Cold showers vs hot showers, which one your choose? A lot of people say they choose both and what they actually want to convey is, a hot shower in the winters whereas a cool cold shower fanatic in the summers. Such a candid! We believe we all would have answered this way only but then, why do people have to ask such an interrogative question? 

To answer this squarely, people prefer a warm bath even in summers and vice versa. You must have heard about a hot shower, probably because of jacuzzi, but you should also know that akin to hot shower benefits, we also have outstanding cold shower benefits. Read below to find out more about the health benefits of cold showers, why are cold showers good and the respective benefits of cold and hot showers.  

Health Benefits Of Cold Showers

There are tremendous benefits provided by cold showers. Unless you are under the weather or are prohibited by a doctor to do so, cold shower benefits can surpass your imagination. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Relaxes muscles and enhances blood circulation

Cold shower relaxes your muscles and improves the blood circulation of your body. Whenever you carry on a heavy workout don’t you dream of cold water all around you? Even in winters, you will feel so.

(beware: do not directly jump into cold water when you are warm as hell from inside) wait until your body temperature starts getting to normal and then have a cold shower. You as well as your muscles will get relaxed. In this process, you will also have a better circulation of blood. It is also said that cold showers reduce inflammation and numbness.

2. Protects your skin and hair

Bathing in a cold shower will not take away your natural body oil. Stripping away your natural body and hair oil can make everything look dry, dull, and damaged, but do not worry cold showers does not harm your natural oil. They just tighten your skin by blocking the pores. And for hair, cold water is way gentler that prevents hair fall. 

3. Makes you more alert and energetic

Our body stays warm while waking up. After waking up when we bath with cold water, our body gets a blow from the cold sprinkles of water and that awakes us completely from the unconscious state of mind. Due to the cold shock our heart rate and blood circulation increase. Our mind and body get energized and continue to stay on alert. 

4. Help weight loss

Your body is accumulated with certain fat cells, especially around your neck and shoulders. When your body is exposed to any cold stimuli, these fat cells start to produce heat by burning down. 

5. Relieves itchy skin

If you have allergies or your skin suffers from some kind of eczema that causes itchiness then cold water is all you need to stop your fingers from scratching. Having a cold shower can calm the itchy sensation on your body. 

Cold Showers
Cold Showers

Benefits of Hot Showers

A stressful day demands a hot shower!

1. Improved muscles and joint health

If your muscles are stressed from inside, a hot shower is capable of relaxing stiff nerves and muscles. You will get rejuvenated with this warm bath. You might have heard that people go gaga for jacuzzi to release their week-long stress. A warm tub is also known to boost blood circulation.

2. Relief from the respiratory system

If you are suffering from nose blockage, cough, or any respiratory issue, then warm showers can be your home treatment. From ancient to recent times, whenever we suffer from cough and cold, the remedy that we adopt is to expose our nose to steam. The steam and heat from the water loosens the phlegm, opens the airway, and clears our nasal passage.

3. Reduces and repairs blemishes

The steam and the heat from the hot water is known to open clogged pores. They help you scrub and get dirt, oil, and blackheads out of the pores. 

Note: Do not apply extremely heated water to your face, you may burn your skin. Go for tolerable and comforting warm water. 

4. Improved sleep

A warm bath helps your body wash away all the stress and toxins out. Try having a bath before going to sleep, you will feel stress-free, light, and tired in a good way to move fast asleep. All you need to take care of is that you do not bath with boiling hot water. You have to release your stress, not your skin!

How To Take Shower As Per Dermatologist

In winter a shower a day is good to go, whereas, it should be twice a day in the summers. Avoid staying in water for a longer period of time, as this may lead to dry skin and hair. It is better to restrict showers to 5 minutes or less if you have a skin condition. 

Things to avoid:

  • Don’t wash your hair too frequently. Twice a week is enough.
  • No harsh soap and cleansers.
Cold Showers vs Hot Showers
Cold Showers vs Hot Showers

Cold Showers vs Hot Showers: Which is better?

Are cold showers best or hot showers is never a question.

Both kinds of shower, i.e. hot shower and cold shower have their own benefits. They are best in their respective features. According to the situation and the benefit that you require, you should select one among the two that best suits your condition. Compiling all the benefits is not enough to grade them as best and okay because both are amazing in their own ways.

Cold Showers vs Hot Showers
Cold Showers vs Hot Showers

When To Take Hot Or Cold Showers?

You can take a cold shower early in the morning after waking up, after the workout, and after coming home from the job. Hot shower is best before going to bed, after having oil massage, in situations where your health is not good. 

Now since you know everything about the health benefits of cold showers and hot showers, make a plan and grab the joy and experience of these benefits!

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