It takes a man and a woman to bring life into this world. Just donating the sperm doesn’t end the responsibility of the father. It is not just the wife who’s pregnant but the couple is pregnant. Even though it is the mother who carries the child within her for nine months but there are some crucial roles of the fathers too during pregnancy. It is important to make the husbands realize that they too have some responsibilities to make sure the pregnancy goes smooth. It is the right time to prepare a man for fatherhood in the special chapter of life that is pregnancy. Most dads may feel alienated about what and how they can help to make their wife’s pregnancy easy. Here are some essential points to consider for the father at the time of pregnancy:

  • Educate yourself– As soon the pregnancy is discovered it is not just the duty of the wife to read a bundle of books over pregnancy and handle everything on her own. A husband too should read and educate himself on what all her wife is going through during each month of pregnancy. What is essential to eat and what all is unhealthy. Keep a record of medical check-ups and know at each time what is important for your spouse and your baby, which shows fatherhood quality.
  • Keep a check on her eating habit– Nutritious diet is very crucial for the mother and also for the baby inside. Some time due to sickness and mood swings a mother doesn’t wish to eat anything at all but it is the duty of a husband to make sure his wife eats healthily. He should take care of her food cravings and healthy eating. Ask her what she wants to eat and keep eateries update so that the wife doesn’t have to rush to the market to buy stuff.
  • Be with her when she feels sick– Morning sickness, fatigue, and heartburn are a part and parcel of pregnancy. A woman feels a lot better knowing someone is there to take care of her. Be with her when she is not feeling good. A husband should keep himself calm when his wife flips out due to mood swings. He should be understanding in such situations and should support her with his words like ‘I know it is tough but I am there for you and everything will be fine.’
  • Be with her during doctor visits– Not just to support your wife but a husband should be there to stay updated about his wife’s health and should know what the doctor is updating each time. Most importantly, share the small experiences with your wife. You don’t want to miss hearing the first heartbeats of your child inside or a beautiful sonogram video or anything related to your baby that you and your wife have created.
  • Encourage and support your wife– Pregnancy is full of ups and downs where an expecting mother cannot predict how her body is going to respond the following day. At that time having an encouraging spouse means a lot to a woman. Your wife will feel depressed sometimes due to mood swings or her changing body and face. Be there for her to tell her that she is beautiful and you will love her no matter what.
  • Participate in her duties– She will be at home for a while, so at that time you should help her in taking care of the house so she gets time to relax. Participate in grocery shopping, baby shopping and also take care of her needs. Make sure your wife gets enough rest and keeps herself calm.
  • Be flexible- There are going to be times when you have to be at work at the same time when your wife needs you the most. Be flexible and spend with her when she needs you. Schedule work and make time for movies, dates, and drives with her so she feels good. Never be ashamed of going in public with your pregnant wife. Be proud of her and the child you two are going to have and giving you the opportunity of fatherhood.
  • Prepare for delivery– Preparing for the big day is what you do not want to miss for the world. Help your wife pack her maternity bag, make bookings at the hospital and always be around when you know the baby may call anytime. Take care and have all the resources ready for your wife and your baby.
  • Make her feel special– You two are going to become parents. A blessing that not many people are blessed with. Enjoy it and make your wife feel special about it. Tell her you are proud of her and thank her for having your child and giving you the best ever feeling of fatherhood.
  • Enjoy yourself– Let your emotions flow out for your wife and your baby. Feel every moment of pregnancy and make it memorable for yourself and your wife. Live each moment together because these would be the memories to cherish your entire life.

As soon as your wife gets pregnant you have begun your journey to fatherhood. The baby isn’t hers’ alone so you should be there for her at all times during pregnancy. She needs you and as a father, it is your responsibility to support and be there for your wife.

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