No matter how much we love to wear western clothes, we girls always have a soft corner for Indian attire, since it is a part of our culture. We love to style up in a dazzling kurta-pyjama with an attractive dupatta to complete the look. It is the dupatta that sometimes becomes the centerpiece of the entire look. 

Now, some of us who like to carry the Indian look more often will definitely have dupattas more than one can count. Also, sometimes, we get bored with some of our clothing (dupatta in this case), and we stop wearing them. So, ladies instead of storing away your dupattas, you can try reusing them in many ways – make it into something else to wear, use it to decorate your room, and so on. 

Fashion Hacks on How To Use Dupatta

If you have been wondering what can be done with your dupattas then, you will surely get some ideas here. We have come up with some dupatta decoration ideas that you will love to try.

1. Dupatta as Shrug

You can transform your pretty dupatta into a Kimono shrug. Why buy a kimono shrug when you can make one easily at home? One of the perks of creating your own Kimono shrug is that it will have a unique style. So, if you want to wear your dupatta in a unique hippie look, try this dupatta decoration tip.

2. Dupatta as top

Another brilliant way to reuse your dupatta is by wearing it as a top. Now how to use dupatta to convert into a top? You can take any dupatta for this purpose. You can make a crop top, a wrap top, a stylish jacket, a Bardot style top out of just one dupatta. 

If you want a permanent style, you can always sew it up. Otherwise, you can also style a single dupatta in multiple ways.

3. Wear your dupatta styled like the divas of Bollywood

When it comes to flaunting fashion most uniquely, the divas of our Bollywood are always a step ahead. If you want to look quirky in an awesome way, you can definitely have a look at these styles.

4. Dupatta as poncho

Some fashion trends may go out of style or they always come back. One such fashion trend is the poncho. For those who have an undying love for the hippie look, you can convert your dupatta into a poncho. As Carrie from Sex and the City says, you can style it with some pretty shoes and look fabulous. 

5. Make your dupatta prettier 

Tired of wearing a basic dupatta? Thinking of getting a better-looking dupatta? You can easily make your current basic dupatta much prettier with these budget-friendly dupatta design ideas at home. 

  • Add pom poms or tassels on the outline of your dupatta.
  • Add mirror rings on your dupatta.

6. Using Dupatta decoration ideas to bring colours into your humble abode

Dupattas are very versatile if you know how to reuse them the right way. Apart from the fashion hacks, you can also go for room decoration with dupatta. Crazy ha?

Dupatta Decoration Ideas
Dupatta Decoration Ideas

7. Dupatta as sofa cover

This is one of the most uncommon dupatta decoration ideas you may have ever heard. Take a wide dupatta for this purpose. Cover the upper portion of the sofa, making sure it is tucked in nicely. You can try this on a single-seater sofa or a double-seater sofa according to the dimensions of your dupatta.

8. Dupatta as cushion cover

We ladies love to decorate our house with colourful cushions. I do too! I have spent a lot of time online looking for cushion covers to add some colours to my room. Well, little did I know all the cushion cover designs I want are already with me. My colourful, phulkari dupattas! So, take out your dupattas and make your cushion cover the star decorum of your room. 

9. Dupatta as table runner

Ladies who love to decorate their dining table, you can use a dupatta as a table runner. Plans to hold a ladies’ tea party or any upcoming special occasion at your place? Try this one of a kind dupatta decoration idea on your dining table. 

10. Dupatta to decorate your bedposts

Make your bedroom dreamy with a tinge of romantic vibes with the help of dupatta! Now how to use dupatta for this purpose? Well, for starters, for this, you need to have bedposts. 

  • Take your net dupatta or transparent dupattas, wrap them in the upper side of the post and tie a knot. Repeat the same process for all the bedposts.
  • Another way to decorate your bedposts is you can simply tie a single knot on top of the post and let the dupatta hang from above.

11. Dupatta to decorate the mirror on your wall

Some of us love to collect and decorate our room with antique mirrors. You can make your mirrors look even more mystifying with a simple dupatta decoration. Check this simple wall mirror decoration with a dupatta and try it today. 

So, these are the 10 dupatta decoration ideas that all ladies who want to try something different with a dupatta. Dupattas are truly versatile. All you need is to find out how to reuse it efficiently. Room decorative are easily available in the market online and offline. But when you redecorate your home with something that you have owned for quite some time, it will have a personal touch. 

Moreover, nowadays, everyone seems to be following the minimalist lifestyle and try DIY for everything – Fashion, Home Decor. The minimalist style is indeed a good practice as it helps you to reuse, recycle your belongings. Along with this, your wardrobe will be less messy and never get overstuffed. 

Decorating your home with your old yet fresh looking dupattas will definitely bring life and colours to your humble abode. Everybody buys new clothes and home decor items, I say, be an exception and try these dupatta decoration hacks and make a unique fashion statement and make your room prettier.

Take care♥

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