Ask Him Out With These 6 Tips And Be His Milady!!!

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Ask him out

Cheers, querida made her mind!!!

Finally, you have gathered the guts to be the one to make the first move and ask him out. BRAVO!! It is really cool of you that you are not being orthodox relating to the relationship thing that it is always the man who goes first to put efforts. 

I like you girl and so will he. I hope you have thought of some unawkward ways to ask him out with you, but then too, I’m here to provide some of the tips that you can follow, so that I can be a help to such a charismatic girl. Go through the below-mentioned things.

  • Ask them to join

Starting with the basic and the easiest technique of all is, simply ask them to come and join. If you already have plans with your friends to have brunch or a visit to the new resort, museum, an event, or anything (that may even be just for a walk), you can ask the person, ‘will you come’ or you can even say ‘ you should join us’. This will be a casual way to ask him to go out with you. If nothing romantic, you will get to spend time with him and also a chance to know and get closer to him.

You can even WhatsApp, or normal text him to ask if he will be able to spare some hours, believe me, you are not going to get any other option as easy as this. An advantage in this way is if in case you get a rejection, that will be a sweet rejection and nothing goes awkward after that. Anyways you will have plans with your friends to have fun, sympathizing yourself with better luck next time. 

  • Confidence is sizzling hot

You are up to make such a brave shot where you cannot lose your confidence. Your confidence is one such element that can either smitten him or you. You should be confident regardless of any other flaw shadowing you. If you lose your confidence, all the efforts that you have put to impress the person you admire will turn evil for you. You are enough, think it that way. Say things to your mind, it really works. 

All is well (from 3-idiots), remember???

  • Buy them a drink

If you can break the orthodox of being the first one, then this is not a thing to think about, if you should or should not. There is nothing bad about buying a drink for a man, you can and you should. You have got pennies in your MK so why not.

But pay attention here: it does not have to be cheesy or sleazy. Have you ever seen a man paying for a lady in the bar shop, if yes then you must have observed, or if know I’ll tell you, the man just pays but may not even ask her her name. You may feel this is awkward but darling it is not. If you got to buy a drink for a man, you are not obligated to talk to the person until and unless you want to. 

Doing this, you will definitely stick your face in his mind. Saying this I meant, he will know you and most probably may wave hands at you the next time you see him. 

If you know the person well then you can ask him to join you for a group date with your two friends. Things will be amazing here.

  • Ask him if he can have a meal with you

Do not complicate things in your mind. Take everything lightly. You can ask anyone you know to have a meal with you, the only thing that is exaggerated here is it provides the other person a feeling that you may have something towards him. This is not at all a harm, and I think you are capable of letting him get at least that much of the idea that you do have something for him

Ask him out
  • Understand when it is not reciprocated

Have the sense as well as strength to understand and accept if things are not taking the turns you want them to. It is not always mandatory that the person for whom you fall for will have the same feelings for you. If you do not see any effort or any positive retaliation from the other side, then make your mind understand and face reality. It is okay, you will face a lot of rejection in this game of life. Move on to someone where you will be fructified. 

These tips may help you deal with the things going in your heart and mind. And do not go nerve-racking, thinking in a prolonged way. All you need to keep in mind is you are beautiful and you can. 

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Anindita BhuyanAnindita Bhuyan
Anindita Bhuyan, a graduate of BBA in International Business and a native of Assam. I crave to experience an odyssey and share that via words, that is where I have an eternal love for writing.

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