If you are someone who goes to salons now and then, you must have heard about this treatment called ‘blowout hair’. You might have heard this from your friend or even your mom because these treatments are here for decades but do you know what is it? How does it work?

The blow hair treatments vary depending on the salon. In simple words, it is the treatment in which the hair is dried after a wash to give the hair a smooth and shiny look. Also, most commonly this procedure does not include curling or flat irons. So, wanna know what is a blowout and how it works? 

Read on to know all about it!   

What is Blowout Hair?  

A hair blowout is a salon treatment that gives the hair a voluminous and lustrous look with some other options according to the client’s preference. It usually includes a hair wash (which can be upgraded with other treatments), blows dry with a brush, and lastly touch-ups either curl or flat iron. If your hair seems frizzy and unmanageable, blowout hair can be a go-to option for your hair needs. 

Depending on the hairstylist’s technique and products used, you can choose from a variety of hairstyles. You can create curly or wavy hair, your choice, or even flat and straight hair, again, your choice without the usage of any heat. Sounds impressive? Yes, it is! Whatever style you go for, you’ll achieve a shiny and smooth hair result that you’ll love. 

How does Hair Blowout Work? 

Every salon and hairstylists has their way and techniques to blow out the hair. Blowouts are not so complicated to do. However, a professional and typical blowout hair consists of: 

Blowout Hair Treatment
Blowout Hair Treatment
  • Shampooing and conditioning the hair with a relaxing hair massage make you feel amazing.
  • Next, the hair is blow-dried and styled with the help of a round brush. It can be styled according to your preference using blow dryers and styling irons. These also include treatments that we usually can’t do at home without professional assistance.
  • Next, the hair is treated with specialized hair products to protect and hold the style for some time.

The first step, for blowout hair, is usually washing the hair using a conditioner and shampoo. After that, a leave-in conditioner is used to detangle the hair before blow-drying. Then, the hair is treated with a blow dryer and styled with different types of brushes and techniques to achieve the look you want. Once your hair is styled accordingly, your hair will be treated with special hair care products to ensure texture and protection which makes your hair hold that texture for a long time.

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How Long does the Hair Blowout Last? 

Blowouts are generally done regularly when you go out for vacations or a special occasion or just anytime you feel. So, the average time a blowout hair lasts is about 3-5 days. It can last more than that if one takes care of the hair. If you have finer hair, you may need a little more maintenance. The texture of your hair determines the time your blowout hair will last. More textured hair holds it longer while fine and less voluminous hair won’t. 

Blowout Hair Treatment
Blowout Hair Treatment

You may make a blowout hair last longer with these small tips: 

  1. Try minimal touching of your hair.
  2. Use anti-humidity spray if you live in a humid area.
  3. Make sure your hair is in a loose bun or ponytail while you sleep.
  4. Do not let the water touch your hair. Use a shower cap when bathing and avoid going out in the rain.
  5. Sleep on a silk or satin pillow cover.

Difference Between a Blowout Treatment and a Keratin Treatment

If you are thinking a keratin treatment and a blowout hair treatment is the same, you should be aware of the products used. Sometimes, blowout hair treatment may include keratin treatment. Keratin treatment is the process of smoothing and minimizing the frizz in the hair. The keratin treatments usually last for about 3-4 months or even more depending on the hair care. 

Blowout Hair Treatment
Blowout Hair Treatment

Both blowout treatment and keratin treatment have the same purpose for your hair, the only difference is the time your hair holds the two treatments. You should always ask your hairstylist about the products used and the effect of those products on your hair to be on the safe side. If you have damaged and fine hair, you should always take the advice of a hair care specialist before you go for getting a blowout hair or a keratin treatment. 

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Can you have a Blowout Regularly? 

Yes, you can! But that is also something which depends on your hair texture. The question is who should get it done? Well, you may have a blowout at home but the results won’t be drastically amazing. The hair professionals are the ones who can give you the desired look and by hair professionals, we mean the right hair professionals. Make sure you are letting a professional and experienced hairstylist treat your hair to achieve the best look. You can choose to have a blowout hair if you: 

Blowout Hair Treatment
Blowout Hair Treatment
  • Have less manageable hair and want lustrous hair without any hassle.
  • Want some visible texture and thickness on your hair.
  • Do not have time and effort to style your hair.
  • Facing hair issues like frizziness and oily scalp.

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Are Blowouts Bad for your Hair? 

Blowouts are not supposed to damage your hair. The hairdryers which are used while blow-drying do not give off as much heat as other styling irons. A professional, experienced, and certified professional won’t damage your hair with blowouts. However, if you have fine hair with less volume, you need to consider the risks before having a regular hair blowout. Hair blowout doesn’t damage as much as other styling and heating products. 

This was all about the amazing hair blowout therapy for your hair. You must now be aware of what is a blowout and how it can help you achieve smooth, soft, and voluminous hair for almost a week. So, if you are off to vacation next time, do not forget a blowout hair treatment for your hair.

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