Body Taping Is The Solution For The Perfect Décolletage

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body taping

You would see most celebrities walking the red carpet in some of the most exquisite gowns which are backless, having plunging neckline and thigh-high slits or body cut-offs.

So how are they able to flaunt the perfect cleavage or the slits from revealing more than intended and in general avoid flashing in front of hundreds of cameras and the public?

The answer is body taping!


Everyone can look sexy

Most of us have looked enviously at certain dresses and even tried them in the trial room only to buy a more modest option. A variety of bras are available in the market, but none that can help you wear sexy option.

Breasts are an amazing asset for women, but the girls need assistance to look alluring. It is even more difficult for women with large boobs, D cup and above. It is like the dressmakers and lingerie manufacturers have relegated large women to wear loose clothes. But fret not anymore, ladies!

Fashion Tape – To keep things in place

They are known as dressing tape too. It is a double-sided tape that helps keep clothing in place. Most stylists and fashionistas swear by this. It is an extremely versatile tool that not only prevents nipple-slips on the red carpet but also in various everyday usages.

It can be used with every fabric, and won’t harm your favourite clothes.

  • The loose end of the belt is unflattering. Looping the ends might be trendy but it cannot be tried with every outfit. You can use fashion tape to stick the loose end to the body of the belt. 
  • When wearing button-down shirts, especially for women with ample breasts, there appears a gap between the buttons. It reveals skin and can be unflattering and salacious. A small piece of tape between the pulled buttons will solve this crisis.
  • Sometimes the hemline might unravel or you didn’t have time to have it altered. Just tape it and you are ready to rock the world!
  • Plunging necklines can be sexy but too much of it can become tacky. Apply the double-sided tape on the inside of your top/dress and attach the other to your skin.
  • Cut out dresses can look extremely interesting, but a little movement can shift the cuts making you awkward. Thigh-high slits are interesting but it riding up revealing more than warranted is embarrassing. Fashion tape comes to rescue in such situations of a fashion emergency.

Apart from helping you look stunning, fashion tapes can also help in removing lipstick and make-up stains from clothes, as well as removing lint and keeping your shoes from flying off your feet. 

Body Taping – Go braless and have the most amazing cleavage

It is also known as Hollywood fashion tape, boob tape, and breast tape. Kim Kardashian swears by this amazing fashion hack, and I guess no greater validation is required. We often opt out of backless and dress with a deep plunging neckline due to the lack of proper lingerie. Going braless isn’t an option, as the girls need support to remain perky and in place. It is practically impossible for women with bigger boobs.

Let me clarify now itself, the frequently advertised stick on bras don’t work! Body tapes are strong enough to last for hours even with all the dancing and movement, and it also helps you achieve an aesthetic appearance.

A variety of body tapings are available, though Kim K swears by the Gaffer Tape. You can also use duct tape, athletic tape, and even medical tape.

Before you start taping remember that you should be freshly showered and don’t apply any moisturizer. Tape doesn’t stick to dirt and moist skin. Try a patch test on the inside of your arm for any allergic reaction. 

Removing body taping can be quite painful. Dip a washcloth in warm water and apply it along the taped area. The heat will soften the glue and you can remove it easily. You can also apply olive oil.

Steps to tape for a plunging neckline

  1. Cut a strip of tape about 10-12 inches long. Lift your boob, and tape from the underside to your collarbone, along the outer edge of your breast. Add 2-3 similar tapes moving inwards.
  2. Place a cotton pad or place a nipple pad to avoid getting hurt in the most sensitive part.
  3. Repeat the process on the other breast too.

Steps for body taping for backless dress

  1. Lean forward and place a long piece of the strip along the underside of both boobs.
  2. Add 3 more similar tapes one above the other.

You can tape your breast separately or together depending on the neckline of your dress. You can attach the ship as an inverted U on the top of your breast. The strips can also be applied in the shape of a bra, but ends depending on your side, thus, allowing you to go bareback. These methods will allow lifting your breast creating a magnificent décolletage.

body taping

Taping perfectly is extremely easy and quick. 

Body tapes can also be used to flatten your breast. You can apply horizontal strips of tape across your breast. It is mainly used by dancers and also for women when trying to pass off as men. Never tape the whole way around as it might make it difficult to breathe.

Do remember that tapes don’t work well in hot and humid weather. You should also try walking around and flapping your arms to see how comfortable you are and whether your girls need further support.  Be cautious while being taped. Too much of hurried movement can cause a slip-up. Also, try taping yourself a couple of times at hope before the main event, saves you time and embarrassment.

Taping will help you achieve your favourite celebrities red carpet look.

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