Women have been in the shadows since time immemorial. However, at a time when the world is going digital, having a digital presence has become more important than before. Every woman can benefit from a robust digital presence. It doesn’t matter which profession you belong to or what your career goals are. A digital presence allows women to have what they have been advocating for generations. It makes them seen, heard, and acknowledged.

Women have made incredible strides in every aspect of life. But, to build one’s personal brand, a digital presence is paramount. We are truly lucky to be experiencing a first-hand global revolution. Technology has become so ingrained in our daily lives, it is hard to imagine a day without smartphones. Therefore, it is essential to build your digital presence in a way that works for you best. If you are clueless about how to get started, here are some tips! 

What is Digital Presence?

First things first, what do we mean by a digital presence? In simple words, a digital presence is how your brand appears online. It is determined by several different components and is summed up as the impression you make online. A digital presence can be spread across many digital platforms, including social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or professional networking platforms like LinkedIn, or even a website and a blog. 

A brand’s digital presence consists of the content they put up online, the products and services they offer, their marketing strategy, and what customers are saying about them in the form of reviews or testimonials. If you are a freelancer who is struggling to establish her presence or a small-business owner eager to scale, a digital presence can be the boost you need. On that note, here are a few reasons why having a digital presence is crucial.

Why is it Important to Have A Digital Presence?

Digital Presence
Digital Presence

As we said, a digital presence gives one’s brand a platform to communicate with prospective customers and investors. It provides you the chance to claim your narrative, define how you want your brand to be, and also set yourself apart from the competition in the market. 

In 2022, customers look for brands with a strong digital presence. If there is hardly any digital blueprint of your brand online, customers won’t be interested. Therefore, one needs to think a few steps ahead and build an online reputation for themselves. If you are still not convinced, here are three ways in which having a digital presence can help you. 

1. Building a Reputation

If the digital presence definition sounds too technical, think in terms of having a reputation. A brand’s digital presence is like its status in many ways. Your online presence will be an incredible asset through which customers will not only be able to find you but be inspired to hire your services. 

A digital presence helps in creating a powerful first impression on clients. By sharing news updates about your company and through practical digital presence management, you will be able to keep your clients updated regarding what’s going on with your business. This helps in building a loyal customer base who will use your services and root for you. 

2. Seizing an Opportunity

We are existing at a time when everything is online. Irrespective of your digital standing, the majority of your customers are online. Studies have shown that the internet can be an effective tool for businesses. It broadens your reach, connects you to potential consumers, and helps you communicate with them on a global scale. Therefore, having a digital presence translates to garnering more attention and eventually generating more profit. 

3. Strengthens Credibility

Apart from connecting you to interested customers, having a digital presence also strengthens credibility. Once you are online, you will be responsible for the content you are publishing. This will help in making your brand accountable for the values it stands for. This is one of the things customers value the most.

Two Steps to Building A Digital Presence

Developing a digital footprint or presence is all about knowing and implementing the tricks. So, here are 2 must follow steps one must definitely apply to get a digital presence. 

Digital Presence
Digital Presence 

1. Make a Website

Creating a website is the first step of building an online presence. A website gives the viewers a clear overview of who you are and what you do. On your website, you can have details about your services, links to your social media accounts, testimonials from former clients, contact details, and so on. 

However, make sure that your website is professional-looking and functional. Small businesses can really benefit from following a responsive web design. You can also have fun and get creative with how you want to present your brand!

2. Update your Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts are the holy grail of forging a digital presence. One should be mindful about what they post on social media, especially if it is a public account. And, if you’re a freelancer or business owner, it only makes sense to have your account public. Promoting your brand on social media has become really easy. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have many tools that help creators make curated posts. 

At the end of the day, we are all influencers. Therefore, it is important to have a good reputation online if you want to scale your brand and attract new customers. The internet has a lot to offer and growing your online presence can be really simple. You just need to know what you are doing. 

Small businesses usually don’t have the budget to hire expert marketing firms, thus, they need to do the job themselves. This can be made simpler with a robust digital presence! 

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