Have you ever received a compliment that seemed to be more of an compliments that are insulting? These types of compliments are common between best friends but having these from other people can be embarrassing and offending. These compliments are known as backhand compliments and you most probably got one of these from your colleagues that you don’t like or even your sarcastic friends. If you want to master the backhand compliments or compliments that seem to be insulting, let’s see what they are and some of the worst compliments you can give to someone. Read on to find out more about it! 

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What Are Some Compliments That Are Insulting That You Should Avoid? 

Believe it or not, many women encounter these backhand or worst compliments daily but choose to accept them anyway. When you do not like a compliment, you should always let the person know that you simply don’t like it because you find it offensive. Sometimes a remark sounds pretty pleasant but the context behind it can be brutal and offensive. We all love compliments but there is always an exception to this rule. You shouldn’t let someone give you a backhanded compliment just because you don’t simply like it even if the person does not know that. 

It’s sarcastic when someone who never gives a compliment gives one and means something else. It simply means they are loathing on you. Know that compliments are meant to make you feel good and boost your self-esteem but some people can miss this mark and get on your nerves. We know, it’s pretty annoying. Bringing in sarcasm and sweetness in a single phrase to form a compliment can become a slap on a person you hate the most. Giving out a backhanded compliment seems pretty cool but having one is extremely disturbing. 

Compliments That Are Insulting

Here are some compliments that seem pretty sweet but are bittersweet:

1. This Hairstyle Makes you Look Younger

Admit it, no one likes to hear opinions about their age. While this compliment sounds pretty sweet, they might be implying that you looked uglier before you got this hairstyle done. 

Compliments That Are Insulting
Compliments That Are Insulting

No, we are not getting dramatic here. You may or may not like this comment or compliment but it may imply that they did find you unpleasant before. 

2. You are not Like Other Girls, You are Better

This strongly sounds sexist and yes it is. A girl who stands up for other girls wouldn’t like this compliment. Every person is different and unique in their way and giving out this compliment can be very sexist. Being hateful of girls can be an ultimate red flag so it is the worst compliment you can give to a girl on your date. 

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3. You’re Amazing, How are you Still Single?

You do not owe anyone to explain to them why you are still single, it is none of their business. Your relationship status isn’t someone’s inquiry point, you are free to tell them but if you don’t, it’s not an obligation. This simply means they are suggesting that there must be a flaw that you do not show to the world. This remark can be bitter to some people. So, it’s better to skip on this question and be a decent human being. 

4. You Look retty When you Smile, you Should Smile More

Compliments That Are Insulting
Compliments That Are Insulting

Girls receive this compliment a lot, or umm more of an unnecessary remark. You aren’t supposed to smile to make yourself appealing to someone. If they don’t like the way you look (even when you are not smiling), they won’t be passing on this obnoxious compliment. It depends on you if you want to smile or not, you don’t smile unless you want to. No one is authorized to tell you how pretty you look after you put on a smile. You do you, boo! 

5. You Look so Pretty on your Instagram

Yes, I know Karen because I am pretty. Does that mean I don’t look pretty IRL? As horrible as this sounds, comparing a picture with your IRL appearance is not okay. People just can’t be ruder than this by implying they look amazing on their Instagram. Just slap them with “yes because I am pretty IRL” and watch for their reaction. 

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6. You Really Love Eating, Look at All that Food

Another common compliment that most likely a woman will get is about their eating habits. It’s such a huge misconception that women tend to eat less than men. Whether they are complimenting your metabolism to be so fast or you being a foodie, commenting on someone’s food quantity or eating habits is not decent at all. It may take a toll on someone’s mental health. So, think about it before you even think of speaking it out to someone. 

Compliments That Are Insulting
Compliments That Are Insulting

7. You Look Thinner in this Dress

This might sound like a compliment but it is not. This simply means that the person thinks being skinnier means looking pretty. They might be commenting on your body shape. You might take this comment as positive or negative. You should let them know why you don’t like this comment and how they should stop giving out this compliment to you from now on. 

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8. You’re Handling the Kids so well, I’m Impressed

Telling your spouse that you like how they are handling your kids so well might seem like you didn’t expect them to manage it at all. It might sound like a sweet compliment. It is most often not a compliment but a comment on how they didn’t think you could handle the kids on your own. These were some of the most horrible compliments that you may get that are not so sweet. 

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