What To Expect Post A Cancer Recovery

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life after cancer
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Life after cancer

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer at a young age, your world may be crumbling down on you.. while we can’t understand that exact feeling, we can definitely make it out from the stats that unlike what you know, most cancers will give you a few years of time if not get cured totally and give you up to 20 years. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with the disease or not diagnosed but just curious, read on to find out more about the disease and how people fighting with it feel:

What Is Cancer?

Well cancer is one of the deadliest diseases which kills millions of people each year. Cancer is the uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells in the body and this happens when the body’s mechanism stops working normally.

What actually happens in cancer is the old cell doesn’t die and new cells keep growing, making a mass of tissue which is called a tumor.

Which Cancers Are More Prevalent In Young People? 

Young people of the age 25-39 are more likely to get certain cancers than people or people younger than 25.

For example breast cancer, sarcomas, melanoma and testicular cancer are the most common in younger adults.

What Are The Usual Effects?

When a person is diagnosed with cancer it affects people in different ways like physical changes even causes psychological issues. When a person is diagnosed with cancer it can cause anxiety issues, stress and many people get into depression due to the fact that cancer is such a lethal disease which kills so many people each year.

Life After Cancer

Note: If you are suffering from cancer or any other life threatening disease and are depressed about the fact, let’s not worry anymore. You aren’t having any unusual situation, you’re normal, it’s a fact that you aren’t alone in the whole world who has a life risk always, we all have life risks and we never know what might happen to us in the very next moment! That’s life dear, we have no certainty, we know someday all these are gonna end anyway but see how we live like we have centuries? Just because you know you got such a disease, do not let it affect you, you’re still normal. Be positive and fight it  well. Live life to your fullest, live a life bigger than your 80 year old grandma because you know, “Life doesn’t need to be long but big”(“Zindagi Bari Honi Chahiye Lambi Nahi-Rajesh Khanna, Anand,1971). We need to live everyday like it’s our last, why not start today itself? 

A person suffering from cancer needs special care from family and friends as when they are diagnosed with cancer the most important thing is keeping the moral high so that they don’t lose hope and can fight cancer without getting into depression and taking stress as less as possible.

Most people go to work even after being diagnosed with cancer as it’s something that gives them income and also helps them to keep themselves busy in work which distracts them from the thought of having cancer and makes them feel better. 

If you want to go to work after being diagnosed with cancer you should consult your doctor and boss before going to work as sometimes it’s not perfect to do any work with cancer as your body might not permit it and can make you sicker. 

Sometimes even the treatment makes people weak but some people can still work while getting a chemo or radiation treatment.

If you are returning to work after suffering from cancer then there are certain new things that you may face. 

You will most probably see people offering you help, don’t hesitate to take any kind of help as when you have faced cancer there are certain things your body can’t do so always accept help and be grateful to those who offer help to you in your tough time but people can’t read your mind so never hesitate to address any kind of problem you are having as you have just faced one of the most lethal diseases in this modern world.

When you have faced cancer it will definitely be advised by the doctor to stay under proper treatment and keep visiting the hospital for regular check-up of your health. 

It’s important for you to know about your current condition and also to keep your colleagues and boss informed about your recovery.

post cancer

The most important thing which you need to know while returning to work after fighting cancer is that people will ask you about the disease and also your experience with it. 

Try not to get irritated as it is just people’s concerns for you. Let’s appreciate the affection and help they offer as they are your  well wishers. Also, remember to keep a check on how much you are sharing with them, never go beyond your comfort zone as that can result in additional mental stress too at times. 

Well it’s a very well known fact that fighting cancer is a tough thing and if you have done it just know there are very few people as strong as you are and all kinds of negative thoughts you are having doesn’t suit you.

If you are worried about people thinking you as a weak person after facing cancer just keep in mind a warrior after a war might be injured and weak but with time he will recover and will always be a warrior no matter what happens.

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