Can Fathers Be A Good Parent Just Like Mothers

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can father be a good parent
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Ever thought why your father’s parenting pattern is much different than your mother’s? Can father be a good parent?

Ever thought why she is more sensitive, and he is more strict? 

The reason behind all of this lies in the societal structure around us. Parenting is something extremely qualitative and a face-off is never possible letting alone the very idea of who is better! As we are their offsprings, both of them try to inculcate something good in us, something that they want us to keep with ourselves for life. But where lies the difference in how they choose to do it? Whether they want to conceal their feelings or reveal them out? So, in order to answer all such things we have lingering in our minds. Let’s take a quick look at the comparison between parental behavior exhibition by the two.


Parenting is handled by fathers in a much different way than it’s done by mothers. Fathers generally seem to be ignorant about the minute details like the outfit that the children dress in, how they conduct, what they like the best for eating, etc. While this is just one side of the coin, when we look at the other one, it’s dads who make their child extremely confident by adopting a playful as well as challenging attitude with them. It is not imperative that every single house may be having the same kind of parenting attitudes.

But this is what has been seen generally. It speaks volumes about how men and women observe things. While women are extremely conscious of every bit of detail, and even then they work on five different things at a time in their mind; men are the ones who show their domination in the familial structure. They tend to do so-called masculine things for the child, like bringing something from the shop, making the child build up his confidence level, etc. Women want to view parenting from a much more magnified lens while for men it is about the macrocosmic concept of life, hence they care about the larger issues that the child needs attention on. 


Fathers and mothers inculcate exactly the same values in their kids as to how they were raised. In general, if we take a look at the society around, fathers are taught to be extremely competitive, bold, masculine while mothers are taught to be recessive, caring, and safety-conscious. So, when we look at what they try to nurture in their child, it is exactly what they have been nurtured with. The ones who have been raised only by their mothers are the ones who try to find equal sharing and caring in every relationship.

Whereas the ones who have brought up by a single father are the ones who behave extremely dominating and exhibit leadership qualities more. But according to researchers, it is not good for a child to incline towards either side of the boat that is equity or competition, as the excess of anything always seems to prove extremely harmful in the long run. Hence, a child should have both these qualities in order to be what the world actually needs! 


If we take a far off view at both our parents, both of them are capable of being strict and stern to the extent where a child can get shuddered. But what about the close view? In the close view, we find most of the times, that mothers are really conscious of their kids being safe and happy. This is something for which at times mothers are called as pamperers too! In such cases, fathers have to take up the tougher task of being rude and stringent.

Also, when the child attains puberty and is in his/her teenage, this circumstance seems to prevail much more. Whenever the situation turns ugly between father and son or just in son’s life, the father wants to correct it up by letting the child face the worst and then come back while what mothers do is they try to save the child of father’s anger! Conclusively, what is imperative for the child is to have a good balance between strictness and softness, an overdose of either of them can make things get ugly. 

can father be a good parent


Of course, all the parents love their children equally. But when we see things visible to us, it is a little different, the father seems to show his care and love to the least while the mothers shower it all away on the children. The reason to this can be many ranging from the active parenting participation women do to up bring the children (to) the 9 months pregnancy period a child is within the womb for! This is the reason why it’s almost impossible for moms to have work-life and office life going on parallel.

This equation can also be understood with the help of another example- Whenever dads communicate, all they do is ask some brief questions to receive your answers, and that is it. But when we look at mothers, they tend to talk of every single detail! 

So these are some of the basic differences we can find in the parenting styles of both him and her but Yes, a father can be a good parent as well. For more such articles, stay tuned to us. 

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