Diaper Bag Essentials: What Do You Need?

If you are a new mom or a mom-to-be, you might want to be fully prepared when you want to take your baby out. Making a diaper bag might help you a lot. Start from making a diaper bag checklist. It is very important to take a whole bag full of supplies for your baby needs when you are away from home. Diaper bag essentials may help you from getting into any trouble. By preparing a diaper bag essentials checklist, you will never forget your babies’ necessities at home. 

A proper diaper bag checklist will remind you about all the things you want to take while going out with your little one. Your diaper bag is like your best friend who takes care of you and your baby’s needs. If you are confused about what is important to take with you and what’s not.

Think about all the things you use when you are taking care of your baby and leave the ones which are not necessary outside your home. Simultaneously, make a list of all the things you might need. Voila! Your diaper bag checklist is ready. There are a lot of things you might need when you are taking your baby outside. 

Here’s the checklist you might prefer

Below is the checklist of a diaper bag:


As the name ‘Diaper Bag’ suggests, Diapers are the most general and important thing you should put in your checklist. It might get problematic and cumbrous if your baby poops and you haven’t packed a few diapers in your diaper bag. It will get very stinky and unpleasant. So make sure you make diapers a priority in your diaper bag essential kit. 

Try these Pampers All-round Protection Pants from Amazon. Enriched with all aloe Vera extracts it keeps your baby dry without any irritation and rashes. 

Baby food

Babies are always hungry. Taking their food in a good amount is very important if you are going out for a long time. Consider adding some snacks and milk powder if they are infants and ensure you pack water bottles too. Consider the food amount according to how long you’re going out for. 

Extra clothes

It’s common for babies to throw up the food or vomit when they don’t like the food. It can get a little messy and you might want to change their clothes. So it is better if you pack a few clothes inside your diaper bag. 

Wipes and tissues

You might want to add wipes and tissues into your diaper bag. Wipes and tissues are used continuously even at your home for cleaning your babies’ mess. So why not outside? Make sure you put wipes and tissues into your diaper bag essential kit. We suggest you try these Little’s Soft Cleansing Baby Wipes with Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E which retains the moisture for a long time and remains soft which are safe for babies. 


Your baby gets hungry and grumpy while you are away from home. Add small bottles and pacifiers so that they can fit inside your bag and there is enough space for other diaper bag essentials too. Try these Philips Avent Anti Colic Bottle from Amazon. These can fit inside your diaper bag easily. It provides a secure latch and reduces any discomfort linked to feeding issues. 

Baby powder

Baby powders made to prevent any rash occurring from diapers. When you are outside you might need baby powder when you are changing your baby’s diaper so they do not develop any rash around the diaper area. Try this Himalaya Baby Powder which is affordable and keeps your baby away from infections and rashes due to wearing diapers. 

Little first aid kit for your little one

Your baby’s safety is the most essential thing for you. Packing a small first aid kit which includes bandages and ointments for any injury which is suitable for babies. We suggest you this SHAFIRE Portable Storage Box Medicine Box First Aid Kit which is small and cute, great for travelling with a baby and portable.


Babies get cranky all the time. Packing their all-time favorite toys which they like the most may act as an emergency essential when they get adamant and fussy.  

Try these WISHKEY Colorful Plastic Non-Toxic Set of 8 Teether and Rattle for New Borns and Infants which include teether and rattles (non-toxic), the vibrant colors are made to attract your little ones. 

Hand sanitizer

As we all know hand sanitizers are very substantial these days. Sanitizing your hands when you are feeding your baby, changing their diaper or even when you clean them, you may need sanitizer to sanitize your hands. Make sure sanitizer is in your diaper bag essential kit. 

Try Lifebuoy Alcohol-Based Germ Protection Hand Sanitizer, an alcohol-based sanitizer. Disinfects immediately, go-to protection for your hands. 


Protecting your baby from harmful UV rays of the sun is important. Make sure you have a suitable baby sunscreen with you. Apart from sunscreen, you might as well consider adding a hat or a blanket too. 

Mamaearth Mineral Based Sunscreen for Babies is a mineral-based sunscreen which deeply nourishes your baby’s skin and protects it from harmful UV rays. 


Babies spit their food out of the mouth and you don’t want your baby’s cute, new pair of clothes to get all dirty. You might need a bib outside the home. They can be useful in covering up their clothes and keeping them clean. 

My Newborn Baby Cotton Bibs keeps your baby cozy and provides great coverage.

Diaper Bag Essentials
Diaper Bag Essentials

How to Pack Diaper Bag?

  • Keep the number of essentials minimal as it will be harder for you to organize and carry it.
  • Get a big bag with lots of pockets for better organization.
  • Make pouches for different things and have different color code for them. Get your diaper bag checklist ready.
  • Make sure you place food in a safe place inside your diaper bag so you accidentally don’t spill the food.
  • Make sure you do not forget your essentials like wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses, sanitary napkins, a bottle of water. Put these in your diaper bag checklist too.
  • Make sure the grip of the bag is strong. Don’t purchase light grip bags as they may break and fall.

Try this diaper bag xcluma Baby Diaper Nappy Changing Baby Diaper Bag Mother Bag Mummy Bag Handbag from Amazon. They come in various sizes with cute prints on them. Comes in large storage capacity. 

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