We still live in an age where we are scared for our safety. Cancelling plans, staying in, never going out late, and carrying jackets to cover-up have been normalized to an extent where women don’t think it’s weird anymore. If staying out late, be it even for work, makes you question how safe you are, why not invest in a self-defense keychain? Keychains may not seem as important, but keychains add a tinge of personalization to our keys when you think about it. There might be a million sets of keys, but with keychains, you can recognize yours without a second doubt. Keychains come in all forms, sizes, designs, and colors. You also get self-defense keychain sets in multiple colors to look aesthetically pleasing. 

The self-defense market is expanding, and so are the products. The style, colors, and number of self-defense products in a single keychain evolve every day. These keychains add a personal touch to your bunch of keys and make you feel secure enough to go out without ever feeling anxious about your safety again. Here are a few keychain ideas for you when choosing a keychain. 

Self-Defense Keychains

These self-defense keychains come in most colors and some of them even have a fuzzy covering that makes them look aesthetically pleasing. They add a personal touch to your keychains whilst making you feel safe about being out and about. Self-defense keychains have become one of the most popular keychains in today’s age, which is sad. But, when it comes to your safety leave no stones unturned. Be it carrying a pepper spray or a self-defense keychain, never take chances. 

Self-defense keychains also come in sets of various shades and textures. These sets usually consist of tasers, emergency alarms, a whistle to get help if someone hears you, lip balm holders, a door opener, and a sharp tool. These tools will help you get out of any sticky situation and make you feel safe enough to go out without feeling anxious. It’s a myth that these keychains don’t look pleasing, as manufacturers are coming up with exquisite colors and patterns for these keychains now and then. Investing in a good self-defense keychain is better than investing in a normal keychain you picked up from a store. So, invest in a good self-defense keychain and go out to that party you canceled, that solo trip you couldn’t take, and never feel anxious again. 

1. Personalized Keychain with Your Photos 

Staying away from home? Missing your close friends and family and feeling a tad bit lonely? Why not invest in a photo keychain. Photo keychains have become popular, especially for people who stay away from their loved ones and want to have a picture of their loved ones wherever they go. It is a constant reminder of the good times and the love of your close ones. You can personalize these keychains in any way you want and choose any pictures. A lot of online stores sell personalized photo keychains. And, for people who don’t want a photo of their family or friends, you can get anything on them, right from your favorite movie character to a picture of your friend’s group. These keychains are for everyone, irrespective of where you live. Photo keychains make your keychains way more personalized and make you feel like it belongs to only you. Maybe now you’ll never have to worry about losing keys!

2. Wallets As Keychains

Yes, you read that right. Be it going on a short walk or the store in the neighborhood, carrying a huge purse is not always ideal. Walking a dog while carrying a bag? Invest in a good keychain wallet right now, and we promise you’ll never go back to carrying purses around.  

Wallets As Keychains
Wallets As Keychains

Keychain wallet is a great way to store just a few things, just enough for a short walk around the neighborhood. And what’s best? You’ll never lose your key because a keychain wallet is easier to hold than any other keychain. Many brands are coming up with a keychain wallet as they’ve become one of the most in-demand accessories. Investing in a good keychain wallet means never having to worry about carrying a purse around with just a sanitizer and keys within it. They’re also the most practical keychains ever. 

3. Leather Self-Defense Keychain

If you want an edgy touch to your outfit, leather keychains are an amazing option. They accessorize your outfit and give you an edgy look. If you’re an animal lover and want to abstain from using leather, you can choose a leather keychain made completely from vegan leather. Many online websites provide you with customized leather keychains. You can also pair it up with your self-defense keychain if you want to personalize your keychain. If you’re looking for a keychain that’s practical, subtle, and makes you look cool, leather keychains are the way to go! 

You can find leather keychains in all sizes, shapes, and shades of brown, black, and grey. Choose to buy keychains and wallets made out of the same leather pattern to make your outfit look edgier and cooler. Keychains have become one of the most necessary accessories because of how practical they are. They’ve also gained attention because of their self-defense equipment and how you can customize everything and add a personal touch to the keychains, making them unique.