Henna, an old way of covering grey hair. Your mother or even your grandmother might have used this method to cover those irritating little white hair strands but do you know that henna for hair is not just for those little grey strands but there are a bunch of benefits of henna for hair you might want to know. Henna is a very popular herb in India. It is known for its cooling properties. It takes care of your hair by making it strong and shiny.

So why use it for just dyeing your hair when you can use it for a variety of advantages for hair. Using natural henna for hair can do a miracle for you. So get ready to discover some great benefits of henna for hair and how to use henna for healthy hair. 

Benefits of Henna for Hair

Natural henna for hair can work like magic if used correctly. There are various benefits of henna for hair you might be shocked to know. The power of natural henna is not just limited to decorating your hands or covering greys but much more than that. Let us see some benefits of henna for hair. 

1. Henna Improves Hair Growth

If you are suffering from hair loss or hair breakage and looking for something to fix it, henna can do the work for you. Natural henna is packed with powerful phytochemicals that can help and stimulate follicle growth and improves your hair health.

You can make a pack or use a shampoo imbued with henna extracts. Washing your hair with henna enriched shampoo twice or thrice a week can improve hair growth and thickness. 

2. Henna Prevents Dandruff 

The excessive dryness on your scalp causes dandruff or flakes on your hair. Dandruff can be very irritating and embarrassing. You use henna for hair to combat stubborn dandruff on your hair.

Henna wipes out excessive grease or dirt from your hair along with this adamant dandruff. Using henna powder for hair regularly not only eliminates this problem but can also prevent dandruff from occurring on hair again.

3. Reduces Itchiness 

If you have dandruff you must be suffering from itchiness too. Itchiness happens when your scalp is dry and flaky. Henna for hair can help you out! Natural Henna has antifungal and antimicrobial properties which cool down your scalp giving you a cooling effect on the scalp and an immediate relief from itchiness.

It soothes, controls itchiness, and keeps the hair smooth. You can use henna powder for hair regularly to combat itchiness and dandruff. 

4. Repairs Damage and Split Ends

You can use henna hair to deeply condition your hair. Henna is incredibly nourishing and can overhaul your hair damage problem. It improves strength and elasticity and also helps from breakage of your hair. Dry and damaged hair is more prone to split ends.

Henna is a great way to repair them! Henna conditions and nourishes your hair and takes care of your dry hair. So don’t just cut your split ends off when you can nourish them while repairing with henna. 

5. Prevents Grey Hair

Natural Henna for hair is known for its hair dyeing properties. Chemical dyes can damage your hair. If you are scared of chemical dyes for hair you can go for henna. It’s an amazing alternative for hair dyes. You need henna powder for hair rather than chemical dyes.

Plus, henna has no amino acids or other chemicals that take wipe off the moisture from your hair. Lack of moisture means damaged hair and nobody wants that. So use henna for covering your greys. It’s natural and healthy for your hair. 

6. Balances pH and Oil Production

Excessive oil on your hair causes so many hair problems you probably don’t want. If you are tired of having oily hair, then why not try henna for hair? Henna can calm down your sebaceous glands and controls the oil production.

It can also balance your pH levels of the scalp to its natural levels. This can help strengthen your hair and keeps it healthy and natural. Nothing is better than henna for healthy hair. 

How to Make a Henna Hair Pack for Healthy Hair?

If you want to acquire the above-mentioned benefits of henna for hair, then you just need some small ingredients which can be available in your nearby market or store.

Henna Hair Pack for Healthy Hair
Henna Hair Pack for Healthy Hair

Using Henna powder for the hair rather than those chemical dyes can work better and is a great option for healthy hair. You can make a DIY henna mask for hair at home without any hassle. Let us see all the ingredients and procedure of using the henna powder for hair. 

Henna and Amla Hair Mask

Amla is great for hair health. Even the consumption of raw amla keeps your hair healthy and prevents white strands for a long time. Why not use it with henna powder for hair to gain its benefits. Let us see what ingredients you need to make this mask. 

What you Need

  • 3 tbsp henna powder for hair
  • 1 cup amla powder
  • 2 drops of vitamin E oil
  • 1 egg white
  • 1 lemon

What to Do

Take 3 tbsp of henna powder for hair, amla powder, and add a little amount of water to form a paste out of it. After that, add one egg white into it and mix. While you are mixing add lemon juice and an into it and mix again to form a thick paste and your henna hair pack is ready. Let the mixture marinate for an hour. 

After one hour, apply this mixture to your hair from roots to the entire length of your hair. Leave this on for about 50 minutes. After that, wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Make sure to use cool water as there is egg white in the mixture. 

Apply this mixture once a week to see the desired results. Henna for hair has a lot of benefits and using natural henna regularly can help you achieve your hair goals without any hassle. 

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