New parents may find it difficult to choose in buying a baby sleep monitor . Because there are so many devices on the market, the entire process can be quite perplexing. To reach a decision, it is critical first to determine which key features you require and live without. This allows you to select the best baby sleep monitor for you and your family.

Things to Consider When Buying A Baby Sleep Monitor

Here we have listed things to consider when buying a baby sleep monitor

1. Sound transmitting devices from the past

While these items are still available, they are largely obsolete, and most parents prefer video screens that allow them to hear and see their children in the same room. The cost of these items has dropped significantly in recent years, making them affordable to the majority of mothers and fathers.

2. Baby video monitors are two distinct components

A video camera (similar to a webcam) with an integrated microphone and a portable receiver unit consisting of a small LCD screen with an integrated speaker in the baby room. The camera and microphone send images and sounds to the receiver unit.

3. Brand name to trust

When purchasing a baby sleep monitor, the first critical decision is to whether go with a well-known brand or a lesser-known brand. While many of these are perfectly adequate, they are not always dependable and provide poor after-sales support. On this basis, most parents will opt for a well-known brand that they are familiar with and trust.

Baby Sleep Monitor
Baby Sleep Monitor

4. Size does matter

The size of the handheld receiver unit’s screen is the next critical decision. This has a significant impact on the price, and a slight increase in overall size can increase the product price by 50%. In general, a 1.5-inch screen will provide you with a clear picture of your baby’s movements.

5. The range of the device

The baby sleep monitor’s range is also essential and can affect the overall price. If your house is small, the transmission range should be 150 feet. However, if your home is large or the device needs to work in the garden, a 350 ft or higher product is recommended. 

The more powerful the device, the more precise the image and the less interference from other electric appliances in the home.

6. The power consumption of the device

The time of operation is critical. Handheld receivers frequently switch on and off the power supply. However, if you want to carry it around your house, you must use batteries. An average of 10 hours of operation time is required, and you should avoid selecting an insufficient device. 

Also, choose a rechargeable baby monitor (or at least one battery that can be recharged), as replacing batteries can be very expensive.

Finally, some monitors have unique features, such as the ability to play lullabies through the camera unit’s speaker. If your baby wakes up frequently, you can play a soothing and sleeping sleep by pressing a button on the receiver without even entering the room. It has the potential to be highly beneficial.

7. Night vision

All video baby screens include built-in night vision, allowing you to see your baby at all hours of the day and night. Keep an eye on the baby’s movements.

8. Baby movement tracker

Baby movement or breathing tracks should be monitored. At a specific time interval, the lack of movement would trigger an alarm. Because motion is so subtle, the sensor should be sensitive enough to detect even the most minor movement while also being intelligent sufficient to filter out false alarms. 

The cry wolf effect, which defeats the purpose, would result in an excessive number of false alarms. Alarm thresholds are configurable in the majority of models. The sensors are either attached to the baby’s body or the mattress. Some models include a video monitor for remote monitoring of the baby.

9. Baby video monitoring

A video camera can broadcast the video throughout the house. When parents watch TV or cook in the kitchen, they can keep an eye on the baby. Seeing is dependable. The video can be both entertaining and reassuring.

10. Baby monitor with audio

The sound of the baby can be captured using a microphone. You can hear the baby’s sounds – laugh, cry, or speak to yourself. SIDS detection is ineffective in this type of baby monitor.

Except in high-risk situations, the use of a baby sleep monitor is entirely up to the parents. Get a sleep monitor if you believe it will benefit your baby and keep you comfortable. If you want to buy a baby sleep monitor, we recommend getting one that measures your baby’s vital signs. 

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