“Surround Yourself with people who build you up rather than knock you down”. Friendships are what makes our life much happier and cool. Friends are what keep the child alive inside you. If your friendship is like that, you might be having the best time of your life but sometimes we make certain friends who are not at all the worth of our time and effort. The toxicity and audacity of making you feel ashamed in so many ways that can boil your blood and it’s always a good idea to leave behind those friends to have a better life and keep yourself away from all the negativity. 

You may take a while understanding if your friend is ‘toxic’ but you’ll definitely get at some point of time. So, what are the signs your friend doesn’t respect you? There can be many and it is important to analyze them as soon as possible. Read on to know some signs your friend doesn’t respect you! 

How Can You Know My Friend Doesn’t Respect You? 

Even if your friendship has existed for a long time, people can change and they can lose respect for you. Do you ever get a feeling your friend doesn’t actually like you? Or you are not really important to them? There can be many behavioral and attitude changes that can determine if your friend has lost respect for you. Just like love relationships, friendships also work two ways. It’s very crucial to check your inner circle to know if they are actually worth your time and admiration. 

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If you do not sense mutual respect with your friend, it’s time looking for the signs your friend doesn’t respect you. Here some signs you need to know which can help you in future too:

1. They are Jealous of you 

Jealousy is toxic and can ruin some amazing relationships. Jealousy is the most obvious and common sign your friend doesn’t respect you. Selfish behavior and not being happy of your achievements, whatever it may be, can be a huge sign they are not someone who respects you.

Leave The Toxicity Behind
Leave The Toxicity Behind

They want to overpower you and don’t want you to go ahead of them. This can be very toxic. Yes, it’s a natural feeling of being a little envious of others success but disrespecting can make it worse. So, be careful of that! 

2. They Humiliate you While Trying to be Cool  

This has happened to all of us whether it was high school or even college, we’ve all had that one wannabe cool friend who would say anything to make themselves look cooler in front of others. This is absolutely a toxic trait and that friend should be removed from your life as soon as possible.

They humiliate you while trying to be cool 
They humiliate you while trying to be cool  

Humor and insults are very common between friends but disrespect is some other thing. Know the difference! If their insults in the name of jokes hurt you and you don’t feel they are funny at all! It’s time to confront it. It can be a great sign your friend doesn’t respect you at all. 

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3. Not Encouraging at All 

If your friend doesn’t make you go all for your goals and aspirations and stop you from going after them, it’s time to leave them behind. A good friend who respects you and what you do would never discourage you from doing what you do because they may be the only one you can open up to and express your desires too. If they are a good friend they will push you to be better in life and back you up whenever you need them. If they do not do that and keep on pulling you back, it’s a sign your friend doesn’t respect you. 

4. Talks Behind your Back 

Well, a person who talks behind your back isn’t a true friend. Right? You need to question them if you get to know they talk things behind your back which shouldn’t be said.

Talks behind your back
Talks behind your back 

Your friend should be someone who has your back in the first place, so it’s pretty simple if they talk behind your back, they don’t respect you and the friendship. It may hurt a lot to see a friend talking behind your back but it’s better to know as soon as possible, it helps you get rid of toxicity and bad vibes. 

5. They Never Apologize for Doing Something Wrong 

Confronting your friend after they’ve made you feel bad and hurt and they don’t even say sorry? That’s truly obnoxious! A good friend is someone who accepts what they have done wrong and makes you feel better.

They never apologize
They never apologize

But, if they don’t even bother to say ‘sorry’, maybe they don’t respect you at all. If they simply assume they don’t need to apologize to you, it’s extremely disrespectful. Consider a question, would they like it if you did the same? Probably not! It’s one of the huge signs your friend doesn’t respect you. 

6. They Can’t Keep the Promises to you 

We have friends for what? Keeping promises! We all have been hurt by someone who’s made huge promises but ended up making you disappointed, especially your friends.

They can’t keep the promises to you
They can’t keep the promises to you 

It feels miserable being betrayed by your own friend who you trust the most in the world. If you realize that your friend constantly breaks promises and isn’t very bothered about it, it’s one of the clear signs your friend doesn’t respect you! 

7. They Only Call you When They Need you 

Selfishness is in everyone but a friend who only keeps in touch with you when they need a favor from you or your help can be a huge sign they disrespect you. it’s good to ask friends’ favor but suppose they ask favors and you fulfil them but they don’t even pick the call when you need their help? How would you feel? Well, very bad. It’s a great sign your friend doesn’t respect you. 

This was all about that toxic friend you need to eliminate from your life if you have one. Friendships are important but make sure you are aware of your self-esteem.

Do not let anyone put you down! 

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