Hey health freaks! How is your diet plans going? Making them less to cut some fats? How about exercise? Have you made your plan to achieve the target that you are wondering about? Have you joined a gym, or is it a gym at home that you are preferring?

Oh wait, you can give a try to naked yoga or other asanas. We hope you are already done with deciding the requirements to get the figure that you are looking for so long, and we are darn sure that your to-do list is hard for you to follow. Well then, time to get euphoric! We will make your routine much easier to follow.

Know how? 

Instead of reducing the quantity of food in each of the 3 meals a day plan, we will be increasing your number of meals by 3 a day, which sums up to 6 meals a day plan. Isn’t this a relief? Heck yeah! 

You might think we are being sarcastic by saying 6 meals a day plan is the perfect add on to your routine to lose weight. But we are not! Believe us, this ‘6 meals a day plan’ is a perfect strategy for weight loss that you can adopt. To get all your fears away we are going to spill the beans of why more meals to lose weight, so let’s get started!

6 Meals A Day Plan
6 Meals A Day Plan

6 Meals A Day Plan; Why More Meals To Cut Fat?

Increased number of meals to lose weight might sound lunatic but the fact is when you go for 3 meals a day, you tend to accumulate your hunger which increases your appetite and you end up consuming more than you require.

Contrary to this, when you consume more frequently, your appetite stays grounded, hence you consume in bits. That means you consume more number of times but in small quantities. Doing this keeps your tummy happy and in shape. Whereas 3 meals a day is capable enough to turn your tummy into chubby. 

Most important of all, with the 6 meals a day plan you are in a better position to keep your blood sugar level under control so that your body does not struggle with any kind of hormonal imbalance that leads to increased appetite or overeating.

Know Your Mantra To Weight Loss

It is not about how many meals you eat, 

It is only about how much and what you eat.

This ‘6 meals a day plan’ will be futile if you consume in bulk every time you have a meal. In this way, you will help your body size surge from M to XXXL in no time. You can have more meals, or continue with your 3 meals a day, but ultimately, zero in on ‘REDUCED CALORIES’

Things You Should Avoid When Eating Smaller

Seedhi baat no bakwas, snacking is bad when it is not planned. We all get the urge to keep eating something or the other, and when we are specifically on our diet to lose weight we get lured to things that we should not be eating. To stay away from such temptations, make a routine of foods that you will include in your meal.

For example, a lot of people crave for snacks during the interval of breakfast to lunch. For this, you can get going with snacks that are acceptable and recommended for the 6 meals a day plan. 

The best foods to snack on throughout the day are yogurt, granola, salads, protein shakes or bars, oatmeal, fruits, fiber cereal, or nuts. All these snacks are known to contain high amounts of protein and fiber that helps your tummy stay satiated. 

Things To Avoid in Your 6 Meals A Day Plan

Here are some of the major points you need to avoid in your 6 meals a day plan

1. Avoid packaged food

Why do you have to spend bucks on something that is not fit and healthy for your body? Moreover, they are a deterrent to achieving your dream to have a slim trim body shape.

Make some savings and strictly stay away from packaged food. They contain extra salt and sugar which is not healthy for your body. With packaged food, you will never get near to what you want your transformed sizes to be.

2. Stay at from cafeteria

When you are hungry, keep cafeterias out of your mind. Let them stay at bay. Once you get the thought of all these bistros and snack bars, you will definitely pay for a muffin or a donut, that will be extra loaded with calories.

3. Avoid eating outside

If you are a 9 to 5 employee, then you must be having your lunch from your office canteens or some nearby eatery. Do you know the proportion of calories, proteins, fibers, etc. etc. they provide in your meal? Then how are you even planning to reduce your weight? 

To get a better and faster result, try to depend on homemade and self-cooked food. Get a tiffin and pack your meals there. This will help you know the exact amount of proteins, calories, fibers that you are consuming. You will be in a better position to keep a track of calorie intake and as required can minimize them.

6 Meals A Day Plan
6 Meals A Day Plan

Does 6 Meals A Day Plan Really Work?

We are not going to simply say that yes it works, or we don’t ask you to believe if the facts did not persuade you to accept. See for yourself!

What do you think is the fundamental of your growing fats? The factor that leads you to get obese is the increase in calorie intake. Excess of any particular thing is harmful, akin to this concept, increased calorie in your body generates fats that makes you obese. 

Remember 6 meals a day plan is valid only because the increase in the frequency of consumption reduces your urge to consume a heavy and calorie rich meal. They keep your body’s hormones in a balanced state and hence reduces the need to consume extra.

Instead of directly saying yes to 6 meals a day plan, we would like you to first give the plan a chance for about 2 months and then say what you think. 

An easier, yet efficient way to get rid of extra fats, try them!

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