This cocktail needs a disclaimer before trying it out, for sure. When it comes to strong cocktails that are known to cause hangovers, Aunt Roberta deserves a special mention. Aunt Roberta is one of the strongest cocktails of all times since it consists of everything alcoholic. Yes, you read that right. It is just liquor. 

There are no diluting agents or any kind of non-alcoholic beverages in it. It has 100% alcohol and should certainly be tried by the strong-willed, looking for some adventure or even the ones who are dealing with heartbreak. Aunt Roberta cocktail is the best for those who’re in pain and are looking for a drink that would just pass them out. 

They’re sure to wake up with a crazy hangover and there are high chances that they won’t remember a thing from the previous day.

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As you might’ve already guessed, the origin of this cocktail is not associated with extensive planning or experimentation. It is the outcome of an accidental blending of liquor, by an Alabama lady from the 19th century. The cocktail is named after her since she was known as Aunt Roberta. She is known to have made the cocktail, accidentally, while being drunk. 

Her story is quite tragic because she had to flee from her home very early in life, that is, at the age of eleven since she had an extremely abusive childhood, being the daughter of an alcoholic man. 

Initially, her livelihood was that of a cotton picker, followed by that of a prostitute and finally, she ended up selling alcohol to earn a living. The beverages sold by her included moonshine and gin, processed at home. She had reportedly passed away in 1886 at quite a young age of 32 years. 

The Aunt Roberta recipe that is popular today is not the one that was made by Aunt Roberta herself. It’s the version of Billy Joe Spratt, one of Aunt Roberta’s customers who’d introduced the cocktail in the bars that he’d started in New York.

He’d named the cocktail after its true inventor and had become a millionaire within two years of its introduction, due to its popularity. The popularity of the cocktail hasn’t diminished to date and holds a special place in the history of unusually created foods and beverages.

 Now that we’re aware of the background behind the Aunt Roberta cocktail, it’s time to learn how to make it! 

Aunt Roberta
Aunt Roberta

How to Make the Aunt Roberta Cocktail?

Below is the procedure of making Aunt Roberta cocktail:


  • Blackberry liquor
  • Gin
  • Vodka
  • Brandy
  • Absinthe


  • 1 part of Blackberry liquor, 2 parts of Absinthe, 1.5 parts of Gin, 3 parts of Vodka, and 1 part of Brandy are fused and shaken in a cocktail shaker, filled with ice.
  • The mixture is strained and poured into a glass for a smooth consistency.

Voila! Your Aunt Roberta cocktail mix is ready to increase your adrenaline rush. 

How to be Responsible While Drinking?

Waking up with a hangover can be extremely uncomfortable and agonizing. Moreover, over drinking can lead to several health-related issues as well, such as: 

  1. Headache – Unrestricted consumption of alcohol can lead to severe headaches due to the excess pressure caused in the blood vessels.
  2. Fatigue – Alcohol is observed to lower blood pressure levels and thus over drinking leads to tiredness. People are not able to walk or even stand on their own if they drink too much.
  3. Dehydration – Alcohol dries out our system and strips it of all the hydration in the form of urine. Thus, it is really important to stay hydrated and avoid warm places while consuming alcohol. Dehydration might lead to drowsiness as well.
  4. Loss of memory – Not being able to remember things due to over drinking is not an unusual thing. It is quite common among people who consume alcohol regularly. This results from the effects of alcohol on our immune system and its inflammatory and drying properties.
  5. Vomiting – Drinking excessive alcohol directs to vomiting and the body tends to throw out everything that exceeds its intake capacity. Alcohol leads to several digestion-related problems in the long run if its consumption is not controlled.

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Prevention is Better Than Cure 

  • The key to slowing down the impact of alcohol is to have food before the consumption of alcohol and while consuming alcohol. Drinking on an empty stomach is not advisable since the alcohol is rapidly absorbed by the body.
  • Drinking water while drinking doesn’t lead to dehydration. This method is not followed by most people but is an effective one.
  • It is better to restrict drinking after a while and focusing more on having proper food. One should be aware of one’s alcohol consumption capacity, that is, the limit to which one can drink to be able to function, normally.
  • Congeners should be avoided as much as possible. This can only be done by choosing lighter-colored drinks over the darker ones. The darker ones contain a higher intensity of congeners, which are chemicals, used in drinks to give them their taste, odour, and flavour. These are mainly acids, aldehydes, etc, that are formed as by-products in the process of fermentation.

Aunt Roberta is not like any other regular cocktail and one needs preparation before trying it out.  The do’s and don’ts of drinking should be kept in mind to make the most of the experience.

Precautions are mandatory unless one desires to pass out after drinking the cocktail. It must be accompanied by food and water throughout the drinking duration.

 The process of drinking should be as slow as possible. Sipping the drink at one go might have detrimental effects on your body and is strictly advised against.

However, you should certainly try out the Aunt Roberta cocktail recipe at home and enjoy it with your loved ones. You can also modify the measurements of the drinks to lower their intensity. 

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