Camphor for hair? Really? Read how this secret ingredient is helpful for your hair. Hair fall is one of the most widespread problems these days. Camphor which is also known as Kapoor is a common material that is used in Indian households for specific religious as well as daily puja ceremonies. Camphor also helps you to deal with specific problems related to your hair. This one ingredient will help you fight a lot of your hair problems such as grey hair, dandruff, hair fall et cetera.

What is Camphor?

Camphor For Hair
Camphor For Hair

Camphor is a clear white solid which has a menthol-like fragrance. Most people associate camphor with vapour rubs, as it is often used as an ingredient in these products.  Camphor is extracted from the bark of the camphor tree (Cinnamomum camphora) that is native to Japan. 

Camphor for Hair

  1. The use of camphor for hair strengthens its roots. It is believed that combining egg or yoghurt with camphor oil can supply your hair with a wide variety of nutrients.
Camphor For Hair
Camphor For Hair
  1. Camphor oil can also improve the texture of your hair strands. It gives you smooth and soft hair. After using it for a certain amount of time it can reduce hair loss and boost hair growth by stimulating blood circulation in the scalp.
  2. Camphor can kill head lice – Camphor is an excellent cleaning and disinfecting agent which helps to create an environment in the scalp that head lice cannot survive in.
  3. You can use camphor oil by mixing it with coconut oil and then apply it to your scalp for immediate effect.
  4. Premature greying of hair is another problem that so many teenagers are facing today. Camphor is a natural remedy that helps in combating the problem of premature greying.
  5. Camphor if used with olive oil, also helps in preventing hair fall.
  6. If you are noticing bald spots, you can use camphor oil with fenugreek seeds (also known as methi).
  7. Applying camphor oil regularly also helps in cooling down your scalp thus prevents itchy scalp.

How to make Camphor Oil?

Ingredients – coconut oil and camphor

Camphor For Hair
Camphor For Hair
  1. Take a few blocks of camphor. Crush it and make a fine powder out of it.
  2. After this you will have to heat your coconut oil on a very low flame, you do not have to boil it.
  3. Put the crushed camphor and once it gets dissolved in the oil stir it up a bit.
  4. As camphor is highly inflammable, so be careful while heating it. Heating it for 20 seconds would be enough.
  5. Keep it aside until it cools.

Here you have your homemade camphor for hair in the form of oil. You can use this to apply on your hair or for the treatment of eczema, skin rashes or any other kind of bacterial or fungal infection.

Camphor for Hair and Coconut Oil

These two ingredients, coconut oil and camphor can be of great help if you are having hair problems like dandruff and hair fall et cetera. Take pure coconut oil. If possible use extra virgin coconut oil. Take four tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil and mix camphor to it. Coconut oil is a natural dandruff remedy. It moisturizes the scalp and reduces flaking. This oil is the best remedy for treating damaged hair and extremely effective in eliminating dandruff. Your magical oil to treat dandruff is with you. Apply it in the roots as well as on the whole length of the hair and wash your hair after an hour with a good. Use this oil weekly for a month or two and you would notice visible results of how camphor for hair is beneficial.

Other Essential Benefits of Camphor

Camphor For Hair
Camphor For Hair

1. Softens Cracked Heels 

Evidence by camphor users suggests that it can soften cracked heels even though there is very little scientific evidence to support this. Try it out for yourself. Soak your feet in a solution of camphor and water giving them a good scrub. Finish with an application of moisturizer or petroleum jelly.

2. It can Relieve Skin Rashes

Camphor can soothe eczema and also relieve skin rashes in general. It contains certain anti-inflammatory compounds that make it particularly good for skin rashes that occur due to heat in perspiration. When you dissolve camphor in water and apply it to your skin your ashes will gradually fade over several days of use.

3. It can Treat Bacterial and Fungal Infection

A cooling topical ingredient camphor is often used in skin ointments that are designed to treat a whole range of fungal and bacterial infections. Because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties, these days camphor has become a must use in the beauty industry. 

4. Camphor can Cure Nail Fungus

Fungus on toenails can be painful and not the prettiest sight, but luckily there is a natural remedy to get out of it – camphor paste. Skin help inhabits the growth of fungus. Camphor helps in the treatment of nail fungus since its antifungal and antiseptic properties are effective against fungus.

5. Camphor Relieves Skin Irritation and Itching

Take some amount of camphor and make a paste out of it. Add some water, mix them and make a smooth and paste out of it. Apply this prepared paste. It activates the nerve ending and produces a soothing sensation.

6. It can Treat Acne

Studies have found that camphor has the potential to treat this skin condition. Experts think it can bring down pain and swelling caused by the information of hair follicles and sebaceous glands. This antibacterial activity of certain bioactive compounds in comfort is effective in acne treatment.

Because of its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial as well as cooling properties camphor oil helpful in taking overall care of your hair. Apart from helping deal with the hair specific problems it also helps in dealing with skin-specific issues such as rashes or any other sort of burning sensation or infection. Do include this very effective and affordable ingredient in hair care as well as skincare routine and get rid of your skin and hair problems naturally.

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