When a baby kicks it is like the first kind of contact between a mother and the child. During pregnancy you go through a lot of processes and physical changes, there are so many hormones working and growing in your body. Along with the changes you find in your body there is a little life growing inside you that is getting bigger every day. You have to be prepared to know about the changes and development of your baby. 

You must have questions regarding how does it feel or when does a baby starts kicking? Which will all be answered here. During the week 16-25, you notice your baby moving in your womb a little, these tiny flutters in your stomach is known as ‘quickening’. The fetal movements are more regular in your second or third pregnancy. 

How Does It Feel Like? 

Feeling a baby move in the womb for the first time can be a very special moment for the parents. But if you have no prior experience or proper guidance related to the fetal movement you might be shocked even worried when you feel your baby kick. You should do proper research regarding this. When your baby moves or kicks it feels just like a flutter at first which you will feel until around your 25th week of pregnancy. These movements, however, keeps getting more frequent and stronger. Your baby will move three times as much in your last trimester. 

The timing of these kicks is on the highest when you usually go to sleep. It is like your baby is already preparing you for post-pregnancy when they will need you the moment you go into your bed. So, you have to get used to the baby’s movement during pregnancy and then later with their needs and necessities. 

Is It Important? 

Yes, absolutely. A baby kicking in your womb is a sign that they are active and healthy. It is a phrase that you need to go through to make sure everything is going well. It is like you have a secret language with your baby.

Starting as early as the 12th week of your pregnancy, a baby starts showing its presence. It keeps increasing as the baby has room to move around. You would know when your baby is active and when they are asleep. If you do not feel them kick till the 25th week, don’t panic consult your doctor about it. However, a baby’s kicking or movements gradually decreases as they reach the 32nd month because now your baby is quite big and does not have enough space to move around. 

Timeline Of A Baby’s Kicks

You must be curious to know more about quickening and your baby’s movements during pregnancy. A mother needs to keep a track of the different changes that they are going through. This knowledge is not just for you but also for others who are around you as you get to experience this especially. So, this is the timeline of your baby’s movements over the different weeks:

A Baby’s Kicks
A Baby’s Kicks

Week 12-13

After completing 3 months, you are in the 12th week of your pregnancy. The earlier months were devoted to the bigger tasks where your baby’s body parts were made up. Now your baby has them and they will now start working themselves very soon. This the time when your baby will try to move but just a little. This feeling is similar to getting butterflies in your stomach. If you do not feel this then you don’t need to worry as a child has its ways of growing up. 

Week 14-16

Your baby is still in the process of getting his limbs and organs in working mode again. However, the flutters of butterflies in your stomach might increase just a tad bit. Sometimes you may even confuse it with having some gas which is also very normal during this particular time. Some mothers may even clearly feel these little movements while others won’t feel a thing. This is only because your child is very small to be so obvious in their motions. 

Week 17-20

This is the time when your baby has been grown quite a lot and you may even start showing a bump. So, this a crucial time when you will probably feel your baby swiftly moving around, this is known as quickening. This would be a time when you will probably feel the first kick. 

Week 21-24

This is a period where you might get used to your baby’s movements also these movements might even get more refined and clearer to feel. These can be felt not just by you but also by others who touch your belly. This is the time when your baby starts getting hiccups which feel almost like tickles and honestly it is so cute. 

Week 25-28

During these weeks you will feel the kicks and movements getting more and more intense. Sometimes these may even take be so strong and you may experience some pain. If you want you can keep a log of how often your baby kicks and when they are most active and when they are the least active. Usually, they are most active after 9 p.m. and this may be the same till 1-2 is. 

Week 30-36

After so many weeks of moving all the time in the womb, your baby slows down a little during this period. It is because now the space in your womb is crowded by how big your baby is and there is little space to move around. You would be used to your baby’s activities and may feel scared when they subside. There should be consistency in their movements if you find that something is not right then consult your doctor. 

So now you know everything that you need to know about fetal movement or baby movements during pregnancy. Motherhood is a process that changes you internally, externally, emotionally, and mentally, you need to embrace every moment of it. 

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