Heya mommies!!! Tired of sleepless nights? Aww.. new parents do face sleep issues while co-sleeping with their baby. During sleep, you must be worried that they are so tiny miny that you might hurt them, or is it something different? Does your baby wake you up in the middle of sleep at the wee hours because your baby is out of sleep?

Well then, you must be here to find answers to why do babies get up in the middle of the night (baby sleep mistakes), or do babies get up in the middle of the night?

And ultimately how to make your baby sleep the whole night. But know what? This is something you can fix. Do not dare blame your tot for your loss of sleep. There are some baby sleep mistakes that new parents make which give the baby broken sleep. This is why we are here with 9 baby sleep mistakes that new parents make and ways to fix them. 

Baby Sleep Mistakes
Baby Sleep Mistakes

Baby Sleep Mistakes New Parents Make And Ways To Fix Them

Chances are there that you are unknowingly sabotaging your kid’s sleep. To find out, go through the below mentioned common mistakes that you may be doing.

Baby Sleep Mistakes
Baby Sleep Mistakes

1. Too much stimulation

Do you guys always keep on talking loudly to each other? Is your television an always running member of the family? Do you frequently take your kid to the public, populated or overcrowded places? If you keep your baby’s environment a bit too loud, then you need to slow down. Being in an overly excited zone, your kid may become overstimulated, which will adversely affect his/her sleep behavior.

Why do babies get up in the middle of the night is not what you should worry upon but you should ask ourselves why do you not give your baby a calm and silent place to fall asleep. To make your baby sleep the whole night, let them enjoy a tranquil environment.

2. Not Swaddling properly

Parents usually complain that their kids hate that swaddle but let us make it clear to you that this is not what your kids want to convey. They want to tell you to go and learn the proper way to swaddle so that you can make your baby sleep the whole night. You should give your baby a tight and firm swaddle.

Doing so will make your baby have a sound sleep, without clothes coming out of here and there because of being loose. Parents usually feel frightened to cover them tight but there is nothing to worry about.

3. Not feeding enough during the day

This is one of the baby sleep mistakes that new parents make. It is hard to identify if your baby’s tummy is happy or hungry. But try to recognize the signs that they give to show that they are hungry. Or else, you should maintain a routine with frequent baby meals to keep them full. Staying undernourished will hamper your kid’s sleep as well as yours.

Baby Sleep Mistakes
Baby Sleep Mistakes

4. Lack of nap during the day

It is very important to frequently let your kid take a nap. You should try to identify the sleep cues so that you let them sleep whenever they are tired. If you miss the sleep cues and keep your baby tired without sleep for a longer time, then your kid’s body will release anti sleep hormones that interfere with their sleep.

5. Not introducing a sleep routine

It is never too early to make your kid habituate to a sleep schedule. It is always better to go to sleep at the same hour you went last night. In this way, your kid will start to adopt the sleep practice and you will suffer less with making them lay silent in the bed.

6. Bedtime is too late mommy

12 a.m. is not the bedtime you should make your kid suffer with. They are tots and you need to understand the difference. Change your bedtime. Babies feel sleepy early. Let them sleep peacefully as soon as they want. Many parents fear that they might wake up early if they sleep at 8 or 9, but this is not true. Anyways babies wake up early in the morning.

7. Not sleeping baby on a firm & flat surface

Can you yourself sleep over the hills and spikes? No right? In the same way, if you make your baby sleep with a messed surface under them then definitely they will break sleep in between. Let them stay in a comfy bed. Your kid will have a sound sleep if you make them sleep on a firm and flat surface. 

8. Not using a sound machine

If you can sing smoothly then sing them a lullaby. They will enjoy and fall asleep very quickly. If you feel you are bad at this then get a sound machine and play them. Your baby will smoothly go to sleep.

Baby Sleep Mistakes
Baby Sleep Mistakes

9. Not allowing babies to cycle through sleep states

Baby sleep cycles are very different from the one that you have. It usually takes 20 mins for any baby to go to deep sleep. That deep sleep stays for about 25-30 mins. After that, they get some light sleep and again sweep back to deep sleep. This continues till morning. They might make sounds or even cry but that doesn’t mean they are waking up. 

Since it is the end, can you now retaliate to ‘Do babies complete sleep in fewer hours than grown-ups?’. I hope you nod a yes! Also, pay heed to the common mistakes and help your baby sleep the whole night.

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