Our regular visits to the salon for self-pampering makes us feel good and revived. Among so many salon services, an important and value-for-money service is body-polishing. It is a new trendy add on in the list of beauty services. 

Body polishing is not just for beautifying your body but gives you utmost relation and calm. Body polishing is a delicious way to pamper your skin to make it shine with health. Here you will get all the information about body polishing and it’s benefits.

What is Body Polishing

Body polishing is a semi-organic way to cleanse, moisturize, and nourish your body. It is the best way to exfoliate your much-neglected body. Body polishing is the best way to beautify your body making it feel extra soft and supple. Just like the facial, it aims at removing dead skin cells, rejuvenation, and hydration. Body polishing is a complete package that will make your body clean and beautiful. 

Benefits of Body Polishing

Body polishing is loaded with visible benefits that will make you addicted to it:


Body polishing deeply exfoliate your skin. It effectively removes dead skin cells, making your skin all new. The cells also give you a radiant youthful look.

Promote new cell growth

Body polish helps in the rebuilt of new cell growth. It keeps your skiing fresh and shiny as new always.


Body polishing moisturizes the skin, making it super-soft. It heals any skin damage due to dryness.

Cleanse skin

Body polishing deeply cleans the skin. It helps in removing dirt and excess oil from the skin.


Body polishing relaxes the body. It gives therapeutic advantages. The massage gives at the time of body polishing also acts as acupressure. It relaxes the body and mind.

Blood flow

Body polishing increases the blood flow in the skin which makes it shine naturally. It unclogs the pores in a healthy way

How to Make A Body Polish/Scrub at Home

Yes, with some simple ingredients you can make a body polish at home. Here are a few:

Coffee scrub

Take a half a tablespoon of coffee grounds, 2 tablespoons of warm water, and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Mix them all in a bowl till you get a smooth consistency.

Body Polishing
Body Polishing

Brown sugar body scrubs

Mix half a cup of brown sugar and half a cup of any oil of your choice like coconut, olive, sunflower, etc. combine them in a bowl and mix till you get a smooth consistency.

Body Polishing
Body Polishing

Honey scrub

Honey is an amazing ingredient for the skin. Take half a cup of brown sugar, half a cup of coconut oil, and 2 tablespoons of honey. Blend them all in a bowl till you get a smooth consistency.

Body Polishing
Body Polishing

Sea salt scrub

Take half a cup of sea salt and half a cup of coconut oil. Blend them oil till it gets smooth then you can add any essential oil of your choice.

Body Polishing at Home

Surely getting body polish from a salon can cost you a bomb. So we are here to help you with how you can the body at home. Now you know how to the body polish scrub at home. You can also get ready body scrub from the market. 

Now let’s take you to the procedure of how to do body polishing at home. It is pocket friendly and will give you appropriate results:

What you need:

  • Pumice stone
  • Loofah (natural/ synthetic)
  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil
  • Your homemade body polish/scrub

The method:

  • Shower: Take hot water shower or steam. It will open the pores of your skin. Do not use any soap or body wash. Just wet your body, to begin with, the body polishing procedure.
  • Massage with olive oil: Give your body a gentle massage with warm olive oil for about 5-10minutes. Let the oil absorb in. it will make your skin pulpy for further procedure. It will also activate your skin cells.
Body Polishing
Body Polishing
  • Scrubbing: Gently rub the homemade scrub on your skin using a loofah. Massage in circular motions. Doing so for 10-15 minutes will exfoliate the skin. It will remove all the dead skin cells, making your skin all new and refreshed.
  • Exfoliate: After scrubbing, take the pumice stone and rub the hard areas of your skin like elbows, knees, and heels. These spots get hard and are often full of dirt and so they need extra care. Rub pumice stone on these spots for about 5-10 minutes and you will see the visible difference.
Body Polishing
Body Polishing
  • Bath: Do not use any soap or body wash a day. Let your body retain the treatment. A simple shower with lukewarm water and then pat dry. You can use some coconut oil on your body after the shower.

After following the procedure, your skin will feel amazing. It will e like a new layer of skin that has been added. It is a very great treatment and can be easily done at home. 

How often should one get the Body Polished

Though this is an amazing treatment to swear by, indulging in the process of body polish om an everyday basis can harm your skin. It will over-exfoliate and will make your skin dry and parched. It is recommended to indulge in the body polish treatment once in 12-15days. 

How safe is Body Polishing your skin is

Do not give a second thought in this, body polish is super-safe for your skin. It can not do any harm or cannot have any side-effects. It deeply cleanses your skin, making it super soft and healthy. Unlike any chemical treatments, body polishing is totally organic and has no drawbacks. So no worries, just go for the body polish.

We are too dedicated to taking care of our face, we religiously follow beauty regimes to keep our face skin super healthy and beautiful. In this, we often forget to take care of our bodies. Our body needs care too. 

The skin of our arms, belly, back, and legs get no care. So, its time to take time out for our body too. There is no better way to take care of our body other than body polishing. So go for it!