The textbook definition of Bohemian is to be free-spirited, without being confined by the walls of rules. It is a vibe that is energetic and is quite comfortable and friendly. Bohemian lookbook can also be related to hippie fashion trends. 

In bohemian fashion trends, warm neutrals, different textures, bright colours, and natural fabrics make the main statement. It also merges with 70’s style statements and has a flair for junk accessories. It looks quite fashionable and comfortable at the same time. For people who are free-spirited and eclectic, nothing can suit their style statement better than boho fashion. 

The bohemian style statement is more than just a fashion trend. It is a culture on its own, which has its ideologies and complicated history. While hippie trends are quite trendy these days, it is vintage, going back to the ’60s and ’70s. Vintage fashions are getting popular these days because of its aesthetics. Nothing pulls off comfort as good as bohemian fashion does.

Origin Of Bohemian Fashion 

The Bohemians, as a counter-culture, arrived in France after the French Revolution. Being deprived of the former system of patronage, where only wealthy clients supported art, the artists decided to live a nomadic lifestyle. Upon facing poverty, they decided to live a cheap lifestyle, wore worn out, and used clothing.

Formerly, an artist was seen as a skilled and talented craftsman, who could craft magic through his work. The Romantic Movement of the late eighteenth century rejected the confines of middle-class life.

Slowly, a new cult of personality emerged with the artist as a hero. Individual styles were expressed in the way one dressed. An artist became a unique type of person, who was considered to be special. He was not a mere craftsman anymore but an eccentric genius who had the power of shaping his dreams into reality. His creativity was displayed in the way he lived and looked. The artist was considered to be a piece of art. 

The Aesthetic Movement

With time, the Bohemian style has evolved considerably. It started as a necessary way of dressing (because the artists were poor and could not buy new clothes) but later became an ideology – one against materialism, pro communal living spaces, and social constrictions. Later on, the Bohemians joined in the Aesthetic Movement. 

The movement stood against the stiff corsets of the era. As a result, the aesthetic movement followers started wearing loose-fitting clothes. Clothes that were bright in colour and had patterns all over it, clothes that were comfortable yet beautiful. It portrayed the free-spirited form of life. A life pattern that did not follow any constricted rules.

The Early 20th Century Bohemian Fashion

In the early 20th century, designers took bohemian fashion to a new level. After all, bohemian fashion was trendy at that time. Fast fashion houses had the perfect opportunity to commercialize it. 

Paul Poiret incorporated a variety of ethnic designs in his collection, including Russian and Middle Eastern patterns and designs. Textile designer, William Morris created a variety of designs that included colours and patterns, both for interior designs and clothing line. He featured lush floral prints, paisley, and swirls, all intricate and highly ornamental.

The Hippie Era

The Bohemian Movement took a new meaning in the 1960s. It changed the definite colour fashion and lifestyle. Back when the Hippie Movement stood against the conventional rules of life, ethnic dresses consisting of different patterns and prints, and clothes of bright started getting popular. 

The hippies rejected everything mainstream, everything that had a sense of materialistic aspect in it. Their fashion choice was enough to show their hatred towards established institutions and rigid rules of society.

Bohemian Lookbook
Bohemian Lookbook

Elements of Bohemian Fashion– Bohemian Lookbook

Below are some of the components of bohemian fashion:

1. Maxi dresses and skirts 

Fitted dresses, bodycon, and miniskirts do not fit under the bohemian lookbook. Hippie fashion is all about a more relaxed and comfortable way of fashion. This style features a free-flowing pattern of dresses, just like the personalities of hippies – free and exotic. 

You can wear long deep neck dresses and pair them up with matching sleek accessories. Let your hair flow freely and you are good to go -comfortable and chic at the same time.

You can even try out long floral skirts with a bralette or off-shoulder tops. It always works as a perfect balance of fashion and helps in making a boho fashion statement.

2. Flea Market finds 

Hauls and flea markets are the best places to find the best bohemian lookbook styles. Proponents of the hippie fashion strongly believe in sustainability through reusing and recycling used clothes and accessories. So, if you are a true bohemian at heart, do not just focus on making a fashion statement but try finding reusable fashion products from your local flea markets.

Also, flea markets allow you to buy super trendy reusable clothes at an extremely reasonable price. Who said, you cannot flaunt flea market finds like a pro?

Bohemian Lookbook
Bohemian Lookbook

3. Junk Jewellery 

In keeping with the bohemian style philosophy of supporting local craftsmen and artists, avoid buying jewellery made by big fashion brands. For instance, you can try to flaunt terracotta and shell jewellery by the Bengal craftsmanship or bamboo and coin jewellery by artisans from the North East.

You can add plenty of glamour to your style statement by adding chunky jewellery. You can wear dangling earrings with lots of beads and colours in it. A big statement eye-catching ring will complete the look.

4. Kurtis and Indian Ethnics 

You can always mix and match Indian ethnics with something western to give it a complete boho vibe. You can always look up to Indian influencers like Kritika Khurana (that boho girl) for more awesome bohemian fashion inspirations.

5. Bags and scarves 

Bags and scarves are known to give that finishing touch to your bohemian look. Look for items that have prints and coloured tassels attached to it. Playful braids, fringes, bucket style, and patchwork designs can give pretty playful and free vibes, just like the entire concept of bohemian fashion.

The entire bohemian fashion trends revolve around comfort and being free. It’s playful and full of colours and junks. There are no rules to follow while following this particular vibe. It’s cheap, fun and comfort -together compiled in a single shell. Its deep-rooted history supports artists and craftsmanship all over the world. Going boho can never get out of fashion. 

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