Mother’s day is extremely special whatever we do it is actually all about mothers day isn’t it ?- even if we take our birth-givers for granted throughout the year, every child makes it a point to commemorate these super warriors on the second Sunday of May. Our mothers do so much for us and understand every little thing about us, even before we convey it. Mothers deserve all the love that this world is capable of offering because they are the people who shape our beings and make us capable of living our lives on our own terms. 

Why are mothers special- well- now that’s just a silly question. But there are some unfortunate people- who don’t have a mother. They may have lost their mother and have nobody to celebrate with. However, we should always remember the Mother’s Day is a day that celebrates women and literally anybody else who embodies the qualities of a mother. You can celebrate it with your sister, an aunt, or even your best friend, who’s been a mother-figure for you and has stood by you, irrespective of all the hard times. 

Moreover, we should always try to make Mother’s Day a very inclusive celebration of love, that includes the LGBTQ+ community as well. Children who have gay parents or have transgender parents celebrate Mother’s Day in unique ways. They often celebrate it with their surrogate mothers or their grandmothers or just with their parents. 

A day that commemorates the efforts of a mother should never be exclusive of some people simply because they don’t identify with the hetero normative gender roles. Love is love and Mother’s Day is for all those who believe in love and care for one’s children. 

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Mother's Day
Mother's Day

Mother’s Day: Description & All About Mothers Day 

While the most common dates of celebrating Mother’s Day might be comparatively new, the concept of honoring mothers has existed since ages ago. In the Classical Era, the Greeks and the Romans used to celebrate motherhood by worshipping the deities of motherhood, maternal bonds, such as Goddess Rhea and Goddess Cybele. Later, the Christian occasion came into being, known as the “Mothering Sunday”. 

The current version of Mother’s Day began in the United States in 1908. Anna Jarvis was responsible for bringing the day into existence. A few years later, that is, in 1914, it became an official holiday that was meant to give presents, flowers, cards, and goodies to mothers, and similar gestures to make them feel loved and special. 

While in the US, Mother’s Day is a national holiday, it’s not the same in the rest of the world. However, the significance and the celebrations remain the same.

4 Things you can do on Mother’s Day 

Things to do in Mother's Day:

1. Breakfast 

Mother’s Day calls for an elaborate breakfast designed for your mother right after she wakes up. The people who always take care of our meals and make sure that we eat on time should be pampered now and then but more importantly, on the day that celebrates them. 

Arrange for all the things that your mom loves and surprise her in the morning with a grand spread or a simple one, depending on what would make her happier. 

If you don’t have your mom living with you, you can make her feel special by setting up a virtual brunch. Mother’s Day without mom can never be the same but you can do your best to make the distance hurt less. You can make her favorite good reach her doorstep and then connect over FaceTime, to see your mother’s pleased face. If you truly want to make the day count, you will always find a way. 

2. Movie date 

How often do we actually sit and watch something with our mothers? Not too frequently, right? Mother’s day is about living the little moments that matter in sustaining the beauty of a relationship. You should make it a point to watch different types of movies and TV shows with your mom not just on Mother’s Day but on other days as well, to make her feel good.

 If you don’t live with your mother, a virtual movie date would be just as special. Several platforms allow the streaming of movies while you’re on a video call. In this way, you would be able to spend the day the way you want to, even though you are miles away from your family. 

3. A video or a playlist 

Making videos and playlists for your loved ones is quite a trend now and is a great way of showing love to the ones who matter. You can make a video compilation with short messages from the people who matter to your mother and show it to her on Mother’s Day. Alternatively, you can compile your mom’s favorite melodies in a playlist and gift it to her. These little efforts can go a long way in making your mother smile.

Our mothers look after us and stand beside us, every step of the way. The least we can do is acknowledge and appreciate their presence in our lives. They don’t expect too much and little gestures often turn out to be more effective than grand presents. Even if you cannot spend much on the celebrations, you can still make your mother feel special. The love with which you do something for her is what matters. 

4. Handmade card/ Handwritten letter 

What’s better than expressing your feelings for your mom on Mother’s Day, right? We don’t admit our love for those who are always there for us. We often tend to take them for granted and mothers are no different. 

If you’re good with the crafts, try making a handmade card for your mother that would signify your love for her or simply sit with a pen and paper, penning down your thoughts for her. Handmade gifts are priceless and mothers value such presents more than purchased items, any day. If you want to walk that extra mile to do something unique on Mother’s Day, honor her with self-made items. 


We have talked about the history and origin of Mothers Day, followed by various things you can do to make the most of the day. Some often argue about the importance of Mother’s Day because motherhood should be celebrated every day. 

However, having a day in the name of the people who shape us is a celebration in itself and deserves to be recognized. The ideal way to spend this day is to have a heart full of gratitude for our mothers and promising them our love, through the thick and thin of life. 

When children grow up, it’s their responsibility to take care of their mothers in the same way they were looked after when they were young. 

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