Teenage is the time when we begin to explore our desires, both physically as well as emotionally. The sphere of sexual pleasure and arousal remains unexplored till the onset of teenage. Thus, the uncontrolled production of semen or sperms in men or the sudden occurrence of female orgasms more like vaginal wetness due to sudden sexual thoughts can lead to nightfall. Nightfall can occur in both women and men at different points of their life, starting from teenage to adulthood. 

What is Nightfall? 

Expulsion of excess semen at night is an integral part of nightfall. This happens because it is not able to hold excessive sperm secretion. The Netflix series, Sex Education had shown the occurrence of nightfall and the reasons for it. It is usually seen in teenage girls and boys because the onset of puberty leads to hormonal changes which lead to the development of secondary sexual features as well production of semen in boys and vaginal wetness in girls. As they are not sexually active yet, the body cannot store these extra bodily fluids and it gets expelled in the form of nightfall. 

Nightfall In Women 

Women have been taught against the idea of exploring their bodies for the longest time, considering it inappropriate and unnecessary. However, studies have shown the importance of masturbation and its benefits. Above everything, the boost of self-confidence and self-worth that one gets due to intimate touching is incomparable. 

Nightfall can happen after the onset of masturbation and sexual activity or otherwise. Sexual inactivity results in wet dreams. Wet dreams are known to cause vaginal lubrication, as well as unintended female or male orgasmic relief. In adults, it is often associated with those women who are not able to orgasm during a sexual exchange with their partners. In most cases, it is not considered important. Wet dreams are the body’s way of claiming their needs. 

Nightfall in Men 

The sperms produced in males have nowhere to be released when there’s no sexual activity. Thus, it governs to a sudden, unexpected ejaculation even when the person is asleep. Sexual stimulation gives rise to sexual dreams and thoughts followed by subsequent Nightfall. It might be experienced by grown-ups as well. Grown-ups are usually pretty active, sexually. Even if they don’t have sex regularly, they masturbate to quench their sexual urges. 

Night Fall Reasons 

Nightfall is not a disease or a disorder. It is absolutely normal and happens due to the reasons mentioned below. 

  • Hormonal changes in the body while growing up can cause involuntary ejaculation.
  • Sex is treated as taboo and not discussed since childhood. The silence and whispers associated with sex and related aspect results in the bottling up of issues and discomforts regarding the same.
  • The internet is easily accessible nowadays and so are porn websites. These websites are often places where children or teenagers get to discover everything about sex. As a result, sexual thoughts keep recurring in their minds. When such thoughts can no longer be controlled, nightfall happens.

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Busting Myths Related to Night Fall 

  • Excessive Masturbation Causes Nightfall – This is false and opposite to the actual cause. The low rate of masturbation and sexual activity causes nightfall.
  • Nightfall may Cause Erection Problems – Nightfall is a normal phenomenon and does not lead to any kind of problems related to erection, sperm count, etc.
  • It can Lead to Weakness: False again, nightfall has nothing to do with sexual fatigue. It has no such proven impacts on our bodies.

Symptoms of Nightfall 

  • Premature Ejaculation – If Nightfall happens at an early age, vaginal or penile ejaculation is bound to be premature. However, they are expelled anyway due to a lack of the body’s capacity to store in excess sexual emissions.
  • Muscle Cramps – Muscle cramps and soreness is a common phenomenon concerning sexual activity.
  • Weakness – If voluntary ejaculations and sexual pursuits can lead to weakness, the involuntary ones are sure to cause weakness as well. The best way to combat weakness is by sleeping and relaxing the body.
  • Mood Swings – Nightfall is quite embarrassing for most individuals and they hesitate to talk about it with anybody. This is not a good practice and can result in mood swings since the issue cannot be discussed or shared with others. The age-old conventional beliefs are responsible for this. Overcoming mood swings is possible only with the acceptance of one’s issues and taking appropriate measures.
  • Laziness – Muscle cramps and soreness direct to laziness and it should be overcome by working out and exercising.
  • Sleeplessness – People become conscious while sleeping. They fear the recurrence of nightfall and this leads to sleeplessness and insomnia.

5 Ways of Treating Night Fall 

  • Having a Balanced Diet – According to experts, having a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle can reduce the chances of nightfall.
  • Physical Activities – Intensive workout or even light exercises for regular intervals can lower the effects of nightfall. Yoga can help too.
  • Meditation – The benefits of meditation are known by all. Meditation can help cure several conditions, including nightfall, and calms the hormones. Even if the effects of meditation aren’t as long-lasting in the beginning, with daily sessions, the problem might even vanish.
  • Reading – Making oneself aware by reading books and informative articles is a good way of tackling the problem of nightfall.
  • Consulting a Professional – medical help is necessary even if the occurrence of nightfall isn’t bothering you much. Seeking guidance and discussing your problems with an expert is the first step towards treating them.

Apart from the aforementioned ways, you may also try out these homemade remedies to cure nightfall. 

  • Having onions
  • Avoiding beverages like tea and coffee
  • Gourd juice is a good option.
  • Consuming curd on a regular basis
  • Daily consumption of methi or fenugreek with honey
  • Using essential oils during a shower


It’s really important for the inherent stress and fear associated with nightfall to diminish. We’ve tried to ensure the same through this article that provides you with all the primary information you need, to deal with nightfall. Studies have shown that nightfall gets cured on its own with age, in most cases. 

Even if it doesn’t, it can be clinically treated and cured with time. Do you experience nightfall and are scared to talk about it? There’s no need to. You’re not alone and there are loads of other people who go through the same. It’s about time we start being vocal about sex and everything else that’s got to do with it. 

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