Don’t we all want smooth, shining, long, dandruff free coconut oil for your hair ? But what do we get? Hairfall, lots of dandruff, frizzy and dry hair. Well, it’s partly because of the chemical-made shampoos and conditioners we use and partly because of how ignorant we are to what our hair needs. There are a lot of products and brands out in the market claiming to make your hair dandruff free, smooth, or reduce hair fall, but let’s be honest how much does it work? 

99 out of 100 hair products out there use chemicals and toxins which more than benefit your hair, damage it. Although we can’t stop using shampoos and conditioners, we most certainly can use some extra products (home-made) to reduce the chances of damage to our hair and help them grow healthily. And one such product that benefits our hair in numerous ways is coconut oil.

What Is The Perfect Coconut Oil For Your Hair ?

Coconut oil is like that all-rounder child, that knows everything and is best at everything. It is used in cooking, it is used on the skin to moisturize it, deep cleanse it, remove dirt, etc., and most importantly, it’s used for your hair. Coconut oil benefits our hair in more ways than one can count, and in this article today we’ll be talking about how you can use coconut oil for your hair to make it healthier, shinier, and better than before. 

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Your Hair

Here are some of the major benefits of coconut oil for your hair:

Use coconut oil before shampoo

Coconut Oil for Your Hair
Coconut Oil for Your Hair

If you don’t want to put in extra effort, then the best way to use coconut oil is as it is. Suppose you have to wash your hair on Friday, then what you can do is, pour out a little amount of coconut oil in a bowl, slightly heat it and then massage the oil on your scalp for 7-10 minutes for maximum benefits. After you are done, tie your hair in a bun and leave it overnight. Wash your hair the next day with your normal shampoo and see the difference.

Coconut oil as hair mask

  • Coconut oil and honey for soft and silky hair

One of the easiest hair masks that you can make at home is the Coconut oil and honey hair mask. You only need two ingredients and 5 minutes of your time.

  1. Take a bowl and pour coconut oil and honey in equal amounts and heat it on a stove for 5-10 mins, until you start seeing bubbles.
  2. Let it cool, and then apply it on your scalp and hair with your fingers.
  3. Keep it for 30 minutes and then wash it off with chemical-free shampoo and conditioner.
  • Coconut oil and Vitamin E for frizz-free hair

All you need for this hair mask is two capsules of Vitamin-E or Evion as it’s called and some coconut oil. This is another easy and no time -consuming hair mask that you can use to say bye-bye to frizzy hair.

  1. Take a bowl and pour some coconut oil into it, now cut the Vitamin-E capsules and add them to the bowl and mix it.
  2. Heat this mixture for 5-10 minutes, until it becomes thick, and then turn off the stove.
  3. Let it cool and then apply it on the dry ends and scalp.
  4. Leave it for 30-40 minutes and then wash it off.
  5. The result you’ll see will be shocking.
  • Aloe Vera and coconut oil hair mask
Coconut Oil for Your Hair
Coconut Oil for Your Hair

Just like coconut oil, aloe Vera is also known for its many benefits and it should come as no surprise to you that aloe Vera and coconut oil together make a great team. If you have a dry and itchy scalp then using aloe Vera and a coconut hair mask will provide you with great relief.

  1. Take a bowl and slice in it some fresh aloe Vera pulp (you can also use aloe Vera gel) and then add some coconut oil to it.
  2. Mix it properly and then apply it to your scalp
  3. Let it stay for 25-30 minutes.
  4. Wash it off with a chemical-free shampoo and you are good to go.

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Camphor and coconut oil for lice and dandruff

Are you irritated and frustrated by dandruff in your hair but can’t find a shampoo that fulfills its promise? Or did the rigid lice make a home in your hair and now are continuously growing? Don’t worry coconut oil and camphor is here to save you. Camphor contains anti-parasitic properties which help in fighting lice and reduces dandruff to great extent.

  1. Take a pan and add some coconut oil and two camphor in it.
  2. Heat on the stove until the camphor completely dissolves and you see bubbles forming, turn off the gas and let it cool down.
  3. Apply it on your scalp and massage gently.
  4. Tie your hair in a bun and cover it with a shower cap and let it stay for 30 minutes, then wash it off with cold water.
  5. You’ll be surprised and pleased to see the results.

Coconut oil and onion extract for hair fall

Onion helps in controlling hair fall and reduces whitening of hair and when mixed with coconut oil works marvelously.

Coconut Oil for Your Hair
Coconut Oil for Your Hair

You can use either onion oil from markets (make sure it’s chemical-free) or take out raw onion extract at home and use it. For maximum benefits, it’s advisable to use the raw onion extract, you can easily make it at home by blending an onion in a blender and then squeezing the blended onions to take out its extract.

  1. In a bowl take some onion extract and add coconut oil, mix it well and then apply it on your scalp and leave it for at least an hour.
  2. Wash it off with a chemical-free shampoo and avoid using conditioner the same day for better results.

There are many other benefits of using coconut oil too but when talking about hair, these are the most trusted and convenient ways you can use coconut oil for your hair and make it healthier and stronger than before.

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