Why the heck do I have to be this short? I want to increase height!!! Duh, this is driving me nuts why so short!!! Want some tips to increase height!!! Bro, is this you saying??? I’m not surprised though. A lot of people fall under this. We, in general, are so self-conscious regarding our height that we spend hours thinking about ways to appear taller. It is widely spoken that our height is entirely dependent on our genetics but to your surprise, this is not true. A lot of other factors influence your body posture and stature.

Tips to Increase Height

Here are some amazing tips to increase your height. 

1. Have Proper Nutrition

If you want to increase your height then you should pay proper attention to having a well-balanced diet that is rich in nutrients (essentially calcium)  and vitamins (essentially vitamin D). Having them in your diet will help your body improve and grow.

Vitamin D is good for your bones and muscles’ growth whereas calcium stimulates the growth of bones. Your diet should contain vegetables, fruits, proteins, carbohydrates. Try to follow a schedule for your meals. You should have 3 meals a day with snacks in between.

2. Have A Walk On Sunny Days

Vitamin D is well obtained from the sun. hence it is always said to walk under the sun. But note here, this will be effective if the ultraviolet B (UVB) ray is very low. The presence of UVB may harm your skin and hair. You can check the UVB’s current status in the weather forecast. The early morning and late evening are the best time to go out since they have a very low to negligible rate of UVB rays.

3. Exercising

There are different types of exercises that are directed towards the enhancement of your height. You can get these practiced in your own homes. Make sure you do them regularly. And try to have a fixed time for the workouts. Maintaining a proper schedule will help to get the results quickly. 

Some of the exercises that you can do include

  • High bridges
  • Leg stretches
  • Skipping
  • Hanging
  • Pelvic shifts

4. Improve Your Posture

Do not be a stoop. Being this way looks clumsy and makes you appear even shorter. Have a good posture. Try to keep your back straight and upwards. Staying straight will anyway make you look taller than before.

5. Be More Confident

You need to stay confident is one of the best tips to increase height. Even if you are a 4.9, feel yourself enough and stay high on morale. This will help improve your body posture. And the most important of all: when you cultivate your mind with confidence, you will notice changes in your body and its structure.

6. Get Enough Sleep

You must have heard that a baby grows the fastest when he or she is sleeping. Yes, this is true. Even when we sleep our body continues to function and that is what increases our height. You should sleep no less than 8 hours for a better height. Sleeping ways also matter for effective results.

7. Wear Shoe Lifts

This is known to all. We all use heels to increase our height. Likewise, you can wear slippers with a broad heel top and shoes with wide soles, etc. you may have already got pairs of them.

8. Height Enhancing Clothing

There are ways to put on your clothes that will make you look taller. Only how you wear will do the work. You can manipulate your dress with ideas that you can get here.

9. Eliminate Or Avoid Growth Inhibitors

If your lifestyle is rich with smokes, cigarettes, alcohol, or any such intoxicating items, then you should eliminate them for the sake of growth. You should keep your immune system clean and refreshed so that they can proceed with their natural processes. 

Increase Height
Increase Height

These are some of the things that you should pay attention to if you want to have a good height. It is not guaranteed that you will get a good increment of height if you follow all of the above because to some extent it is also about your capacity. If you are old enough like 20+ then you should be happy and satisfied with your height, and you are okay the way you are shaped. Being short is not an issue for the world unless it is to you. So you have options to think good, you are CUTE!!!

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