How many ladies out there worried about vaginal odor? Well, it’s time you wave your worries goodbye because today, this article is going to walk you through everything you need to do and take care of to get an amazing smelling vagina easily!

Ways To Get A Good Smell In Vagina

Here are some of the amazing ways that you can follow to have a good smelling vagina

1. Hydrate

The standard for everyone is to drink about eight glasses of water per day, but people have different metabolic rates and activity levels, so some might drink too much water while others might be lacking hydration. For your vagina to smell nice, you need to drink enough water, particularly when you notice your pee looks pale yellow or clearer. When we are dehydrated for not consuming enough water, our urine becomes more acidic and makes the vagina sour, something that will develop into a bad smell afterward. When we drink sufficient water, it helps us flush out toxins that can make our excretion organs including the vagina smell awful. 

2. Herbs To The Rescue

Herbs are known for helping to eradicate powerful smells from body openings such as your vagina. One of these herbs is rosemary. You don’t need to cook it, just put a few sprigs in your drinking water every day. There are many other herbs including parsley and mint which have strong oils that help to maintain a pleasant smell in your vagina. But you don’t have to use them like rosemary. Just drop some few sprigs of mint to your dessert and eat it. It will help your vagina and make it smell fresh. Be kind to your vagina and take good care of it, and it will be good for you back. 

3. Give Thongs A Break

The most laid-back way of making your vagina smell amazing is wearing panties that are made of natural fibers such as cotton or linen. Some women make mistakes buying undies that are too tight. Avoid tight pants because they can cause you to sweat and change the odor of your vagina considerably. Thongs look sexy, undoubtedly, but their tiny strips can cause a spread of bacteria from your anal to your vagina and make it smell really terrible. 

4. Citrus Fruits For The Magic

According to various researches, grapefruits, lemons, oranges and as well as pineapples, are commonly known to sweeten vaginal discharge thus making your vagina smell good. These kinds of fruits contain vitamin C, a very strong antioxidant and a powerful disinfectant that keeps your vagina clean. Doctors believe that the acids in those fruits are helpful in pushing the water in our bodies and getting rid of toxins, leaving our bodies, particularly the openings like the vagina pleasant and smelling fruity. 

5. Go Vegan And Smell Amazing

Smell In Vagina
Smell In Vagina

According to researchers, red meat and oily fish have been known to cause really bad body odors and thus, of course, smelly vaginas. Doctors say that you can smell worse, under two hours after eating some red meat, not only in your mouth but also down there, your vagina. Women who eat veggies have really amazing smelling vaginas because they are used to eating fresh vegetables and fruits which have noteworthy health benefits for their bodies and vaginas.

6. A Good partner

Some women are unaware of the fact that sleeping with too many guys can make their vaginas smelly. You should have one partner only and always make sure he has a cause tested negative for any STD. Your vagina is very sensitive and failure to keep it in good condition can be sometimes embarrassing. STDs can result in numerous complications leaving your vagina with some smelly discharge, not overlooking the pain and an itchy feeling. STDs can even cause degeneration of your reproductive organs, so you should consider all these before getting involved with any guy sexually.

7. Your Sleep Routine

When you get good and sound sleep, your body’s immunity improves and thus fights infections better. According to a lot of doctors, the liver and the gallbladder are typically busy repairing and detoxifying our bodies between 11 pm and 3 am. If you are awake during that time, the organs don’t concentrate on their jobs, and more toxins remain in our bodies. It’s suggested to sleep by 10 pm every night to help your body relax and detoxify. By doing this, your vagina will stay clean and smell fine.

These were all the tips and methods you need to keep in mind to have a fresh and healthy smelling vagina. A bad-smelling vagina can be embarrassing to some people and it’s always good to take care of your intimate areas for better health and to prevent any other complications.

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