A relationship is more than just holding hands in public, eating together, and receiving gifts. Calling your boyfriend by their nicknames is one of the important aspects which makes your relationship more romantic. 

Knowing someone so intimately that you've given them a unique nickname is a sign of true intimacy. It's fine if everyone calls your boyfriend by his given name, but isn't that just plain boring.

Being in a relationship distinguishes you from the rest of society because it signifies that you and your partner share a special connection. So, you'll need to come up with a name for your new boyfriend. Finding the best nicknames for a boyfriend is not an easy task. Some have found the best ones, and the rest are searching for the one.

So if your search for the best nicknames for your boyfriend is still not over, then you are at the right place. You'll find a plethora of creative, quirky, and adorable names to call your boyfriend in this article. Reading about them and picking your favourite is all you have to do. You might want to consider your boyfriend's personality before we begin.

Nicknames for a Boyfriend
Nicknames for a Boyfriend

How soft is he? Loud? Or does he enjoy making you laugh and telling jokes on a regular basis? Your new nickname for your boyfriend will be based on his personality traits. So let us begin to look at some of the most preferred nicknames for boyfriends.

Top Nicknames for a Boyfriend

Here are some of the best nicknames for a boyfriend that you can call him to make your relationship more intimate.

1. Prince

The name Prince has long been associated with love and romance among little boys. You can refer to him as your Prince or King in the same way that he may refer to you as his princess. For boys, this is the most popular romantic name.

2. Hunk

This cute and manly nickname for a boyfriend is perfect for a couple. Using this nickname will make him feel good and proud of his masculine physique. This is a heartfelt and evocative boy's name.

3. Mr Cool

Mr Cool is a great name for a husband or boyfriend because it's both cool and romantic. This is a great nickname for a boyfriend if he is of a very calm nature and likes to enjoy life with you and always makes you happy. 

4. Studly

Does your man like to show off his abs after a workout at the gym? Is the self-assurance of your loved one excessive? Do you value him because of it? Then this nickname for a boyfriend is the perfect selection for you. 

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5. Champ

Champ is for everyone who's ever won something. It's perfectly acceptable to refer to your boyfriend as such because he has clearly won your heart. This is one of the best nicknames for a boyfriend.

6. Soul Mate

Using the term "soul mate" is more than just a romantic term of endearment for your boyfriend. This nickname for your boyfriend explains how much importance he keeps in your life and the love you have for him.

7. Handsome

Another exemplary charming beau that is still appreciated by the majority is handsome. This is among the best nicknames for your boyfriend. But if your boyfriend does not look so good, then he might think you're making fun of him.

8. Romeo

Romeo is one of the best nicknames for a boyfriend who is the best example of what romance looks like. Once you know that your boyfriend has these characteristics, then calling him by this name will be a great choice. 

9. Sunshine

Sunshine is another great nickname for a boyfriend. You can call him that if he makes your days bright and sunny or makes your life bright and sunny. This is among the most preferred nicknames. 

10. Diamond

Your boyfriend is worth more to you than money. If this is true, then the diamond is the perfect nickname for your boyfriend.

11. Sparky

Sparky is the best nickname for your boyfriend, who gives you a thousand times more energy when you're tired.

12. Lifeline

Lifeline is a great name for a boyfriend for a person who helps you live. You can just trust him in every situation in your life. This might be a good name for boys who like to be romantic.

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13. Mr Wikipedia

Mr Wikipedia is one of the best nicknames for a boyfriend if he is a very smart person. When you ask him a question, he's ready with an answer right away. So calling them by this name is a great idea.

14. Regulator

Is he the one who helps you and makes sure you do things in a good way? Then this is a great nickname for your boyfriend.

15. Picasso

Picasso is a great nickname for your boyfriend if your guy is great at painting and loves to do it. 

16. Teddy

Teddy is a very cute name for your boyfriend. If your boyfriend is like a cute teddy, then you can call him by this adorable nickname. 

17. Rock Star

Rock Star is a very great nickname for your boyfriend. He could be called a rock star if his looks are to die for, and he is the most popular face in the whole world.

18. Orion

Orion is the name of the star and also one of the best nicknames for a boyfriend. This is a very romantic name for a boyfriend. So, if your boyfriend is the best, then calling him by this cute name is a great idea.

19. Firefly 

You can call your boyfriend firefly if he is the only source of light in your life when things are dark and you have been let down.

20. Big Guy

It is among those romantic nicknames to call your boyfriend that will make him look good, whether it refers to his height, weight, or some other part of his body.


So these are some of the most preferred and best nicknames for a boyfriend that you can choose from as per your boyfriend's nature and liking.