5 Tips To Achieve Those Perfect Non Saggy Breasts

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saggy breasts
Isha Surabhi
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Tired of breast sagging?? 

Trying hard but not able to achieve those so-called perfect ones??? 

As a woman, the worst thing that we face is saggy breasts. Let alone your colony, even if you go out searching throughout the earth, no single woman would want her breasts to sag! There are plenty of reasons attached to it right from not being able to wear a no bra dress to having to wear a bra all the time. The biggest issue seems when you try to wear a shoulder-less dress as it never fits in well. It just goes down and you go on becoming hopeless once again! 

But with VOW as your companion, you need not worry anymore as we have got you covered with our perfect solutions to the same.

So, here are the five steps to the same:


A trendy thing that becomes a must for you to follow is bra. There’s no such thing that can force you to gear up for the current trend but a bra can- “always”! It is because ones a certain type of bra gets obsolete, it looks really awkward if you keep wearing that. So, when we look at a woman wearing bra back then in the 2000s, they seem to be extremely ignorant of issues like sagginess. But having witnessed the present society, everyone is conscious enough to hide such things. So, a good way to avoid sagginess is that you choose a perfect fit bra in order to keep yourself confident and your breasts sag-free. Always try the bra before you buy it. It should not have your breasts bouncing out of it. Also, it should not leave enough space in between. It should fit in your boobs perfectly. 


In order to keep it aesthetic, you need to put on some lotion on it every day. Not just that it will help your skin around the boobs rejuvenate, but also it will enhance your breast’s flexibility. Also, you need to massage it in a clockwise and anti-clockwise motion that is in a circular motion. The massage duration should not be anywhere lesser than 10 mins to get the appropriate results. People usually tend to think, it’s a mere stereotypical process which it is absolutely not. The scientific side of it tells us that this massaging improves the blood circulation within the tissues, hence making it more flexible. 


In order to avoid saggy breast, the best you can do is to achieve a perfect balanced diet routine. Your body is in extreme need of such a diet to have your solid and stiff cells fabricated. Even these stiff cells are inclusive of the new tissues too. Vitamins are something you cannot afford to ignore for a well-toned body. To have well-hydrated skin, the most important components are vitamin D and vitamin E. Also, if you are the one who has extra-large breast size and you want to avoid that, then first what you need to avoid is Omega-3 unsaturated fats. 


It is extremely imperative to keep a non-fluctuating weight of your body. Either eat in such an adjusted way or work out so well that you never have an extreme deviation in your weighing machine numbers. For instance, if you put on and lose weight so fast, then it will cause extra tissue growth somehow. This may lead to boob flexibility making it look saggy breast. So, yeah in order to avoid sagginess, you should be extremely careful about your weight fluctuations. Having a vacillated body weight can have your connective tissues strained there, hence causing the unwanted! 


When we say work out well, we don’t mean to have you on the treadmill for an entire day, all that we point out towards is working out in a balanced manner. Working out more can cause extra flexible breast tissues leading to sagginess, which of course you don’t want. Your larger breast’s weight can rupture your tendons as well as strain your connective tissues.

Non Saggy Breasts

So, these are some of the useful ways how you can get rid of saggy breast. And having mentioned these ways, we suggest you to wear the perfect bra which is not just perfect for looks but also for health

Stay watchful, stay healthy! 💚

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