“Losing your defined jawline can be quite irritating.” After reading the above line, you must have checked your chin area using your front camera. Lol! And by chance, if you realized that you too have it, stop there- you don’t need to waste your time googling ‘how to get rid of a double chin’. In this article, you can imbibe every piece of information about a double chin! 

Without any doubt, a double chin is a confidence knocker, therefore you should find some effective and meaningful methods to tackle it. What if 2020 is going to be a year when people will start concentrating more on jawline!! Scary, right? First, let’s know the reason for your double chin!! 

What Causes a Double Chin? 

Most of you may say that a double chin is a reason for being overweight. However, a normal person with a healthy weight may also have a double chin. So, what exactly are the reasons? Everyone has a different fat distribution that is determined on a genetic basis as well as during the development in puberty. In a few people, one of these fat pads settles under the chin. Some people also have a tiny jaw bone and chin, due to which the fat under the chin does not get much support and that is why it starts appearing as a double chin.

A double chin is also considered as an indication of a weak platysma muscle (neck muscle). This muscle covers around the neck to the lower face as well as it ages quicker than any other facial muscle. Many doctors even say that changes in the skin, muscles as well as bad posture are also some reasons for a double chin. 

Facial Exercises For Double Chin

Facial exercises strengthen your platysma muscle!! Facial exercises are absolutely free and hence there is zero harm to giving them a try. Here are a few easy facial exercises that will help you to say goodbye to your double chin- 

1. Pull Your Tongue 

Pull Your Tongue
Pull Your Tongue 

Only pulling your tongue won’t work, you have to pull it as much as you can. Just open the mouth & stick out the tongue to a limit until it starts feeling that the muscles in the chin & neck are tightened. Keep it for 10 seconds & release. 

2. Lie Down and Lift the Head 

  • You have to lie down with the head hanging off the bed.
  • Now steadily lift & curl your head towards the chest, remember, you should keep the shoulders flat
  • Do this for 10 seconds.
  • Sit up between every rep to avoid dizziness.

3. Clockwise & Anticlockwise 

  • Start by slowly bending the head to any one side
  • Then slowly turn the head to the other side- you have to make a complete circular rotation.
  • Change the direction of the rotation and do it for 3-4 minutes.
  • This is a very easy, effective exercise to fight the double chin as it will stretch the facial muscles of your neck, chin, and jawline by tightening the skin.

4. Lifting Head & Kissing the Ceiling 

  • Tilt the head back, face to the ceiling & crumple your lips.
  • While doing this exercise, you should feel the tightening of your skin in the chin & neck area.
  • Hold the position for at least 5 seconds & then relax.

If you decide to do these exercises, then do them at least 10 times every morning & evening. 

Bottom Line

If you choose to exercise & eat healthily, then you can improve the posture of your chin. And yeah, try some facial exercises. Many experts state that if an individual wants to get rid of a double chin, then he/she should find some serious treatments.  A double chin is not something that should be considered lightly!

You can also find numerous treatments including surgical as well as non-surgical, which can improve the jawline and neck, reducing the appearance of your double chin. Remember, before rushing into any treatment, it is always worth doing your part of the research. The primary factor is to correctly examine and know the right reason for your double chin and create a perfect plan to tackle the particular issue. 

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