be careful about the temperature of the water. 

5. Vitamin C Cream

Vitamin C? Yeah, it can help you.

It will increase the collagen production in your skin, that is, turns your skin soft & healthy, which is very important to heal a hickey. 

Again, “NO MIRACLE” is going to happen. But, a vitamin C cream will help you to get rid of a hickey.

6. Have Foods Rich in Vitamin K 

Vitamin K is found in various foods including brown rice, spinach, kale, and broccoli. 

Vitamin K helps the body to absorb clots of pooled blood, such as a hickey. 

Hence, have a salad to speed up the healing of a hickey.

7. Use Your Toothbrush 

You can use a toothbrush (note- only super-soft bristles) 

Just slowly move the toothbrush on your hickey, this will stimulate the blood circulation. 

Move the bristles in different directions for 5-20 minutes, this will spread the clotted blood. 

Don’t press forcefully and repeat it every day till your hickey disappears.

Bottom Line? 

Now, you can have a hickey as you are covered with all the tricks to get rid of it. 

Keep in mind that these treatments will speed up the healing process of a hickey, however, they won’t disappear it overnight. 

You can use these steps and expect the hickey to disappear comparatively faster and according to me, it is an actual win.

Mili JosephMili Joseph
Writing is not only my profession, it is my utmost passion!! Strongly appreciate quality than quantity!!

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