Astral Projection is another name for having an outer body projection. It is the controlled art of entering an out-of-body experience at will. Regardless of your beliefs surrounding what Astral Projection is – it’s worth trying. What happens is you perceive yourself as actually leaving your body and being able to float around outside it either in a location that appears to be similar to the real world or in some weird and wonderful land. Now there’s much debate over what causes this. This is something that occurs inside your mind in an internal world a bit like the dream state. 

Dream and Astral Projection

Is this something that involves you actually leaving your body in some kind of spiritual manner or is it neither? There are definite similarities to say lucid dreaming. In that, you are having this experience that does seem like it’s internal to you and doesn’t seem to affect you. You know the external world that you’re in. 

astral projection
Astral Projection

You know if you were to interact as an object during an astral projection. Although dreams and astral projections share some similarities, the latter is very different from a dream. Astral Projection is harder to do than lucid dreaming. For the average person who attempts a lucid dreaming method solidly every day for the next week, they’re going to have two or three or possibly more lucid dreams. 

Now if the average person does the same with astral projection they’re not going to have a single astral projection in that first week. It might take weeks or sometimes months. When you go into astral projection it’s very different. It’s almost more energy-consuming than lucid dreaming. In lucid dreaming, you feel a kind of little stimulation inside your head, whereas in astral projection it does feel like you’re struggling to get somewhere like you’re going somewhere and it is draining some of your energy. When you are at your best astral projection comes naturally and easily.

Theories Concerning Astral Projection

Different theories surround astral projections. One theory is that they are spiritual planes. You know these planes or dimensions other than the one you’re in and the astral projection is you traveling. You can’t prove or disprove these absent interesting theories.

Theories concerning Astral Projection
Astral Projection

Another theory is that you’re actually leaving your body and floating around in this place and you know the other places that you see. The weird and wonderful locations are just other places in this particular dimension. This is something that happens within the brain and it might be with some people that it is connected in some way to dreaming. It is something internal but it is a very different and distinct experience from dreaming itself. In other words, it is a mental internal phenomenon. The astral plane is more of a subconscious thing, a kind of dream location.

Some other theories suggest that this is perhaps the source of things like shared dreaming you see subconsciously, all of us are connected in some way or another. We constantly transmit little cues and social cues and stuff like that to each other. We’re talking without saying it. What if astral projection was sort of like a shared dream, a subconsciously connected kind of location where the dream was shared by the entire human race. Astral Projection is an internal thing but it’s internal on a subconscious level. A level is connected to the subconscious of every other person on the planet.

How to Astral Project?

REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement. The REM stage is a stage of sleep in which you’re closest to being awake and alert. While not required for Astral Projection – it certainly helps. The longest and most stable REM period is typically 6 hours after you first go to sleep.

 Astral Projection
Astral Projection
  1. So the 1st step is, set an alarm for 6 hours after you go to bed. Then wake up when it rings.
  2. In the 2nd step, you have to lie back down, close your eyes, and tell yourself that you will stay aware and alert and notice your body falling asleep.
  3. In the 3rd step, just let yourself fall asleep. Your brain should remember that you intended to stay alert, so your body should fall asleep before your mind.

Mind awake, body asleep.

  1. The 4th step involves ‘The Rope Technique’. Imagine yourself climbing a rope or ladder, or swinging back and forth. Focus on imagining the sensation of motion, not on seeing it. Keep doing this until you start to feel these electric zaps or vibrations surging down your body. Then continue until the vibrations naturally push you out of your body.
  2. In the 5th step get as far away from your body as you can. For a small number of people staying too close to their body causes problems. So move away from it immediately just in case.

Is Astral Projection Real?

When we talk about astral projection being real we either mean one of the two things. Do we either mean does it happen? Is it a real experience? How have people done it? The answer is YES. Because many people have done it and you can find and read their stories everywhere. It is a real experience and if you haven’t experienced it you might not know about that. 

The other thing is, what all you are experiencing through astral projection, is it real? It is something external, something that isn’t just a dream. If you do lucid dreaming just like astral projection you may see it as a bit of a weird thing. For some time when someone told the other person that they were able to lucid dream and people would question them and react weirdly thinking that they were just lying, they are making up things. 

They won’t believe it unless they experience it themselves. Science hasn’t verified the existence of lucid dreaming. It only happened that some researchers came up with the idea of actually taking someone getting them to have a lucid dream and in their lucid dream getting them to respond and deliver a message to researchers as a way of proving that they are listed. So, its reality depends on person to person and the way they perceive it and understand the phenomenon.

Astral Travel

astral travel
Astral Projection

Everybody is doing astral journeys, it’s just a hallucination. It isn’t that you lie down and just imagine flying here and there. There are five dimensions of the body, physical body, mental body, energy body, etheric body, and bliss body. What is being referred to as astral bodies, is allowing the etheric body to float around. That means, you can conduct your activity here because your physical body, mental body, the energy body is intact, but just allowing the etheric body to go, that’s a certain kind of mastery. You can’t just psych yourself into it. 

Now, when we say leaving the body, we are just allowing the pranic body to move out which is much simpler. It is a much simpler thing to do and it is a more concrete thing. Compared to the etheric body, the pranic body is physical. It’s a more physical kind of presence, but its energy is physical. Etheric is transitory energy. It is neither physical nor beyond. It is a transition. Bliss body is totally beyond the physical. So, getting the pranic body out and putting it back is easy. And it’s a much stronger experience because a physical part of you goes out and gets back.

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