Skipping rope or rope jumping is an efficient way of cardio exercise and for warm-up: a full-body task, this exercise burns around 10-15 amount of calories each minute. The skipping rope workout is not only crucial for losing those extra kilos but is also useful for toning the body shape.

Benefits of Skipping Rope Workout

Let’s take you through some benefits of skipping rope exercise that you had never thought about:

1. Improves Heart Health

Skipping rope exercise is a perfect cardio exercise that increases the heart rate gradually and also proves as an exercise for the heart muscles. The heart muscles work harder and pump oxygenated and deoxygenated blood to the body during the workout. This exercise is also helpful in reducing cardiovascular diseases in children.

2. Tones Body Shape

Skipping rope workout is an exercise for the entire body. It helps in losing fat from every part of the body and helps to develop the biceps, triceps, shoulder muscles, calves, thighs as well as glutes.

3. Calorie Burn

This exercise is a perfect workout for burning those extra kilos from the body. As per a study, in comparison to the stationary treadmill or cycle exercise, skipping rope workouts is effective in losing out more calories. Ten minutes of skipping rope exercise are equivalent to an 8-minute run and burns around 1300 calories. Start rope jumping in short sessions of 2-3 minutes and increase the intensity and duration as you progress with the exercise each day.

4. Stamina Build-up

Skipping rope workout helps to increase and develop stamina. This is the sole reason why athletes practice rope jumping before a session. This exercise is also helpful to develop body coordination, improve strength, endurance, and maintain overall balance.

5. Pulmonary Function

Skipping rope workout increases lung capacity. It improves circulation and breathing, which leads to enhanced pulmonary function. As per a study, skipping rope exercise has a positive effect on cardio-respiratory functions of the body.

6. Mental Health

Skipping rope workouts also helps to relieve an anxious mind. It has positive influences on depression and mood behavior. Rope jumping will increase body temperature and facilitate blood circulation in the brain, which would reduce stress and tiredness.

7. Joints

A low-intensity skipping rope exercise lowers the risks of any injury to the knees or joints. It is advisable not to start the skipping rope exercise after a surgery or a critical injury as it may lead to drastic effects.

How To Start Skipping Rope Exercise

  • Select a proper skipping rope, with firm handles and adjust the length of the rope according to your height.
  • Firmly hold the handles of the rope, step in the middle of the rope keeping the rope length taut with its ends stretched towards up.
  • After that, step in front of the skipping rope and swing it from the backside to the front. The moment the rope reaches the feet, jump, keeping your legs straight.
  • Land firmly but softly on the floor.

Duration of the Skipping Rope Exercise

It is good to initially start with a 1-minute rope jump and then increase the intensity as well as the period once you are comfortable with the exercise. Every week try to increase the length of the training by at least 1-2 minutes. Don’t forget to take breaks, sip on the energy drink in the midst.

Skipping Rope
Skipping Rope


  • It is essential to warm up for at least 10 mins before a skipping rope exercise.
  • Always wear shock-absorbing shoes.
  • Make sure to wear a sports bra to prevent the sagging of breasts.
  • Drink energy drink or electrolyte water before as well as after a skipping rope workout.
  • Avoid Skipping Rope exercise, if:
  • You are a heart patient.
  • You are undergoing treatment and recovering from any severe illness or surgery.
  • You suffer bouts of high blood pressure.
  • You have a severe bone injury.

Skipping rope workout is the best way to maintain a healthy and fit body. It improves different bodily systems and helps in toning the body. Get the rope, turn on the music, and start skipping!

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