Anything abnormal or new with the baby always concerns mothers especially the young and first – time mommies. Every parent or to be parent please take note, there is nothing like best parenting, so don’t worry if you went wrong sometimes, you did your best! From breastfeeding to its poop, everything is a concern for a mother. This article is majorly concerned with your baby’s poop! If you see constipation in babies and only passing gas, here are the things you need to know!

Is It Normal For A Baby Not To Poop?

Babies are as new to their bodies as this world. More often, the baby tries to understand all his or her bodily functions, just like other things it takes time for the newborns to understand the futon of digestion. And this can be the reason for not pooping regularly or just being gassy. Babies can also get adult’s issues like constipation. All these conditions are completely normal so no worries! There is no perfect number of times the baby should poop. It completely depends on what you give to your baby or how his or her body system is working. Some newborns poop once a day or often, some poop once a week. In both cases, there is no need to hype up yourselves. Both the conditions are completely normal. However, one should see that when your baby is pooping they should be comfortable in doing that and poop in enough amounts.

It is All About the Food you give to the Baby

Pooping mostly depends on what type of food you are giving to your little one. The type of food and nutrition decides everything from the timing of poop to the type of poop. 

Baby Not To Poop
Baby Not To Poop

If you are only breastfeeding your baby for the first six months. Your baby will poop really less as most of the milk of breastfeeding goes for providing nutrition to the baby. So, there might be no need for the elimination of anything from the body. On the contrary, if you are formula-feeding your baby which implies that you are using some outside company produced food your baby might poop often. And after six months, when you actually start feeding solids to your baby his or her poops will be dependent completely on their baby’s diet. If you give more solids, poop will also be stiff, if you will give more liquids than poop will be runny. If you feed them very often they will poop more frequently and vice-versa. Thus, it all depends on the type of food and, the amount of it, and at what intervals you are feeding the baby.

What to do if the Baby has very Stinky Gas?

Numerous times, parents often complain about stinky gas passed by their babies. The smell of gas depends on the type of food your baby is consuming.  One may relate different smells to different food items. However, if your baby’s poop is really foul-smelling and continues for weeks in that case you must visit a pediatrician.  

Is Your Baby Constipated?

Before thinking of constipation, keep in mind that some babies are naturally gassy and poop less, if your baby is happy being gassy, let is be. There is nothing wrong and you don’t have to take care of anything.

Baby Not To Poop
Baby Not To Poop

If all this is happening to your baby than it is okay. But, if you find your baby not pooping and only passing even after giving enough food, he or she might be constipated. Don’t worry if your baby is constipated, it is quite normal. As mentioned earlier, newborns are still in the process of understanding the bodily function pooping is quite a task for them. Their muscles need time to get used to it. Thus, there are absolutely no issues if your baby is constipated. Nearly 30% of the newborns get constipation quite frequently.

Other Symptoms of Constipation in Babies

  • Vomiting
  • Excessive crying
  • Fever
  • Back pain
  • Eating issues

Don’t worry you can cure it with some easy remedies! But first, let us look at things that should be avoided!

Things to Avoid While Taking Care of Your Baby

One has to be really cautious about the baby’s nutrition. Here are a few things you must avoid.

  • Avoid formula feeding for the first six months. Try to stick to Breastfeeding more. Also, do check out this before switching to formula feeding.
  • Get a check-up for your baby regarding soy or dairy allergy.
  • Concern with your pediatrician before switching your baby’s diet. Also, avoid iron supplements if you think your baby is constipated.
  • Keep your baby hydrated.

What to Do If Your Baby is Constipated?

The following remedies will help you to treat your baby’s constipation and help him to poop easier. 

Baby Not To Poop
Baby Not To Poop
  • Try to relax your baby’s muscles. Bicycle them or any other sort of exercise, this will relax the muscles and help them poop
  • Give them an oil massage
  • Try bathing them with warm water
  • Give more liquids
  • Observe what type of food suits your baby
  • Try to breast-feed him or her more
  • If you are formula feeding them, dilute them more
  • Try changing the brand for formula feeding

If you still observe no change in your baby’s health after trying the above remedies. Visit your pediatrician as soon as possible to treat constipation in babies. Last but not the least, please try not to panic much about your baby’s health. It will be fine. We wish your baby happy pooping!

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