Turmeric, honey, gram flour, rose water? You might have come across various home remedies used in for beauty hacks like the above mentioned and many more, but this chemical compound i.e. baking soda, that would be kept at the back of your cupboard mainly taken out to add in cakes and muffins, has someplace in the beauty regime as well. Let’s enlighten you with those unexpected and thrilling facts you were oblivious to. 

Uses Of Baking Soda

Here are the some major benefits of baking soda in our day to day life:

1. For the much-hated, Acne 

Baking soda as a compound has a quality that exfoliates the skin, this mild exfoliant can come to aid to remove the dead skin present on the skin and in the cleaning of the skin pores. Having antibacterial nature, sodium bicarbonate can hinder the acne breakouts. 

2. For loving, glowing skin 

For all that a woman desires, glowing skin could top the list. In order to get glowing soft skin, baking soda mixed with squeezed orange juice could do wonders. As orange has vitamin C giving your skin a collagen magnification, baking soda shall exfoliate and remove the impurities giving you a glow. 

3. For a bright smile, white smile

Sprinkling the compound in your toothpaste, could do magic. Instead of using chemicals like fluorine, that might weaken your teeth, baking soda has a property of being a mild abrasive that bolster in removing stains, and help your teeth to become whiter than erstwhile. 

4. For tiny, mini hair

Getting your facial hairs threaded can be relatively painful, can’t it? Baking soda has another fascination. The solution of soda and boiling water helps dehydrate your hair follicles and weakens them, resulting in falling of the same. 

5. For volume, for thickness 

Who doesn’t want it? Those heavy high ponytails are wanted! Baking soda can help in gently cleaning your hair without any natural oils diminishing off, and removing away the chemicals shampoo has left on your scalp. It could also aid in the promotion of new hair and avoidance of hair fall. 

6. For sweaty days, and body odor 

Baking soda tagged along with a spoon with lemon juice could lend in help to absorb the excess sweat and moisture when your body releases water through perspiration, acting as a natural deodorant while it kills the bacteria. 

7. For afflicting burns 

For Burns, Combining Baking soda with water and getting a smooth, consistent paste could help in burned areas as it helps out in drawing heat from the affected area. This is because of the cooling effect it entails as it is in the process of drying up. 

8. For irritating mouth ulcers 

Apart from its’ role in the beauty world, baking soda has another magical power. Baking soda can help in neutralizing the ph level in the body, hence it could reduce the acidity in your mouth and decreasing the inflammation. Therefore providing a soothing effect to the ulcer and avoid it to get infected. 

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9. For tiny spots, moles

Baking soda can help in bleaching off the moles by combining it with some other ingredients that include hydrogen peroxide, Epsom salt, and vinegar that forms a caustic solution that encourages in the dehydration of moles in process of bleaching them. 

10. For a pedicure 

As been enlightened, baking soda is an exceptionally effective exfoliating agent that could help in softening the dead skin on your feet, hence making it easier to get away with. Thereby, giving soft and smooth feet in no time. 

11. For Nails, and the trouble they carry

As said by many dermatologists, nails can be considered as the most poisonous part of our body. The nail fungus could be get ridden of, with vinegar and baking soda, as the former could help in killing the fungus and the latter shall prevent it from regrowing and forming again. 

12. For blackheads

Blackheads can be quite painful if removed manually through those scary tiny instruments they fright us with. But baking soda can be a savior! By gently scrubbing away the dead skin cells, through its property of exfoliation it can remove the blackheads as easily possible. 

13. For pinker, softer lips 

In order to get your lips pink and softer in this chilly weather, by combining it with honey, you’ll be able to get rid of dead skin cells and have them moisturized. And get the natural color you had! 

14. For itching dandruff 

It’s all the work of its exfoliating quality! You can massage it into your wet scalp, not does it only remove away the dead skin but also helps in unclogging the hair follicles that usually lead to dandruff. 

15. For unwanted bad breaths 

By swishing like a mouthwash that is a mixture of water, sea salt, and peppermint essential oil and then spit it out! 

16. For fading the tan 

Remember, the days when the sun never came out but your skin did come out to be tanned? Create a paste of the compound and remove that splotchy tan. 

17. For simpler shave 

Shaving can be quite a time-consuming task, you can create a paste and apply it before you shave, to the area you’ll be shaving off. Let it stay for some 15 minutes while massaging it, as it shall loosen the hair follicles making hair easily removable. 

18. For soothing sunburn 

To soothe the sunburn, mix the soda with water and soak it in a wet cloth and leave the cloth on the sunburn for a while and there you go! 

19. For shrinking of pores 

Pores, if exposed can acquire dirt and make your skin impure. Baking soda can help in cleaning of the face as well as shrink the pores. 

20. For disappearing wrinkles 

Who wants wrinkles? Who wishes to ages anyway! Baking soda can lend an aid in reducing the appearance of the same. It can help in tightening the skin and making it firm while smoothing out the wrinkles! 

Uses Of Baking Soda
Uses Of Baking Soda

So, baking soda can be witnessed of having the property of exfoliation as well as versatility. Being available and accessible, this product can be used in almost all reigns of beautification. So go on! Try it out! 

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