Dating in Quarantine is way trickier than dating during normal conditions because you hardly get to have one-to-one conversations outside screens. People who found it hard to communicate when things were normal would either find it harder or if you’re an introvert, you might find it easier as well. 

People who connect more on virtual platforms than in real life are the kind of people who’ll benefit the most during this time. 

Dating during quarantine is tougher, but at the same time, more in demand. People are lonely and they don’t have much to do other than staring at their screens all day long. We crave conversations, actual meaningful conversations that give us hope. 

We also crave touch. The touch that we had taken for granted, among many other things, before the pandemic happened. It’s because of this emptiness that people are engaging more and more in online dating apps. 

Do the dating apps available at this moment contribute to dating during the pandemic? Have you been wondering about how you can make a good impression if you’re trying to impress someone for the first time? You don’t need to worry. 

We’re here with a basic overview of how quarantine dating looks like for the millennials and the gen-Z.

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Dating In Quarantine work for real?

Dating In Quarantine

Yes, for sure! Dating apps are the saviors when it comes to teens and young adults.  You’ve just got to follow some basic guidelines while going about these apps, the most popular ones being Bumble, Tinder, OkCupid, etc. 

You’ve just got to install them, make a profile and start exploring. If you don’t want to date, you can even make friends on apps like Bumble. It’s not just about dating at all times but it’s more about having someone to talk to. 

Even if it’s for a short period, you can have an unforgettable experience with someone, that gives you a lot of scopes to work on yourself and your ways of dealing with love and attraction. 

It has been seen that the quarantine has been the reason for a lot of breakups and divorces as well. Long-distance, for many relationships, has turned out to be a curse. However, it can be viewed otherwise as well. 

Instead of perceiving long distance as a hindrance to love, one may explore newer ways to express love. You can have online dates with your partner and engage in conversations that you’ve not had earlier and so on. There are so many ways to keep the spark alive if you truly want to and have faith in your love. 

Things to remember if you’re dating during quarantine 

These trying times demand love and compassion more than anything else and instead of moving apart, it’s up to us to come closer and reach out. Here are a few things that you should keep coming back to, whenever you feel that you’re not able to be in love. 

1. Don’t lose hope

Like most things, good or bad, the pandemic is going to come to an end too. Always remember that. You’ve just got to hold on. It’s difficult to cope with but there are a lot of things that you can work on in the time that you have now. 

You can reflect on yourself and your actions and try to be more tolerant and understanding towards your partner. You can work on reducing the drawbacks of your relationship, instead of losing hope and giving up. These connections are the only things that matter, even if we lose everything else. 

2. Changing habits 

Dating in quarantine is a great way to begin letting go of the problematic dating traits that you might’ve portrayed before. You could use social media to make a fresh start and end up talking to genuine, good people instead of engaging with the wrong kind of people that are usually around you. 

If you have a pattern and you can’t get out of it, this is the time to consciously attempt to improve your dating habits. You’ve got to set some boundaries that are not meant to be crossed by anyone. 

3. Communicate well 

Dating In Quarantine

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Since you’ll not be meeting your partner in real life if you’re dating during the pandemic, you’ve got to walk that extra mile to communicate well enough to avoid unnecessary fights and misunderstandings. If you’re not a text person, call your partner or use the video-calling feature of different apps and make conversations as clear as possible. 

Effective communication is the key to having a good relationship. Even while you’re starting, you should be very clear about what you’re looking for. There are a lot of features in apps to find out people who want to be involved in something good. 

State your likes and dislikes well enough for people to understand a side of you that they’ll be interested to know more. Always leave scope for conversations to begin. 

4. Don’t be too judgy 

It’s okay to be picky when it comes to choosing partners. However, dating in quarantine can be overwhelming and you could use a bit of kindness. If you feel that your vibe is not matching with someone, you can stop engaging but you don’t have to be rude to that person unless it’s something serious. 

Not just dating apps but almost all social networking apps have the provision of taking action against harassers. You should use those features if things go out of hand. You’ve got too much up to your sleeve already to deal with creeps. 

Dating In Quarantine

5. Go Slow 

It’s better to go slow and steady rather than regretting oversharing later. If you’re not used to online dating, you’re surely going to mess things up at times. However, the best way to go about it is to go with the flow and not overburdening your partner with facts that they’re not ready for. 

Don’t talk about too personal things in the beginning. Give things time and you’ll know when is the right time. You should always be on the same page as your partner, no matter how far you are from each other. This is the way to ace dating in quarantine. 

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