Have you ever bitten your nails so short that you can’t really do anything with them anymore? Or maybe you haven’t washed your bedsheets in ages. How does this matter, you might be thinking. Everyone does that stuff. They probably shouldn’t, but they do anyway.

So what?

Believe it or not, bad beauty habits can add up and have really bad effects on your overall skin, hair, and nails! Also, you might be thinking you can snap out of it really fast if it’s that bad a habit. But as we know, human beings are creatures of habit. As women, we worry a lot about our looks, but often it’s natural to ignore the small negative habits that can really affect your beauty regime. Bad beauty habits can be really toxic! Bet you’re guilty of some of these…

Bad Beauty Habits You Need To Snap of

Recognize yourself in any of these points? Ready to stop neglecting your skin, hair, and nails? Gear up!

1. You don’t change your pillowcases 

Here’s the thing…you might think it’s hard enough to just change and wash your bed sheets regularly. You might forget about pillowcases. It’s really not high on the list when you’re thinking about factors in your beauty regime. But it’s up there all right. You put your face on that pillow every night, and you can’t imagine the kind of oil, dirt, and makeup (that you should’ve taken off but forgotten to!) that accumulates on that pillow. If you’re wondering why you have so many pores and pimples and skin problems, this is one of the suspects. Change your pillowcases regularly!

2. Brushing wet hair

You’re late to work and you run a comb through your just-washed hair, thinking it’s no big deal, you won’t do it again soon (except next week, when you’re late again!). It happens sometimes, but you should avoid brushing wet hair as much as possible. Your hair can get very easily damaged because pores open up after a shower.

Bad Beauty Habits
Bad Beauty Habits

3. You don’t wash your makeup brushes

Maybe all women are guilty of this to a certain extent if you regularly use makeup! All the dirt that gathers on those brushes is again applied to clean skin when you’re putting on makeup, as well as the leftover makeup from your last time getting ready! Again, this can result in pimples and skin problems, and it can ruin your makeup look. Basically, you’re applying a ton of bacteria to your face. Most of the time it can be hard to make time for such a small and annoying chore, but it has to be done. So stop putting it off. Go pick up your makeup brushes and give them a proper rinse!

4. Hoarding your makeup

We all love to hoard bottles and tubes of our favorite makeup products. Especially if it’s a limited edition product or something from a few years ago that you don’t get anymore. But it’s just not safe to use those high school eyeshadow palettes and that lipstick you bought like five years ago. There’s a lot of germ buildup in those products and using them can again lead to pimples and skin problems. Makeup breaks down as time passes and you won’t be surprised if some of those blushes from your school days have started to smell

5. Biting your nails

Many people are guilty of nail biting and find it to be a stress-reliever, and even strangely enjoyable! But your cuticles can’t take that kind of stress either. You’ll end up with torn, bleeding fingers and nails that are barely-there. Many people bite nails due to stress, so try and find relief in other methods, like yoga or meditation or exercise. Just leave your poor nails alone!

Bad Beauty Habits
Bad Beauty Habits

6. Slouching

Many of us have a bad posture, particularly if it’s a habit that wasn’t corrected since childhood. But it can really take a toll on your back and your overall body shape. Try constantly reminding yourself to push your shoulders up through phone timers or something similar. Eventually you’ll be doing it of your own accord.

If you’re guilty of any of these bad beauty habits, you need to start working on it! These are all habits which have bad short-term and long-term effects, so it’s a lose-lose for us all. It’s just that we find habits hard to break, but determination and repetition can help.

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