Valentine’s day can be a lot of work, especially for single people. It’s stressful and unkind for those who think about spending this day with their valentine and end up being alone. The thought of ‘my bloody valentine’ can now take some rest because we have got your back. 

How does it matter if you have to spend Valentine’s Day by your self? Next time, make yourself a priority before asking someone this question ‘will you be my valentine?’. Stop reading that valentines day quote that says, ‘His and mine are made in the same way, whatever souls are made of’. You do not deserve to be sad on such a beautiful day! Or ever! For that matter. 

Why people aren’t thrilled on Valentine’s Day

We are not living in a rom-com where everything is perfect. There will be times when you don’t get the happy ending you so desperately desire, and it’s okay! You’ve got yourself! Treat yourself the way you would treat someone else, and notice a difference. 

1. The constant reminder of being single

On most other days, you may recognize that you are far more than a relationship and that being single is preferable to being in a toxic one. On this particular day, though, the social pressure can be tremendous, and Valentine’s day is akin to society making a political statement about single people.

2. A note that you are in a committed relationship

On the other hand, you might not enjoy your existing relationship. You may be able to avoid the other person for the majority of the year (e.g., “Honey, I’ll be out for a few weeks,” or “We have common interests in that we both despise each other,”), but it’s more difficult on Valentine’s Day. Observing other couples who appear to be happier in real life or on TV can put additional pressure if one of those couples includes your significant other.

3. Taking things to another level

Valentine’s day may be a signal to take your relationship to the next level, based on where you are, but you and your companion may not be on a relatively similar page or even in the same book, which can be nerve-wracking. This could include trying to conceive a child, redecorating the kitchen, receiving a marriage proposal, having your first sex, kissing for the first time, or learning your significant other’s nickname.

4. Shortage of finances

For the reasons listed, Valentine’s Day can be costly. Money may not be able to purchase love, but it appears that it can rent it. For some, such expenditure might add to their financial stress.

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5. Getting a gift

It is indeed the thought that counts. Consider something and see if it qualifies as a gift. If that were the case, philosophy majors would be in high demand. Buying the correct present might be stressful unless you know your significant other and have a common understanding.

Ways to Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day

So rather than going through these things, why not give oneself up to pleasure and have a good time? 

1. Book something relaxing for yourself

It doesn’t matter if it’s Valentine’s Day or not; you should always get a chance to relax and push that stress into the drains. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do; it can be either a massage, a hair spa, a manicure, or a pedicure appointment. It would be best to do what makes you feel good about yourself and doesn’t make you regret the day you’ve spent.

2. Get reading the book you always wanted

Start reading the book you always wanted to read, but you could never find time to do so. If you’re done with all the books in your library, get yourself a new one. Indulge yourself in the beauty of fiction, and dwell on the carefully assembled traits of your characters. Imagine yourself as the protagonist of the beautiful story that you’re reading. Remind yourself that dwelling on this beautiful book was a great choice and how beautiful words can be.

3. Draw yourself a bath

Leave all the worries you have in the past. Draw yourself a beautiful bath with bath salts and essential oils. Light a few scented candles and dim the lights. Put on some light music and get something to read. Now imagine the scent of lavender coming out of the candles and surrounding you. Nothing can be more relaxing than a beautifully drawn bath. You would be able to see how relaxed you will be and how calm and composed it could make you. Thank us later!

4. Write yourself a letter

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have someone to write you a letter. You can write one for yourself as well. Imagine writing about who you are as a person and who you wish to be in the future. Write about all that you’ve achieved today and all that you’re willing to achieve in the future. Write about all the things you have fulfilled from your bucket list and all the new items you have added to it. 

Write about your recent breakup and how you wish that you had never done that to yourself. Write about all the things that you want your future self to know. Since it is a letter from you to you, keep it somewhere safe and open it after a few years. Compare your progress to what it was the day you wrote that letter. You would be surprised to know how much you have changed in the past years.

5. Start a journal

Writing something in a journal can be a task for some people who have never written in the past. But let us remind you that it can be one of the most beautiful things you have done. Keeping a journal keeps those memories safe. It reminds you of all the times you’ve been hurt, happy, or wished that something didn’t happen. It is proof of your existence and how you have changed as a person. It’s a great experience, as it builds up a habit of writing which will, in turn, prove beneficial in the future.

6. Spread the love

You should not make others feel the way you feel on this day. Make it a point to get in touch with those you haven’t been in touch with and experience how happy it makes them. Whether you have lost touch with your parents or your grandparents, or even friends, calling them up on this day would remind them that they are loved and cared about. And since we are strong believers of karma, the chances are that you would get this love back someday.

We know that spending Valentine’s Day without a valentine can be stressful. But that doesn’t mean that it always has to be this way. Make use of the ways we have acquainted you all with and make this Valentine’s Day the day of your lifetime. Love yourself more than anybody could ever love themselves. Make yourself a priority this year, and you will notice a difference. So this time, get yourself, ladies!

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