Rosemary is an aromatic plant and the oil extracted from it is an essential oil. What are essential oils? Essential oils are highly concentrated oils that are used for several purposes, the most widely known being, skin, and haircare. 

They are used for cooking as well. Aromatherapy, the process of carrying out a mental health treatment using nasal senses, cannot be done without essential oils. 

In this article, let’s talk about the numerous benefits of rosemary oil for hair. Does it lead to hair growth? We’ll see. 

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Rosemary oil for hair: Origin of Rosemary 

The herb belongs to the Lamiaceae family of plants. The term was derived from its Latin counterpart, Ros Marinus, meaning, “dew of the sea”, owing to its color. It originated in the Mediterranean and was quite frequently used for beauty-related purposes, healthcare, preparing food, etc. 

Its leaves are spiky, enabling the plant to survive with negligible water supply for days at a stretch. 

Benefits of Rosemary oil for hair growth: 

Improving circulation

Daily wear and tear can have harmful impacts on your mane. Dealing with hair fall and similar issues requires a smooth and effective circulation of blood. Without adequate blood supper, the roots of the hair become weak and shed off. Rosemary oil boosts blood circulation and repairs the hair, one strand at a time. 

Controlling inflammation

Rosemary oil has anti-inflammatory properties and lowers all sorts of tension and inflammation in the scalp. Applying it can soothe hair follicles and improve hair growth. Rosemary aids the formation of new cells and makes the hair thick and strong. 

Restoring nerves

New tissues are formed from the process of cell generation. Carnosic acid, a constituent of Rosemary, enables the restoration of tissues and rejuvenates nerves. The nerve endings, connected with the roots of the air are restored and replenished. 

Sustaining color – 

The formation of new cells and tissues enhances the longevity of natural hair color and prevents the advent of grey hair too soon in life. Are you able to spot newer grey strands every day? It’s about time you start using rosemary. 

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How to use Rosemary oil for hair loss

Massage it onto your scalp – 

Rosemary essential oil can be applied on the scalp directly or with other oils like coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, etc. It’s a good idea to warm up the oil before applying, for the best results. 

Let the oil sit for some time and wash off with a mild, herbal shampoo. Effective application strengthens hair from the roots and makes it smoother and softer. 

Add it to your shampoo and conditioner – 

Enrich the goodness of your shampoo and conditioner by adding a few drops of rosemary essential oil to them. This step would not only make your hair smell beautiful but it would add a healthy shine to it as well. 

You can go ahead and use it in your hair masks as well for maximum utility.

Use it as an after-wash serum – 

Serums are an important part of any hair care routine and what could be better than a DIY serum using rosemary oil? You can incorporate a few drops of your other favorite essential oils as well. 

Store the mixture in a spray bottle and use it after washing your hair to give it a nice texture. It can also be used to tame your unruly baby hair or before styling your hair to ease the process. 

5 other essential oils that you should know about 

Peppermint Essential Oil

Much like Rosemary oil, Peppermint oil is known for improving the circulation of blood and promoting hair growth. It can be used directly or with other carrier oils. 

It goes well with Rosemary oil and both of these complements each other and should be tried out together. 

Cedarwood Essential Wood – 

Having anti-bacterial and anti-fungal characteristics, this oil helps treat conditions like dandruff, dry scalp issues, hair fall, etc. Moreover, it controls the oil secretion in the scalp by coordinating with the oil-releasing glands. 

Cedarwood is a lesser-known oil and its benefits need to be explored. 

Lavender Essential Oil – 

Excellent for Aromatherapy, lavender oil has a healing nature and soothes the scalp, as well as the mind. It works wonders for hair by speeding up the process of hair growth. Its cooling property gets rid of inflammation and kills germs. 

It’s good for all hair types. 

Lemongrass Essential Oil – 

If you’re planning on making your anti-dandruff shampoo, make sure to use lemongrass oil. It gets rid of dandruff and adds the most refreshing odor to your hair. You’d keep smelling your hair even after hours since you’ve washed your hair for the last time. 

Use it as a serum as well. 

Tea-tree Essential Oil – 

This oil clears out the scalp of dirt and collected lumps. Immensely beneficial for the skin as well, it cleanses the scalp when added to your shampoo. You can also apply it to the tips of your hair to smooth them out as and when it’s required. 

Rosemary Oil For Hair

Essential oils have been ruling the hair and beauty industry for a while now due to their diverse uses. Some of them are slightly on the expensive side but they go on for a long time since very little oil is required at one go. 

Moreover, essential oils take a lot of time and effort for production. 

Rosemary oil for hair is as good as it is for the skin and should be utilized every day. However, it should be kept in mind that using too many essential oils isn’t advisable due to their high concentration. They should be used in limited consistency for the desired results. 

Which essential oil did you like the most? Get started with your research to find out the most suitable essential oil for yourself! 

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